Boomdee Style

There’s a lot going on when I’m away,

I’m doing something fun nearly every day!

My Days are full of creativity

 I’ll spend days in my craft room

 making something pretty.

I'm loving painting classes at Urban

Especially in winter

in the house with my kitty’s.

Blossum and Petals are happy and healthy, I love them so much

I might not even be at home,

you know, sometimes I just like to roam.

Fun travels to NYC and Washington DC

It’s a great big world,

there’s lot’s to see.

With BFF Alys and little ol’ me.

Thanks for being here,

I know these times are few

Patti, Alys, Boomdee, Terry and Joe in Washington DC

But I still love you all

I really, really do

A wee catch up poem 😀  Gah! Winter was so dang slow to depart in my neck of the woods. It actually snowed late in April.  Thank goodness for a fun spring holiday!

My travel mate and BFF, Alys and I traveled to the east coast again this spring and had great visits with a number of friends we’ve made right here on WordPress.  Julia of Defeat Despair, Laurie of Life on a Bike, Lisa of Arling Words, Joe of Visual Chronical and his lovely wife Terry and the effervescent Patti F, another awesome photographer and very entertaining gal.  All went out of their way to spend time with us and welcome us to their part of the world.  WordPress is such a cool place.  How else would I have ever met these beautiful, kind, generous people?

While it seems like I’ve been absent, I actually manage the posts most days for The Urban Scrapbook.  It’s all about art and paper crafts.  If you’ve followed here for a bit, you know how much I love working there.  So I’m here, there and everywhere.  Do you enjoyed Boomdeeadda?  You might also have fun on Kelly’s Korner.  Pop round and say hi.  It’s a bit of silliness mixed in with a little crafting 😀 It’s art news, Boomdee style.

xo Boomdee

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

47 thoughts on “Boomdee Style

  1. Well hey Ms Boomdee!
    So I have a question: how much sleep do you get at night? 🙂
    I understand the busy job but you some how manage to keep up with various forms of social media AND 3 different blogs AND creating all the lovely things you create.
    Now sure how you do it!

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    1. Hello Hello >:0
      Last night I went to bed at 11:00 and got up at 7:45 ! Holy sleepy head Batman !
      I do stay up late to get things done when I need to or if I couldn’t resist an after dinner capacino :/ I tend to sleep when I’m tired and that seems to work for me. You my dear are the Ever Ready Bunny and get more done and get MORE sleep! Not sure how you do THAT! xoxoxo


  2. hi Boomdee, this is a very sweet post. I am sorry we did not get to meet when you were at Julia’s. You will just have to come back. I am working on getting my craft room organized and loving your ideas on Urban crafter. Thank you for sharing that blog with us. Take care and enjoy being home for a time with the family.

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    1. Amy!! how lovely for you to visit. How was Hawaii? Did Julia tell you of our late nights? I come to it quite normally and Julia was hyped up on cold medicine, LOL. Honestly, one night I was fading and Julia was like the Everyready Bunny. I think we might have talked about every subject known to mankind.
      Urban is really a joy for me and it’s super nice for you to come on over. I’ve heard about your very own crafting space and it sounds pretty awesome! I’m hoping to re-do my space this fall by painting and installing proper organizers in the closets. Next time I come for a visit, I’ll be sure to bring a project we can all work on. I’m missing sweet Julia and must call her to get caught up on her own news. xo Hugs Kelly


  3. Boomdee, glad you are back! You sound like you have been busy in a good way. We have missed you, though! All the best to you, Mr. B. and the kitties. Some day we shall meet! 🙂


    1. Hello dear Lavinia! Yes, the days are running by like mad. I haven’t been much of a blogger but will have loads more time this summer as things get quiet at work. I’m missing you and your wonderful prose too. I’m off tomorrow and plan to indulge in all my favourite bloggers. See you along the way xoK

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  4. Dear Kelly, yuo have been in NY with your Besties!!! Oh what a city right??? Double fun if you have your friends with you! And than the kitties and your art!! All pretty and gorgeous and colorful and dainty : lovely, lovely!!!

    And thank you for stopping by and visit Charley. All is very well at our end but also very busy! After 4 year of unemployment I finally have a job at the library again! When we moved to America, it meant the end of working at library in Canada of course. And arriving here…well, being 50+ and having no USA schooling or work experience is not helpful in finding a job when unemployment is high.

    However things have changed and I thought “Lets give a try again..” with the long hot summer coming up. I know, with the heat, I will feel cooped up again and all my volunteer work stops over summertime. So I applied, got an interview and was practically hired on the spot! It is a very wonderful but very busy job at a great library. I hope in due course to do some blogging again but for now all my energy and time are divided between work, Charley and Mr. Walker (and Mr. Walker says, indeed in that order ;o))
    Thank you for showing an interest xoxo Johanna

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    1. That’s totally awesome Johanna! Sounds like you love it and I’m certain they’re overjoyed to have you on their team. I laughed at your ‘list’ because it’s so familiar. We’re blessed to both have jobs we enjoy. Yet believe me, Mr B still gets a little pampering as always, LOL Thanks for taking time to catch up !! xo Kelly

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    1. Hello hello A/C and thank you for coming bye for my Bi-monthly read, ha! I shouldn’t claim to be busy knowing you organize the re-locate fur friends all around Europe with seemingly great ease. I hope all are safe and happy and not in harms way of any of the troubling events we hear on our National News at times. I have been super lucky to meet up with a number of Blogging friends, and it’s always like we’ve known each other for years. Cheers, and take care Boomdee


  5. I’m glad you’re having fun. I love the pictures of the pretty things you’ve been making. The cats look like they’re enjoying life as well.

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    1. Hi Clowie! Thanks so much for your kind message. Our little kitties are so loved and they know it. We have a great love fest every morning that leaves our bed so furry. But it’s worth it. xo Boomdee!


  6. I’m happy to see you anywhere! What a pleasant surprise. I’m often amazed that you have time to breathe in and out. 🙂 I loved seeing all of you together. I stop over at the Korner as often as possible and love everything you create. It always feels so happy!!! Do you get to stay home with the family for a bit now? The kids are just so cute. Giant squishy hugs and love to the family. 🙂

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    1. Hi ya Vonderfrau! I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to organizing time. I spent an hour tonight reading about China when I thought it’d be a quick little look-up. Then I took a nap because I felt sleepy, so anything on the list for tonight is rescheduled and on it goes, LOL You’re such a gracious supporter my dear and I am truly appreciative. I certainly feel happy in the Boom-room, so I’m glad that shines through in my projects. I’m very lucky to be able to travel and book time away from my dream job. Not all bosses will give you so many days away but my boss Lori is very giving and I’m greatful for her support when it comes to all matter of things, especially family time. Jim and I are booked on ‘The Rocky Mountaineer’ in June. I’ll drop their link here incase you haven’t heard of them. We’re looking forward to this special time together and celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday ! xo K

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      1. I understand about getting sucked into all the wonders we find online and getting nothing done. Yesterday was a total loss after I went job hunting in the morning. At 90 degrees, there was not much moving here. That looks like a FASCINATING trip!!! Wow! Have fun. Good you are spend good quality time together. Giant hugs, M

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  7. There is something about WP-inspired gatherings that makes me *so happy.* I guess it’s that I understand the value and the magic of what we’ve got going on here. It is doubly wonderful when you are able to get on a plane to go visiting! And we are all so spread out, that is sometimes what’s needed. Just think how many flights must occur between WP friends! I should think the airlines would jump on that idea.

    I am glad to hear you talk (finally!) of winter in the past tense. It was a long, cold, precipitous one. Much much love to you for the remainder of Spring! I love your aqua shoes!

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    1. hello hello and thanks so much for your message Crystal. OMgosh, we really are spread out aren’t we? The Airlines could give a WP Discount Month to get everyone out and about to meet up friends. How fun would those flights be? Our weather has been beautiful for this Long Weekend! Hopefully is hangs around too. I got my new Seafoam Converse’s in London last June. Well you know I couldn’t go by that store without grabbing them, ha! Cheers my dear xo Boomdee

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  8. Mom says she thinks you are having top of the world fun! She used to do lots of traveling but now she kind of likes to stay home with us. That’s fine as far as we are concerned. 🙂
    Have a super marvelous day!!
    Stereo Purrs………..Hemingway and Steinbeck

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    1. Hello you lovely pussy cats! My day was mostly super AND marvellous so thanks tons for the wish! Stereo Purrs, LOL…I love that. I’m a bit of a homebody actually too, but I keep making friends with people that live far away so off I go. Just for tiny trips, then I love coming home to my little fur friends too. Wisker tickles back to you xo Boomdee

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    1. Thanks so much for visiting. Time just flys doesn’t it? It’s March 12, then all of a sudden, it’s May 20…..Oh yes, many projects and and travels in-between. Alys actually traveled from San Jose to Atlanta then Washington and finally NYC. That’s a lot of airports and luggage toting. I like short away trips filled with friends and sites so it was perfect. Now….on to garden season for us Northern Canadians ❤

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  9. PS Gorgeous photos of the shiny divas. I love all our pics too, though my favorite is you leaning back. That was a fun day of shopping, and eating and eating and …other things, right? Surely we did more than eat and shop? [snicker]

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    1. The diva’s are running around like kittens tonight, following birdies in the yard. Thanks for taking that photo of me goofing off. I like that photo too, a lot less jawly than usual, LOL . What kind of stunned me is how much taller you look at the theatre! Was I standing in a hole? LOL Maybe you had heals and I had flats? Or maybe I’m just short, ha! xox K


      1. I think I look taller because the photographer is sitting down. It’s an odd angle for a photo. I like it though. I had on a small heal. I don’t own anything over 2 inches anymore, so perhaps my heals and the angle. I’m used to being the tall one in the pic after so many years.

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        1. You always look great in photos. I don’t want to self deprecate, but I never like being in a photo much….but in 30 years, I’ll think I looked great, ha! So that’s my plan. xo


  10. Oh the memories we made! What a fun post BoomdeeBestie. We really did cram in a lot, though I really enjoyed our down time at the hotels, too. What fun to finally meet Patti, Terry and Joe. Our time together went by in a flash. We’ll have to lure everyone on a trip to the Canadian Rockies. It was so good of Laurie to drive all the way from Radford for 36 hours. I’m glad you had several days with Julia, too. I know that meant a lot to her. Isn’t it fun, too, that Julia, Laurie and Lisa, all live within driving distance of such a wonderful place so we can all hang out? Kismet! I’ve missed the Boomdee posts, but you know I’m a diehard Urban/Kelly’s Korner fan as well. You’re a force! xo

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    1. It would be awesome to tour around the rockies with our East Coast pals. I felt like royalty the whole trip, didn’t you? It was fun to see all the iconic sights. Although the Empire State Bldg was insane for someone like me that feels panic’d in such crowds. I think we’re luck to see it while we’re still young’ish. There’s a lot of walking and we might not be wanting to do that much in 30 years. We did see a lot of NYC in 3 days though 😀 Thanks for being such a beautiful BFF and always supportive too. You are loved xo


      1. Awww. You are loved, too. The Empire State Bldg. was my least favorite part of the trip. I never in a million years would have dreamed that we would have to stand in so many lines: security, then the ticket line, then the elevator line, then another elevator line, the line to be photographed (ha) and, unbelievably, another line to leave. Good gravy. I loved being up there, but I’m not sure it was worth all that angst. Good job, you, making it through.

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        1. Well said. Yes, my least favourite too. Next time (whenever that may be) I’m going at midnight…too bad we didn’t know it’s open so late. You nailed it when you said they’d troop us through the gift shop on the way out….LOL, the elevator opened into the gift shop. I wonder what the trick is to getting through there faster. I’m going to Google it and let you know xk


        2. …and so you did! NOW they tell us. LOL. Other then that, we did well. I loved our little “apartment” and the convenient location, and all the meals and friends we connected with too. The musical Waitress was superb and even seeing a few actors on the street made for a fun day. And that shop filled with sewing trim. Ohmygosh.

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    1. Hello hello Pauline! Thanks for finding my other posts. It does take time to do it well and Boomdeeadda gets shorted. I’m trying to do it all, but as you know, that never works well 😀 NY folks were so fun and spoilt us rotten. Patti Fogerty, is a riot. I think she’s originally from Austrailia but lives in NYC and loves it. I loved seeing the sights but certainly could never call Manhattan home. OMGosh, so many people on one little island. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t like it much. Good to se it once though xo K


    1. Hi Cindy! I sure can’t imagine traveling as much as you do. I am not worthy ( hailing you like an Inca Goddess), But this girl’s gotta see the world once in a while, if only to appreciate home more. Thanks so much for trying to follow the link over to the Korner. I just linked there so I guess it was just slow at the time. Thanks for being such a good friend here and I so enjoy your posts too!


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