Happy & Beautiful 4U Too

There are so many beautiful things happening in my life, where should I begin? As you know, Mr B and I enjoyed a wee trip to Maui this winter. Where we were pampered within an inch of our lives.

maui collage

Alberta’s winter, like much of the world, was mild for the most part. We had a bit of snow, but nothing like the usual silliness. Still, traces of it linger. Ice floats along it’s merry way down the meandering North Saskatchewan River. Just a block from our home, it’s an easy walk on a lazy day.

river collage

There’s been many hours spent in the Boom-Room, making this and that. It’s usually a project on it’s way to Urban Scrapbook but sometimes a little something for a dear friend.

project collage

project collage 2

some bunny

It may be spring in your neck of the woods. The calendar would have us think so too. Yet temps are still cool in Northern Alberta and will remain so until early May.  We actually don’t get into gardening much until the May long weekend.  Did I share much of my garden last summer? I OD’d on pink, me thinks, LOL.

garden 2015 collage

This summer will be rather special. I’ll tend every pot and posy into a brilliant and bountiful  glorious garden confection. Or that’s my plan, HA!  All to make our home ready to welcome my dear Alys of Gardening Nirvana. If you’ve followed our friendship, we first met right here, at Boomdeeadda. One get together led to another, then another, then…….

alys and Boomdee collage

San Jose –  San Jose – Victoria – San Diego – Washington –  San Jose – Edmonton!!!

So much to do before our next adventure begins. I will try to keep you all in the loop. Preparations are bound to be exciting, nail-biting and/or exhilarating.  If this sounds like your cup of tea, stay tuned.  Thanks a bunch for popping in,  I do hope life has been happy and beautiful for you too. Happy Easter ! xo Boomdee

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

32 thoughts on “Happy & Beautiful 4U Too

  1. Your work is exquisite. You have a really distinctive style – the execution and quality of your work always makes me say ‘wow’. You were a super busy bee this winter and had fun too. Winter ain’t so bad after all is it? Lol.


    1. Right on time with this heartfelt reply! LOL Hi ya Sunshine xo ! I can’t imagine why I didn’t see your message last May but thanks for your generous compliment my fellow Canuck. Winter ain’t so bad but summer’s better, ha! Today, Vancouver Fairmont Hotel, sitting in bed with my coffee and planning what do do next on this sunny day 😀 You? Hope it’s fun too ! xo Boomdee

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  2. Wow, I missed this!!! I love the way you package things up so beautifully. All those nice colors and little texture-y additions with flowers and sparkly stuff. A package to be treasured as well as the contents! Looks like someone got to eat chocolate bunnies at Easter. Yum!


    1. Oh gosh, Lisa, I’m sure I’ve missed tons at Arlingwords. I’m trying to go Blog by Blog and read like 5 or 6 at a time. So many wonderful posts, I get all sidetracked in conversation. Thanks for coming by tonight! You know how I love to rock the paper creations and these very pretty cute. They were drawn for at our Easter Celebration at Urban which is great because I haven’t room for everything I make and certainly don’t need to eat all that chocolate. You’re lucky, you have loads of height and can easily eat at least one without dire consequence. x K


  3. Fun times all around! You live so well, Boomdee. How exciting about your lovely visitor–watch out Edmonton. Two ladies will be tearing up the town! Love the collage of memories, those are some bunnies, can’t wait to see your magnificent garden and happy spring!

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    1. Hey hey Texas Wonder Princess. Finally on a day off from ‘work’. I have that in quotes because it rarely seems like a regular job. Lot’s going on there and at home. Don’t you get that urge to reno the nest in spring? I feel the time going by so fast, Alys will arrive before I know it….wahooooo! Tear up the town? Maybe one night…if we can get er’ done before 9pm, LOL. We’re not as young as we used to be. It snowed a bit last night, yep…sure did. Should melt by mid day….springs around the corner though 😀


  4. Hi Boomdee, sounds like spring is on the way up there where you are! I’ve only been to Alberta in August, to Calgary. And a long, long time ago. Your garden full of pink flowers is beautiful! And yes, some very lucky people to be receiving the Easter crafting!

    Rick and I are catching up with 3 years of farm work here that was on hold. Got the pad for the greenhouse finished, now on to potting up vegetable plant starts, and getting the iris and peony collections planted. the trellis wire is down in parts of the vineyard, so that is on the list as well. Somewhere in there, I need a good nap….

    Here’s to many adventures ahead with Alys!


    1. HI Lavinia and all your lovely feline friends ! You and Rick sound like you have a pretty full schedule in the garden. Believe it or not, this morning we have a white yard ! Gah ! Spring is a roller coaster here. Last night the temps dipped and rain fell as snow. Wednesday it’ll be 20C or 70F but then cooling off again by weeks end. Yesterday was super nice and I wore sandals to work. Who knows what I need to pull out of the closet today.
      A greenhouse! That’ll be really awesome. Peonies are one of my favourite spring garden plants, also Lilacs. I’m lucky to enjoy both at our new home and also had them well established at our old home too. What’s your favourite colour? I love them all, LOL
      I’ve been at Urban several days in a row so this morning, a day off, I’ll catch up on all those home chores. You’re so right, there always seems to be lot’s to get done.
      Thanks so much for your message and wishes too, happy spring to you all ! x B


  5. There were some lucky people this Easter in your neck of the woods! Hope it was a very happy one for you all. As you mention your perfect pampering in Maui, I must apologise for not thanking you for your card sooner! Sadly it got held up in the office but did make its way to me in the end. So sweet of you. Wishing an early start to Spring for you and another great adventure with Alys 😀


    1. Thanks a bunch AC ! Easter was quiet and relaxed and that was perfect for us. Oh heavens, no apology is necessary at all. I’m glad it found it’s way 😀 It’s a wee Blogging tradition when I travel. I sure hope all is well for you and your pampered guests. I really must get around very soon. Love from Canada x B


  6. You done good, sister! Sharing your travels and adventures by all those wonderful photos.
    I’ll be looking forward to seeing all the pictures of you and Alys exploring your home town! Wish I could pop over for a glass of wine one evening.
    Hey wait … I’ll just fire up the jet and do it!
    Hee hee!
    Love you!

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    1. We will ensure a bottle of red is ready to share at all times LB. Why did you go and get yourself all mixed up in an essential medical practice ? That will sorely curtail any bike riding to land of the Loonie (our coin) LOL. A jet would be so much faster. Isn’t there some rich Jock that you could cozy up to down there? You’ve been a die-hard fan and now’s time for payback !! Want I should put together a little Tinder info for you? Snicker! xo K


    1. Thank you Karen. I’m just happy to work where we have lots of fun and I love everything we sell and the gals I work with. Then I think it totally is easy to be creative and show that in projects. Cheers my Dear x K


  7. It’s a magical post from Boomdee! Oh the memories. What fun to see all our photos together. My gosh we know how to have fun, don’t we? I am so excited to visit you in Edmonton this year. Then we’ll plan our next trip and the one after that. Hopefully in a couple of years we’ll all end up in New Zealand. Too bad we couldn’t rent that aqua Combi Pauline shared on FB. Everyone would think we were movie stars. 😉 Ha!

    Your Boom-room creations are fab and fun, rich in color and detail and always destined for a lucky friend or family member. You must have an ever-expanding fan club.

    I love all the pinks in your garden and I adore that view! How nice to have an elevated deck so you can look out over the fence as well as down on the garden. It’s lovely. I’m looking forward to time on that deck, talking endlessly and laughing our belly laughs and singing songs.

    It’s wonderful to find your post today. Thank you for sharing our special friendship. (((((Boomdee)))))



    1. Spreading sparkle here and there….ooops watch the eyes….snort.
      I couldn’t decide on which photo’s, so there’s a lot. Too bad the collage makes them so little but I think you could probably tell where each one is. I can’t wait to get to New Zealand! Can you imagine? Us in Dunedin? Good gravy, that’s the other side of the planet ! We are going to earn soooooo many travel miles, LOL. Maybe by the time I’m all old and grey (like when the world runs out of hair-colour, bahaha), I’ll be meeting you on some ship floating in space ! J and I are watching Star Trek right now and I’m only going if Chris Pine is the Captain. Your Mr Cumberbatch is the bad guy in this one, he’s forgotten his goodly Brit manners and tried to blow up Captain Kirk! “Oh no you didin just blow up my imaginary boyfriend Cumberatch!”, “Arm missiles !!! ” LOL !
      I don’t know about the fan club, but I do feel like I’ve made real honest to goodness friends from working at Urban and I know I’ve made them here. Hell, I’ve slept with a few of you, HA!
      You can’t imagine how exciting it is to have you coming to our little city. I’m hoping for fine weather so we can linger over long dinners on the patio or wander around the valley for walks. Sherri should know soon about her flights and then we can square things up . Memememe (that’s my voice warm ups) youyouyou, will sing sing sing xoxo mwaaaaa!


    1. Thank you Danella, I’ve been wondering if your gardens are winding down since we’re just heading into spring. It’s easy to be creative when you work at Urban, there’s far to much to tempt me there 😀 Hugs to you and P and Siddy and O, one big happy hug xo


      1. The courtyard is definitely winding down. A few fuchsias are still in flower and a couple of petunias are hanging in there.
        But the feast yet to come is the Boston Ivy .. that is just starting to turn and as it has taken over the entire courtyard it will be a spectacular display.

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  8. What a wonderfully colorful post. I could spend hours looking at the photos. Pink in the garden is perfect. On me, not so much. 😦 Your summer garden last year looked like an explosion of color. Still haven’t started mine. Too wet. Weather is off everywhere. Enjoy your lazy days while you can. I know how rare they are. My son and his ex just got back from a week at Kauai and loved it! He took hundreds of photos of flowers and brought back butterfly fat quarters. No, that’s not a body part. He even took pictures of quilts for me. 🙂 The heat will be here soon enough. Enjoy that last little bit of winter. Happy Easter to you all. Hugs.

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    1. Ba-zing…..flower power! 😀 I’ve never been to Kauai, maybe next trip. Will you be sharing some of the photos? I know what a fat quarter is…..but I would guess that’ll make a butterfly quilt? No time to be lazy, it’ll be all hands on deck. Spit spot as Mary Poppins would say. Had a super weekend, I hope you did too hon xo K

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  9. Great update, Boomdee. Yes, you did OD on pink in the garden. Pink is my favorite color, so I’m on board with that! Your life is overflowing with gorgeous color – literally and figuratively. That’s how life should always be….

    Love and licks from my own colorful life,

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    1. Dear Cupcake, I would never haver guessed pink is your favourite colour, LOL. What with tutu’s, pinafores and the like, you’re pretty girly. Life is what you make it right? Filled with the right stuff, it’ll continue to bloom a riot of bodaciousness. Dare to think pink and have a happy Easter xo K


  10. Dear Boomdee – your blog is a breath of Spring – and “happy” – I always smile the minute I open the page and it stays in place to the end. Such beautiful creations – flowery, feminine, full of special details…….such a delight and I should know because I received one of your “happy packages” recently! Your garden last year was fabulous – will it be another “pink” year or will you focus on lavenders or yellows? You and Alys have truly had some wonderful adventures…….here’s to many, MANY more! HAPPY EASTER MY DEAR ADORABLE FRIEND!

    Love, Pam (and Sammy)


    1. Happy Easter Pam & Sam xo
      I’m so happy you enjoyed your Easter treat. I had lots of fun making them. The garden never seems to come out as planned. I make decisions of what I’ll buy, then I get to the garden market and all the planning goes out the window. I usually change my mind a whole lot. Picking up plants, putting them back. When I finally get to my car, I’ve bought too much, LOL. So I guess, we’ll see how it turns out. Thank you for always making me day, you my dear are extra-extra adorable xo K


  11. Everything you make looks so very beautiful and so do your flowers. It is coming up to a year since our little adventure altogether. I bet you are excited to have Alys come to visit, I know you’ll have a wonderful time. I am glad you didn’t have to wade through metres of snow this winter, it must have made life more pleasant, is this a result of climate change or is it common to get the odd milder winter? We had a not very good summer this year. It was late starting, very changeable and windy but now it is hanging around longer than usual. I’m looking forward to cosying in for winter 🙂 xoxo


    1. A very good Easter Monday to you Mama P. Naturally, I’m still on ‘sleep-in Sunday’ and enjoying my first cup of Latte. Oh yes, did you know I got a Nespresso from my boss Lori a bit ago. La-Boomdee no longer drinks a casual coffee, LOL. Ms Fancy Pants is now rather spoiled. Giggle.
      I’ve been thinking about our adventure for weeks now. It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole year. Did you hear? The weathers been so warm in DC that the Cherry tree’s may bloom a month earlier. We were very lucky, it was magical that they bloomed for us, even in last years chilly spring. I’m certain the mild winter was due to global warming. We were constantly above seasonal not just the odd warmer spell.
      Thank you tons for your sweet message hon, I love filling my world with the colours I love, memories made with cherished friends and wishes for another chance to wrap my arms around you on our next adventure. Love and Hugs x K

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      1. I think I may have started packing this time last year – There had just been another snowfall hit DC do you remember and I was convinced it wouldn’t be warm by the time I got there and it was …….. soooo warm and muggy! And yes, I saw somewhere that the cherries were flowering already. Wonderful memories xoxo

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