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Travels with Boomdee

Well that’s a big fib, ha! But I have been on a two-week holiday ‘across-the-pond’ as we may say in North America.  If you live here in Europe, sorry I didn’t get by for a visit. It’s been two weeks of constantly reading Google Maps and here in Paris, using what little french I know to win the favour of locals. I generally just put on a needy face and begged, “Pardon moi, parle vous english?”


We started our holiday last week in London. I totally enjoyed the gardens around the Marble Arch area. Especially, the Princess Diana Memorial Walk in the Royal Gardens. Princess Diana Memorial WalkPrincess Diana Memorial Walk

So peaceful and serene. If like me, crowds are not your ‘cup of tea’, avoid Oxford Street.  It is, how you say over here, ‘bananas’. Fashion? Yes. Sales? Yes. Room to walk? No!!

Clockwise – Sufferidges, Oxford Street, London Eye, Window Shopping

Luckily, we escaped the city for a couple of tours. First stop, Windsor Castle. Don’t tell Mr B, but my favourite part was meeting this little orange kitty who seemed to know Boomdee might be missing her own kitties at home. She wandered right past a line-up and stopped right at my feet.  I was overjoyed !

Windsor Castle

We got a boo inside, but no photo’s are allowed. It went down like this:

We then toddled off to Stonehenge.  A pre-history conundrum, if you will. It pops up in the most unassuming field in the Cotswolds of England. Well, aren’t they all really? There’s a nice visitor centre where you can thaw after the visit.  The day we walked in the footsteps of ancient beings was rainy and windy.  Of course, I under-dressed. Head slap, you’re in England!

How? Why? This monument dates back to 3000 BC

Hey?! Were you a Downton Abbey fan? Are you missing Matthew Downton as much as I do? (insert soft sobs here).

Oh my


We walked past Mrs. Crawley’s house and the church where, after 3 years of playing coy, the ‘oh-so-difficult’ Mary finally wed ‘handsome-sweet-kind’ Matthew.

Downton Scenes collage

The outdoor scenes were filmed in the very small town of Bampton, England. The film team built ‘brick-looking’ paper-mache columns to cover all the modern plumbing and electrical, but admittedly, this town is very quaint.

Bampton, England

There’s Boomdee  Crawley now ! (snicker). Do you remember your favourite scene? I had so many, but my number one favourite was when Matthew asked Mary to be his wife and the Christmas snow fell gently around them 😀 Gah! Good times!

downton collage

Both excursions were hosted via a coach tour, affordable and almost effortless. Our hosts were enjoyable and well-organized. So, too many sites for one post. Thanks for joining me! BTW, are you still awake?

Next stop, Eurail station! See you in Paris !

see you in paris

Do you have a great travel tip to share?


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44 thoughts on “See You In Paris

    1. Hello hello AC ! Drats, I somehow missed your kind message. Thank you so much. Hey! I took my AC gift bag as my shopping bag on this trip…..check it out. Boomdee in London and Stonehenge! xo B

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  1. I must be the only one on earth that has not seen the Downton series. Not for any reason other than not being at home enough. Must correct that!
    I see by your comments that you are home, and settling back in with the kitties. I’ve enjoyed following along on FB, and just last night received your post card. So fun and lovely of you to think of all of your North American friends while over in Europe.
    Your blog posts are always so clever, just like you. I’m happy when I manage the words and photos. Loved this one, and love you, too.

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    1. Hey hey bike babe!

      Yep, home sweet home. I know you must love rolling into the carpark and arriving at your very own little palace. We may not live as regally as the poshy-posh castles we’ve been visiting lately but it’s far more cozy than they ever lived. Actually, all that gilding and tapestries of their times was pretty gaudy by my tastes.

      Happy le postcard arrived, they all seemed pretty quick. Even Pauline’s found it’s way already. Thanks too for that generous message,’clever?!!’ oh la la, you are a charmer 😀 I just like to make everything fun and throw in a touch of actual info on the side. I love you too my sweet! xo ❤


  2. Hey There K.
    Wow what a whirlwind trip you took….. There are so many beautiful, historic and famous places. I think you did the best thing by staying with a theme…a-la Downtown Abbey… (which I didn’t watch…shame… I’m saving it for a winter weekend binge).
    I did a wee tour based on Arthurian Legend back in ……wow…. ’92 and was totally mesmerized and enthralled by EVERYTHING!

    Love and hugs to you

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    1. Hi D ! I’m hoping I didn’t spoil your Downtown Abbey Palooza Weekend with any details here! You really must tune in, very addictive. Both Jim and I couldn’t wait for Sundays.

      It is rather cool wandering through these fabulous locations. London is a zoo but getting out into the countryside, it’s not too different than Alberta. Well, until to roll into a town that’s been around forever.

      An Arthurian Legend tour would be really fun! I love the romantic idea of floating thru my castle wearing beautiful gowns and handsome knights stopping by. But in reality, that time period in history would have been harsh if you weren’t lucky enough to be royal and regal. Alternately, I’d probably want to live in a cute thatched cottage in a lush valley and be a flower market girl or something. Oh! and there’d be a stream near by so I could bathe everyday instead of once in a while 😀 Imagine the terrible breath and BO those knights had…LOL xo K

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    1. Hi Sheryl! How’s everything in your garden? I heard that there were some wicked storms in Southern Alberta while we were away. I hope you made out ok.
      We managed to get to a lot of sites on this trip and soaked up a lot of history. It’s wild walking through buildings that are hundreds of years old. That’s the part of traveling that I love is learning about history. Cheers and thanks for visiting ❤ k

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      1. I’ve never travelled in Europe, but I think that’s what I would like best, as well – the history and the architecture! So fascinating! I’m so glad you’re enjoying your trip!

        It’s definitely been very stormy here but so far the garden is doing quite well – things are better now that we’ve had some regular rain! It was way too dry before. 🙂

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  3. Travel tip: It is winter in England until late July, and then it may sleet. Take wool sweaters and a waterproof. Oh, my what a wonderful trip though, In spite of freezing at Stonehenge. I’m sure you cut quite a swathe in the Castle. Thanks for your postcard, but the way. I was hoping you would post as well, but it’s always nice to hear your adventures (and be addressed as the Fabulous). Happy travels!


    1. LOL, Dear Ms Fabulous,
      Thanks for your travel tip. All the locals seemed to think it was still winter while we wondered around in sleeveless things and no jacket. That worked well most days except for Stonehenge……hmmmm, rather peculiar right? A vortex of windy, cold and rainy nastiness surrounding a mass of unknown origin. Sounds like an episode from Star Trek doesn’t it?

      Scene – the landing party is standing in a wind storm, surrounded by ancient ruins. Bones looks confused. The beepity-beep of the Trans-corder is the only sound you hear. Then Spock mutters something Vulcan’ish about how the ancient beings met their demise millenniums ago. All of a sudden an aqua goddess walks thru the mist (that’s Boomdee’s que) Her hair is wipping around and she looks near frozen to death. “Captain, look!” Yells the guy who, unfortunately is wearing ‘The Red Shirt’. Jim’s head spins around……

      Well you know the rest, Jim and the Aqua Goddess get cozy…etc. etc. LOL

      xo thanks for coming along!

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      1. Aqua Goddess! I bet it’s the most excitement Stonehenge has seen in millennia. Just when it has settled in for a little more July sleet. I was on Skye once around August first and it was sleeting. Anyway, now it’s too late, but you could always buy some nice woolens while you were there. I saw some lovely woven things in Scotland….So glad to see you blogging on the Boomdee site. (I visit your Urban site, but can nevvvvvver comment….)

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        1. I’m sorry you have trouble at the Urban Site, it’s actually on Google, ‘Blogger’ and not WordPress (we might be moving soon to WordPress). But thanks so much for your visits there!! If you’re really keen to say hello there, you just need to be signed into Google and choose ‘Blogger’ out of their menu (where you normally choose Gmail, Maps, Images, Google+, etc) Then search for Urban and you’ll be able to leave a message. But no worries at all hon, it’s just really swell that you come by! xo ❤


  4. I’m sure you were a hit in both London and Paris – and meeting a marmalade cat too – now that has to be good luck! Orlando is sure it must have been one of his cousins…… My travel tip would have been to cover up well in an English summer, layers are necessary and have a raincoat rolled up in your day bag always 🙂 I have a lovely postcard from Windsor – is that the same room in which you tried out a throne for size and were interrupted by HM? You will be home by now I guess, the kitties will be happy! Rest up well for the next exciting adventure………


    1. Hello mama P! I’ve mostly been a hit with every small critter that paused long enough to be loved up and some little souls who’s daddy’s have no home. Lots of this in both Paris and London. Very hard times and I can never go by without a hello and whatever I have to share. Your travel tip is a good one Pauline! We carried around an umbrella a good part of the time. London was pretty rainy but surprising still warm. Seemed tropical to me, ha! One day, we really got creamed when we forgot our umbrella and were walking a long way. I got pretty drenched but it’s like been a kid again in a way. Is your garden still blooming or will you be rolling up the sleeves to empty pots and all? I’m happy your Postcard arrived so quick, it’s fun for me to send them. xo K ❤

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    1. Hello hello little Cupcake and mom. How sweet for you to visit and comment, thanks so much! I hope all is swell in your neck of the woods and you’re enjoying summer. Lot’s of warm pavement out there to nap on too! I always love to see fun places but mostly makes me love home more. Got home late yesterday and it feels so nice to be back. xo K


  5. Oh you lucky ducks to be seeing the sights across the pond! There are so many fab spots to visit too but you certainly picked some good ones – have enjoyed your FB posts with pix too! You made me miss Paris all over again………..must go soon…….well, soon-ish anyway. You two saw so much I a couple of weeks…………..can’t wait to hear more!!!

    Love and Hugs, Pam (and Sam)

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    1. Bon Jour my friends. We’re home safe and sound and loving all that is ‘the essence of Boomdee’…..our little house and kitty cats, aqua this, aqua that and the coolness. I’ve was sweating buckets the whole time in Europe. It’s much cooler and dryer here. Some (local, I assume) Europeans were walking in heavy felted coats or leather jackets and scarves while Jim and I were melting, LOL. If you plan for either Paris or London, you might enjoy fall time. We last went in the fall and it was more our style. Less crowds and less warm but still nice enough to enjoy the sites, maybe with a light jacket. Love and hugs, K


      1. So glad you’re home safe and sound! When we’ve gone in the past it’s been in September to celebrate our anniversary and the crowds are DOWN and the weather is BETTER! I hope you had the BEST TIME EVER!!!!!!

        Love, Pam and Sam

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  6. How wonderful to wake up and read this post. I waited till I was back at a computer to reply. Your photos are gorgeous. I would love to see the Downton buildings and hear what you learned on the tour. Everything about that show was a dream, including Mr. Heartthrob, the turncoat. Ah well, more drama for us I guess.

    I’ve never seen Stonehenge but have always been fascinated by that sort of thing. And I guess I’ve been living in a chunnel because I didn’t know there was a Princess Diana Memorial Garden. I’m happy to hear it, and pleased that you made it there for a visit. She was a remarkable woman, living a difficult life. I wish she were alive to witness the success of her young men.

    Your movie poster is smashing! I can’t wait to attend the premiere. I’m shopping for an aqua ballgown now.

    As for that lovely orange tabby, they know who loves them. A trip is not complete without meeting a kitty…or three. Lucky you.

    You’ll be deep into your travel day when you read this. I know Petals and Blossum will be so happy to see you. Two short weeks later I’ll be the one purring and sitting next to you, asking for treats. 😉

    Safe travels, Boomdee.

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    1. la la la…oh! Hello! fancy meeting you here 😀 (LOL, what? Am I still recovering from jet lag? )

      Anywho…….Fun to travel and awesome to be home. Been up since 3AM, unpacking and laundry and whatnot…I guess that was all the sleep I needed.

      I think you already have a smashing Aqua Ballgown if I recall…LOL, Queen of the Sea 😀 or Ocean? So you’re ready for La Premier …”and oh what heights we’ll hit, on with the show this is it” (Bugs Bunny & Road Runner Hour….did you watch it as a kid?)

      Is so nice to be home anticipating your arrival ! I’m so excited xox ❤


      1. I’m glad you are home and in nesting mode. It’s so good to sleep in your own bed after a long trip. Oh yes, I forgot all about my aqua Gardener of the Sea costume. Good thinking. I’m set to go then.

        I loved Bugs Bunny growing up and the Road Runner Too. They were so clever.

        I’m excited too! xo

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  7. Tally Ho!!! I think Dear England is still shaking their their Wellies with joy and the honor of having Mr. And Mrs Boomdee over for tea and scones…By Jove!!!(you can see they are still confused after you left with them doing silly things with EU’s and Prime ministers wanna bees, etc etc) And what a nerve Her Royal M herself has by chasing you out of her favored chair..of with her head! Dear Girl, when are you going to publish your first book, illustrated Boomdee style..” Boomdee conquering Europe” for a working title??? And Ohlala, Paris next! xoxoxox Johanna with lots of cuddles of Charley!

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    1. Good Morning Cincinnati !! (to borrow a tagline from the 80’s American sitcom, called ‘WKRP in Cincinnati’ do you remember it?)

      Yes, I’m afraid we left the UK in a bit of a shambles, “pardon moi”, that’s how we roll…LOL. You know, the last time we came to London, September 2008, the whole stock market crashed, and giant banks ‘to big to fail’ were rescued…we spread economic joy wherever we go! HA!

      Thank you for cheering us on my dear. I’m not certain Boomdee’s ready to conquer Europe though. I got scolded by a young french woman when a lineup at the airport check-in divided into two lanes. I was going down the middle to try and be in both (depended on which one went faster)…LOL. She may have wanted to treat me to the Joan-Of-Arc special…gah! This is how it goes at home though. Everyone is in ‘one lane’ and the front person gets the next wicket. She didn’t think so….ha! “You are not in this Que” she corrected me….oh la la…feisty over here.

      Tally Ho indeed! We’re on our way home today after 4 days in Paris. Currently delayed at Gatwick 😦 but your generous visit and cuddles helped immensely. xo ❤ k

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    1. OMgosh, yes! Isn’t he just a dish? I laughed with Alys at the end of that season, I insisted he hadn’t met his demise and had only fell upon a jelly sandwich when his motorcar spilled over in the ditch, LOL! cheers!


  8. Looks like you are having a delightful vacation, Boomdee, and seeing many interesting places. I never knew Windsor Castle was so large! Have a wonderful time, and safe travels. Looking forward to the posts!

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    1. How nice to see you here Lavinia! Thank you so much for your wishes. Today, we begin travels home. Tonight to London and tomorrow off to Canada. My Post didn’t keep up with my activities 😀 which were many. Do you ever feel like a holiday after a holiday? Ha! We’ve had a great time with lots of adventures. I shall post in my usual fashion, sporadic….LOL. Happy 4th of July to you!! Love from Paris, K

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      1. Yes, holidays can wear one out, needing a holiday from the holiday! Glad the adventures were many, and you had a wonderful time. Bet your kitties are glad to have you back home though!

        Much love back!

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  9. Delightful post and travel journal. You certainly made good use of your time in London! Great pics. I especially like the orange cat Lol…and Matty Crawley of course. My travel tip is..go off the beaten track for a more authentic experience for at least part of any trip. London: Dennis Sever’s House, Paris: Canal Saint-Martin or Le Promenade Plantée. Amuse toi au max à Paris, ma chérie!

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    1. Thank you W ❤ I hadn't heard of Dennis Sever's before now, so I Googled. How very interesting a concept. Too bad we missed it. We're sitting now at de Gaulle for a flight to London, then in the AM, home. Unfortunately, it's delayed. Ah well, more time to visit here. Thanks so much for the tips and wishes too. x K

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      1. Yes, Dennis Sever’s house is visited in silence …almost impossible for yours truly. And a placard on the door says Either you get it or you don’t!. Very quirky. Maybe next time. It sounds like your trip was AWESOME! Flight delays are part of travelling, eat more chocolate. LOL. Bon retour. xo

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  10. I’m delighted to hear you are having a lovely time. I’d spot you anywhere in those aqua shoes. The rules of travel is that you have the most fun if you get lost at least once a day. I have been awake since 4 a.m. It’s now 6:30 and I must go water and then paint a beam and a board or two. I’m like you with crowds. Give me wide open spaces and I’ll pass on the fashion sales. Thanks for letting me visit vicariously. I hope we continue to have a blast. Hugs.

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    1. Good Morning, Marlene-a-go-go! Or whatever time it is in America (I’ve lost track) We’re now back at the London Airport as we will depart sometime today for home. Our flight has been delayed by 3hours.
      Oh! Happy 4th of July my dearest! Are you going to plan for any festivities today? Painting doesn’t seem to too festive but getting things done on a quiet day is quite nice isn’t it? I only have 90 min of free wifi here…weird considering its free in cabs, restaurants, public transit, bus stops, shops…..blah! I need a kitty hug……waahhhhhh! xo ❤ miss you, kisses K

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        1. Thank you Sun-beam-Marlene (new one!). Got home A-ok after a few delays. Time goes so slow when you’re in a hurry, right? Bloggie breaks are needed at times, it’s a big deal to constantly share. Enjoy! big hugs bag at you too my dearest xo k/b/p

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  11. Well my dear Boomdee, you are practically in my and Mr. Bowie’s backyard! With a little luck or avec un peu de chance you can spot us in Google Streetview… 😉

    Have a marvellous time in la Douce France!

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    1. Thank you so much Herman! How I wish I could have scooted over to Belgium for a beer in your wonderful garden and photo ops’ with my favourite European kitty cat. Perhaps Mr Bowie could show me the music room and I could hear your wonderful music. Alas, another time with any luck. Geel may not be ready for such frivolity…snicker! ❤ Love to you both from Paris

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