That’s How Beautiful Friendships Go

It’s still  dark, but actually very warm outside this morning. When I say morning, it’s very early, only 4:25AM.  The kitties followed me downstairs and did a drive-by snacking.  Now, I’m thinking they’ve gone back to bed because the house is very still and quiet.  It’s Alys’s last day here in Edmonton and I can’t sleep.  I awoke a bit ago and started to think about our visit together.  It’s gone way too fast, there’s a list of places I wanted to share but the day’s never seemed generous enough. When our visits are months apart, there’s always a lot to see, do and talk about. Since this was Alys’s first time in Edmonton, some of the fun included:

Indulging at The Duchess Bakery

Walking on glass at The Glacier Skywalk in Jasper National Park

Lunch on the patio at Jasper Park Lodge

A special boarder plant at Greenland Garden Center

A look-see at The Strathcona Antique Market

A visit to The MacDonald Hotel for lunch

Cinema excursion to see Star Trek Beyond

Saturday in the sunshine at The Downtown Farmers Market

Lunch at the historical Selkirk Hotel at Fort Edmonton Park

Pickle soup at The Continental Treat

Yesterday, after being out in the sun all day, we took a nap together.  Me on a the love-seat and Alys, curled up on some pillows a top the shag rug with the kitties tucked in here and there.  (Sorry hon, it didn’t look super comfy).  I opened my eye’s once and smiled.  It seems, when you enjoy each others company, even napping is lovely. It’s all been lovely. Look!


We got in a Skype with some of our dearest friends too. You might remember us all from our Washington, DC trip. It’s been a year and a half  already.

blogger friends

L-R Laurie, your’s truly, Pauline, Alys, Julia

It feels like forever-ago.  Time spent together is excelerated, while time apart goes by so slow.  Is there a rip in the time/space continuum? Or maybe, that’s how beautiful friendships go.

More of Our Visit

From The Boomroom


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40 thoughts on “That’s How Beautiful Friendships Go

  1. Even though I knew about many of the adventures you shared with Alys, it was great to see more photos in that wonderful slide show. These are the times that we wish time would go oh so much slower.
    What a fun, packed visit! And I love that you shared a nap.

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    1. LOL, holidays for the middle aged should include a scheduled ‘nap time’. Possibly throw it out there at the next GOA soiree, ha! Thanks for all your cheer Laurie xoxo k


    1. !! wahoo, Elk in the hood, LOL. That must have been something. We stayed at JPL for a past birthday and saw a dozen elk stroll by our cabin. They’re very nonchalant about it…kind of like the rest of us ❤


    1. Hi Lavinia, so nice to have you come by, thank you kindly x. We had a great visit! Managed a few excursions, but Canada is so spread out, we’ll have to do more next time. I was happy to finish a few projects too before Alys arrived. Company coming sure gets you motivated, HA!

      The Canadian Rockies are a place we can visit over and over and never tire of the scenery. We’re 4.5 hours from Jasper but the time flew by in the car. Jim drove and Alys and I sat in the back set to gab and snack….a tin of cashews, 1/2 box of cereal and a package of liquorice. LOL. It’s one of those things; you’re just talking away, watching the scenery, pointing out stuff when you reach for another nut and they’re all gone, ha! xo K

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  2. You looked like you were having a great time. So glad you could get together. And the beautiful places you went to! Wowsers! And it’s always better to skype a group with two people in the same place! It always seems quiet after a guest leaves. As it should. Glad you both had a good time together!

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    1. Thanks Lisa, we did have a great time. It’s hard to take a bad photo in the Rockies even on a cloudy day. It was unusual for this time of year but we’ve had a lot of rain in June and July. I worked tonight and it was good to be back at Urban too. I have the best of both worlds really! xo K

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    1. Good Morning Johanna and thank you for your message x
      The music in the video is in iPhoto on my MAC. The simply call it ‘Apple Slideshow Music – Classic’. I sometimes will choose something in You-Tube too, if you have a channel there (allows you to export or upload video). If you use any copyright music from your library, you get a warning to change your video and it can also be taken down. So I always try and use music from the list. Hugs to you too xK


  3. When you said Alys was coming for a visit I KNEW you would be non-stop, no holds barred on the go having fun from the beginning to end of her time there with you! I hope your last day is just as marvelous as the others have been. You certainly have packed in a lot! Friendships – especially those like you and Alys share – are worth their weight in gold and mean more and more to us as the days slip by. Having love in our lives keeps us energized AND young at heart. Sending you hugs and hope for MANY more wonderful visits in the years to come!!!!

    Love, Pam (and Sam)

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    1. Awwww, you are a lovely lovely gal Pam. Your constant cheer and love are a gift. We didn’t have too much time yesterday but did manage to plant the last plant in my new and improved curb garden. I had left a hole just for us and after a visit to the garden centre, we tucked it into place. We can watch it grow into our golden years, LOL. It’s a pink phlox that will herald each spring with beautiful little flowers. I do feel young at heart, so why not live la-vita-loca?

      “Fairytales can come true, it can happen to you, when you’re young at heart” Thanks for being part of our story Pam, love and hugs xo B/K/P


  4. Looks like you are having a wonderful time together. It’s always fun to show someone around where you live – often times you explore places that you wouldn’t normally go yourself. Edmunton looks like a great place. Enjoy your last day together! Karen

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    1. Thanks Karen ! We headed to the Airport yesterday and Alys is now home with her loved ones. Edmonton weather was very co-operative the whole time. Then yesterday, when I returned from the airport, it hailed and poured like mad. Some area’s in the city got flooded. I think it was mother nature weeping at Alys’s departure 😀 x K


        1. One of my favourite stories ever is ‘Out of Africa’. One of my most loved lines in it, written by Karen Blixen about Deny:

          “perhaps he knew, as I did not, that the world was made round so we would not see to far down the road”

          Having a dear friend that lives a distance away is like this. x K


  5. What a beautiful place you live in Boomdee – mountains, lakes, choo-choo trains and was that an elk or a moose? Danella and I are wondering …… We only have birds, so must be forgiven for not knowing 🙂 Wasn’t that wonderful of Mr B to chauffeur you around too, you look like you were having a great time everywhere you went. I was often thinking of the two of you having fun together and I’m amazed too that it has gone by so quickly. Distance is such a challenge isn’t it! I loved our catch up call and had lots to think about afterwards, so much going on for so many! Will you have a quiet time when Alys is back home in California or will it be all go at Urban Scrapbook? [And wouldn’t it be something if I popped over to take a class or two there 🙂 ]You will have a little plant in your garden border now that will forever remind you of Alys – I like that! So glad you had a wonderful visit, so glad you two got some special time together. Lots of love xoxo

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    1. Hi Pauline! The antlered critter is an Elk. They were casually standing near the highway, seemingly unfazed by passing motorists. This one was chomping on the grass and looked up only long enough for this one shot….clickity-click! Alys is the worlds easiest house guest so no need for any breaks. I’m actually pretty excited to go back to work this afternoon. I miss all the Urban girls and we have lot’s of fun there.
      OMGosh, how cool would it be to see you wander into Urban. Not as a student my dear, as an Art Teacher !!! You’d fill the place to the rafters. Have you ever considered giving classes in your community? You have the teaching background AND artistic talent, it makes so much sense. You could take Siddy as the mascot. Squeal, that would be the most fun art class ever.
      The boarder plant we picked out is a pink phlox. It’s evergreen and will bloom tiny pink flowers in the spring. I’m really excited to watch it grow. It’s funny in the house this morning with Alys not here, I miss her already. Big love to you too xoxo


  6. You packed a lot into such a short time. No wonder you both needed a nap. I’m sure the pictures only show half the memories made. I think you were sisters in another lifetime. It’s wonderful you get to spend time with each other. Loved seeing all the places you visited. Now back to your boring life. Haha. Nothing in your life can be boring.

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    1. Marlene-a-go-go, where have you gone-gone? xoxo I’ve popped into your blog a number of times, seems you’re just as busy as the rest of us. All in good time, right? The days seems to fly by, but we had some easy times too. Evenings on the sofa watching Mr B sleep, LOL. You’re right, I don’t think I could ever be bored. The list of ‘to do’ gets longer all the time. Carpe Diem! Thanks for coming by to cheer us along my dear, I’ve been missing you x K

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      1. I’m trying hard to get back to blogging but don’t seem to be able to find the energy. I have been way too busy like so many bloggers this summer, with several posts started but nothing put completely together. I’ll hopefully find my stride again soon. I started another attempt this morning around 2 when I couldn’t sleep. Needs a lot of work in the daylight. :)) Like you, I don’t know the meaning of the word, “bored”

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        1. Oh no, I’ve just been to your June Pumpkin photo and noticed your message to Michael after I commented. Now I see you’ve shared the news here too. I’m so very very sorry to hear Mike. It’s crushing when we have to say good-bye. Tears for you and Judy are genuine. Poor Pumpkin. There’s never enough time, ever. Gentle hugs to you all x K


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