A Room of My Own

So finally, the long-delayed follow-up to my January Post.  I’m sure you are all just as busy, yet still manage a post !  You’re all really inspiring.

Full disclosure……I had to take down the Christmas tree before I could write this post and that just happened March 1st, LOL!  What’s the longest you’ve left up the tree?  I think this might be a new record for me.  I enjoyed the lights until the end of January.  A couple of nights in February, I lit the tree but closed the blinds  because surely only crazy people enjoy a Christmas tree in February.

I love all the sparkly and glow in the room. But as the elves say to Santa, “that’s a wrap”.

Bonus! When you finally do get it down, the room always seems so spacious, ha! My petite library isn’t exactly spacious, but that’s ok, I enjoy cozy.

So again, here’s the before

with the dowdy light fixture…..

and today, welcome to la ‘urban beach vibe’!

(soon to catch on, LOL)

Wondering about the light?

It’s made of sliced shell and is probably my favourite thing because my cousin Sherri helped me pick it out.  Sherri lives in Ottawa and we don’t get to see each other enough :/ but when we do, it’s full on fun.

It’s even prettier in the evening, shining like a big bright moon overhead!

The ‘curated’ look is what I covet most in a home. A home that looks like a collection of good memories.  Surrounding ourselves with small treasures found abroad, is my way of keeping the magic of a holiday alive.  So while in London last June, Mr B and I walked to Portobello Road Market.  Actually, the walk was just as fun as the market.  We walked all the way via Kensington Gardens.

True treasure hunters will relish the opportunity to navigate tiny booths down narrow crowded hallways of ancient shops.  I however, am quite claustrophobic and while I gave it a go, I don’t even know what I saw at the first stop. Panic set in and I headed for daylight and a big gulp of fresh air. But there’s plenty to see in the open market too.  What did I find?

These lovely old book pages, circa. 1940’s, which I had framed at home.  They caught my eye because I adore Winnie The Pooh.  Once I read the verses, I knew they would be mine.

“Down to the beach where the slow waves thunder ——-

The green curls over and the white falls under ———–

Boom ! Boom ! Boom !”

Isn’t it fun finding the exact perfect thing at a fair price?  I love them in the room and when I read the verse again, I’m reminded of that excursion to the market. Christopher Robins and me enjoying the beach vibe together !

From London, we headed to Paris.  Am I not spoilt or what?  If you’re a shopping maven, Paris is the place for you. As you know, tis’ not me. But, on a day trip to Montmartre, I found this lovely watercolour.

Montmartre is a high hill in Paris. We walked up some very steep stairs and visited the Basilica of the Sacré-Cœur there too.

 There are some rather touristy type shops round the corner to the Basilica but also a square where local artist paint outdoors.  I think they’re open to some bartering, although I was happy to pay the asking price.  I think it would get tiresome when people want your art at a discount and I didn’t want to be that person.

The scene in the painting is the exact view of where the artist sat. It’s a chocolate shop on the corner near the Basilica. Perhaps that could be Mr B and I standing near by? I know he’s never met a chocolate he didn’t like, LOL.

Thanks so much for your visit and traveling with me from your home to Paris via London and back to a room of my own.


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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

44 thoughts on “A Room of My Own

  1. Oh, wow. That room is stunning. I love how the drapes soften that one corner. And the circular rug is brilliant. Beautiful color pallet and the 4 square prints are perfect. I love the windows and the light fixture is so special. I’d never leave if that were my room. Enjoy it!

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    1. Hello! My gosh, I thought I had replied but see I didn’t….maybe in a wine coma that night…LOL, kidding….maybe….no, I was….wasn’t in a wine coma 😀
      Thank you for your visit and message. I do love my little room and start most mornings there, with the kitties and coffee.
      The rug was an adventure. I looked and looked for a round rug for a long while. I couldn’t find a beige one, the right size and not junky. So I bought a large square rug and had it made round. It wasn’t even very expensive. There was enough of it left over from the end to make a generous rug for our guest bathroom. So, if you ever see a rug you love, but it’s too big…..there’s that. xK


  2. I love your reading room! So many special touches really make it just perfect. I have a little reading nook that I call ‘the library’ as well, but mine is stuffed wall to wall with dog beds! So it’s more like the flop and cuddle room with books. Miss you, giant hugs from all of us ❤

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    1. I would love to melt into your flop and cuddle room, ha! That’s so fun. Thank you for you message Kathryn, slowly coming together. I just ordered a painting done by a cat name Qunit 😀 So that’s my next addition. It’s called sunflowers and has been quality assured by Zuzu, LOL I’ll post soon xoxo Love sent your way ❤ xo k

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  3. I read this and left it open as I got distracted and had to come back to comment. Back in 2009 I left my tree up till April. We were having the back porch closed in and couldn’t get through to put things away till then. I was going to leave it up till June and do another Christmas for our snowbird friends when they came back up on the mountain. Winters were very lonely will all the neighbors away. The tree cheered me through it. I love all the changes to your room and especially the lamp. It’s stunning and delicate looking. I’m looking for something different as well. I love the artwork and the Pooh sayings. It always feels good to make changes. So glad to see you back again.

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    1. OMword, I’m a bit behind here! Hello Hello Vonderfrau. OK, April hey?! You got me beat! Ha! You mentioned your neighbours “came back up on the mountain”. Where on earth were you living then? I love my little library and the few special things there. I don’t want to clutter the house with things that mean nothing to me. So I will go it slow. Buying lighting is a slow process, there’s very few lighting shops in Edmonton and I’ve been frequenting them but have yet to find the right thing for our dining area. Good Luck with your search! ta ta 4 now xo Hugs K

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      1. We lived in the Arizona mountains at 7200 ft year round. People from Phoenix, Tucson and even Yuma would come up during the summer months to escape the intense heat. We would go from a population of 8000 to 30000 for several months of the year. Lots of snow in the winter. Which is why they call them snow birds. They left before the snow flies. I’m still looking for new lighting here but not in any hurry either. Always best to take your time. I’m behind too so I fully understand.

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  4. Hey stranger ((hogs and snout kisses)). I love your new room – of course I loved the tree too. There’s something about the glistening lights at night that just has so many wonders for this little oinker. XOXO – Bacon

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    1. Hello WTJTM 😀 ! How nice of you to visit and leave your delighful message. It’s agreed by all who visited, Winnie The Pooh is loved immensely.
      Yes that darn Christmas tree was a bee in my bonnet for a couple of months. I thought perhaps if I left it long enough, the hubby may get so tired of looking at it put it all away…..in my dreams, LOL!


  5. Phew, that chandelier had to go! And what a magnificent replacement you found 😀 See the pussycats have their bed in place too. You must have had fun collecting those lovely things on your travels — isn’t it lovely to be able to put a time and place on your walls.

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    1. Hello AC! Thanks so much for your visit. I know you’re ever so busy with all your furry guests. Yes, certainly can’t forget the pussy cats here, they follow me around the house all day. In fact, I actually bought the kitty pillow before the chair, LOL . So I suppose that’s why my ‘Happy Chair’ is wasabi green 😀 😀
      I love that, “a time and place” on your walls…that’s exactly it. Happy and safe travels to your wonderful team xo Boomdee


    1. Hi Lisa ! thanks so much. I’m trying to at least post once a month and already missed out on February. Gah! Well, tally hoe, onwards and upwards, carpe diem, and ya, that’s all I got. LOL xo Boomdee

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  6. I love the room, it seems bright and cozy. I also like to bring home little treasures when I travel. No thank you to the ashtrays and shot glasses, I want a piece of the culture. Love the Winnie the Pooh pages. Happy almost Spring!

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    1. thanks again for your visits. It does feel cozy, expecially with the kitties and a bit of sunshine we’re enjoying these days. By Sunshine I mean, “not -25 C” LOL.

      Oh my gosh, yes astray and shot glasses…..right up there with souvenir spoons. Winnie the Pooh is timeless and I know I’ll love the pages 20 years, 30 years from now. I might be old and blind by then, ha! Cheers K


  7. Your room looks lovely! I have trouble finding light shades I like, but I love yours. I’m a big fan of Christopher Robin and Winnie-the-Pooh.

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    1. Hello Hello Clowie and the bi-peds 😀
      Thanks kindly for your message. It is hard to find those light shades at times. The small sofa (loveseat perhaps) was a display model, marked down in price. So I scooped it up. It’s so plain, but I topped it with pillows in light blue. I brought the pillow covers home from Maui, yet another wonder little trip to remember. Do you like to get things for your home on holidays?


    1. Hello there sir! Thanks so much for your message Derrick, hope all is well over yonder pond 😀 So you too have a library?! Perhaps there’s a story to be told there too. I’d imagine yours may have far more books. I have more books to bring out, but the bookself needs to be stablelized before anything heavy gets added. So far, it’s collections that hopefully keep the cats on the floor, LOL. They do love to perch in high places and probably think their names are Down and Off. x cheers Boomdee


  8. Oh my goodness, what fun to find this post. I LOVE your little library. It’s beautifully curated and full of charm and comfortable too. I love the natural light, the color on the walls, your lovely furniture…all of it. We too are Winnie the Pooh fans. I read them cover to cover to C when he was a wee one. What a find! Someone on our street still has a tree lit up in there window, so you’re not alone. I love your display on the shelves. They worked out perfectly in there. It’s fun seeing all those pics of you and Sherri…and me, too. Oh what a time we had. I’m off to bed. What a perfect end to my day. xo

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    1. Good Morning (( Alys )) ! Here we are, ‘sprung’ ahead. My clock forgot to tell my bod and so I was up far too early, ha. I feel like the room needs some gentle colour. I was mentioning to someone earlier that I’d considered wall paper on the wall with Pooh, or even some beachy tone….a very light aqua? For now I’ll just enjoy since summer will have me outdoors I hope.

      So your neighbours are just as silly?! Do they have small children that adore the lights? Auntie K thought I should just throw a sheet over it all and call it a ghost at Halloween. I thought I might have to consider that option if it stayed much longer, LOL

      I want to write one more story about my foot stole….another fab find with a fun story. It’s always fun when we’re together…making memories. Stories we can re-tell when we have blue hair, LOL xox

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    1. Hello, Hello Lavinia! So nice to have your message to greet me this morning. With the clock change, I awoke at 5 AM. The kitties came down and wondered what was going on. Their little clocks don’t change I guess because they went back to my un-made bed 😀
      I plan to take my light with me, it’ll be the nicest light in the retirement village, LOL xo Boomdee

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  9. That light is truly a thing of beauty! Is it delicate? Or surprisingly robust? Your room looks peaceful, a lovely place to just be and enjoy being you! Your little gatherings from your jaunts abroad are just perfect – we are all Winnie the Pooh fans down here too 🙂 It’s always fun when you have time to pop something up on the blog xoxo

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    1. The light isn’t very delicate P, plus is far out of reach. So it’s safe from my klutzy ways. I’m the first to admit, I break stuff….often, LOL.
      I like that, ‘little gatherings’ 😀 Thats the perfect endearment Pauline. Nothing’s that precious or of great monetary value yet their worthiness is in how these things make our home feel. To me anyways. Thank you so much for your message. I’m tickled that we’re both Winnie the Pooh fans 😀 xo K

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  10. (((((((Cousin)))))). I loved that you ventured into a mall with me! And I LOVE that you bought that spectacular lamp….. it is so perfect for that room, and your style! Oddly enough I had no idea that you also have a love of Winnie the Pooh! I have an antique book one of my high school bff’s bought me that I still treasure to this day! Love you loads sweet cousin! xxoo

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    1. Hey ((( Sher-bear!))) We struck gold that day. Frugal me would have gave it thought and maybe even walked away. But, you are such a delightful spirited soul, you knew it was meant for me. Lucky me for that and ((YOU)). I’m not surprised we also have Pooh in common, xox You are a treasure xo Love you dear ❤


  11. My goodness. What a transformation! Hats off to you on turning that little library into the *perfect* cozy little nook! Hats off to Sherri on helping you pick out that gem of a lamp. I also loved the stories behind the other small touches, especially the little painting from Montmartre. Swoon! With this post, it was YOU who provided the inspiration. Thank you for that.

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    1. ! Heide, you’ve really made me feel like I’m making good choices, thanks so kindly for your message and cheer. It’s awefully slow going, the ‘collected’ look. But I think you need to live with each transition before adding more. If you don’t, the stuff that surrounds your very being is just ‘things’. xo

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      1. You’re wise to live with each transition before adding more! It’s tempting to try to rush and finish a room in one go, but (in my humble experience) that’s how things end up looking cluttered instead of curated. You said it better, tho. ;). xo

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  12. What a fabulous post. My boys might not have been super interested, but I love what you’ve done to the room and how you’ve made it a special sanctuary. By the way, I still have some colored lights up around the entertainment center. I love to turn them on at night and relax. Since it’s snowing today, I figure I’m still not quite ready to take them down! LOL!!!

    Pam………The Mom

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    1. Oh ! I’m so happy to hear we both leave the lights up for a good long time 😀 It still needs a couple of small things and some color, but I’m a slow decorator at best. Soon (hopefully) summer will arrive and I can be outside. I feel your pain, it snowed here all week, off and on, gah! Apparently it’s warming up tomorrow…bring it on I say. Thanks Pam, cheers boys!

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    1. Thanks for your message Genevieve ! It’s coming along. I’m debating some kind of wallpaper on the same walls as the Pooh frames. Once passe, it’s hip again. Or if I chicken out, maybe just an alternate ‘beachy’ color….I wonder what that might be? Ha! Cheers and tummy rub for Cupcake xo


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