Naming My Blog

Picking a Blog name is such a personal thing.  Should it be a play on words, funny or witty?  I want to do so many things and I’m passionate about a ton of stuff. What will I write about? That’s how I landed on Boomdeeadda.  It’s a bit of a nonsense word but says so much about me.  Altmyn has made this wonderful slide show and invites you to share it with friends. Please enjoy the music by Houaida Goulli. For all the lovely lyrics, please click here to visit my post of May 23, ‘I Love The Whole World

Song Credit: Originally a summer camp/childrens folk song called ‘I Love the Mountains’. Modified from the original lyrics to ‘Heart & Soul’ by Frank Loesser, Music by Hoage Charmichael. Extra versus were written for the Discovery Channel Advertising Campaingne of 2008. Their spelling being Boom-de-yada.

Slideshow Credit: Altmyn

Slideshow music performed by: Houaida Goulli

21 thoughts on “Naming My Blog

  1. could I have missed this??? duh! Charley and I were admiring her photo and I wa sending the link to the Young Misters Walker. What a great song and great slide show..well it must have been written and preformed with you in mind;0) xox Johanna and her princess Charley,

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    1. It’s all so perfect in my mind Johanna. Because I really do love all those things and how nice to have a song pre made for a blog.

      I might put a special frame around Charley here, something Christmasy 😀 My first fan photo, I’m thrilled! It’s a very exclusive club of *one*, LOL Very nice of you to take a boo in here 😀 Thanks again (I’m blowing kisses to princess Charley at this moment xxxx)


  2. Just listening to the song that we sang over…and over…and over…and OVER when we were kids and used to drive our grandmother MAD as a “cut snake”…”GET OUT OF THE HOUSE YOU DAMNED KIDS!” Nothing like making your grandmother twitch to feel the true power of childhood. LOVE this song, this video and this blog. I almost picked this WordPress theme for Serendipity Farm. It was a toss up between this one and the Koi. I am glad that I picked Koi so that we can now both share all of the Fantasy offerings that WordPress wafted in our general direction without having to squabble 🙂


    1. Your grandmother sounded like a woman of fortitude. I sense that you were all good at teasing her too 😀

      I’ve always loved this song too and so it seemed like the perfect fit when I created my Blog. It would have been impossible for me to dedicate every post to one activity or idea. I think the song reminds people that it’s a big beautiful world, let’s take it ALL in. Bonus, how many Blogs have a ready made theme song? I was just laughing with another good friend, Julia at Defeat Despair, that I’ve created my own little lexicon too. Boomdeeadda begat Boomdee (me), Boom-Room (my craft room), Boomdeeville (a place where cool things happen), Boominator (A human like cyborg sent to earth to do housework), Boom-Box (craft it forward projects sent via snail-mail to participants last year)…..I’m sure there’s more, but you get the idea. Will the silliness ever end? I hope not 😀 Thanks so much for your kind message, really appreciate it.


      1. How about Boomtamism – the contagious feel good happiness that congregates around Boomdeeville and that emanates out to those who would drop by for a visit and that results in a raggle taggle collection of like minded souls hovering in the ether around Boomdeeville.
        Incidentally I would like to put my name down for one of those Boominator’s please. The moth eaten sock under the bed has been struggling to survive and almost crawled away to die after being reaped to pay for this monster load of wood we are taking delivery of today but for a boominator? It might just have to sacrifice it’s life!
        “Silliness” ma’am? I prefer to think of it as reality. Everything ELSE is silliness 🙂


        1. Gads, that wood pile sounds merciless. Steve must keep in top notch shape to make a go of that. Good Luck. I could order you up a Boominator, but she tends to take a lot of days off. Highly unreliable, LOL.

          I’m adding Boomtamism to the list! Thanks for that chuckle. The ether is totally a feel good thing and there’s no known antidote. Survival is eminent, but with any luck, you’ll suffer from the occasional eye roll or belly laugh. Thanks so much for joining my Blog, can’t wait for next Wednesday! Cheers Narf77


        2. Yeah, Stevie-boy is a hunk of muscle. NO idea what he sees in me but he is alright on the eye ;). That boominator is one of those newfangled machines that I stand outside electric shops licking the windows over. Something that does all of the housework? I live in hope! I try my best. I get Earl and Bezial to lick all of the dishes clean before putting them away, I drag the broom around behind me on the odd occasion (tucked into the back of my pants so that I can pretend to be a horsey, I am all for multi-tasking…) and I have been known to waft a dust cloth around in one hand and a feather duster in the other (when Earl has been physically restrained by Stevie-boy and isn’t leaping to try to kill the intruder) but only when company is coming and I have a most manic look in my eye that makes me terrifying to man and beast (of which I have representitives of both in my immediate vicinity and they are usually the cause of the “mess” in the first place!) Glad to be of some amusement value ma’am. Have a great weekend and kudos on the cleaning. I shall admire it from afar 🙂


    1. Hey Nancy, thanks for visiting this page too. I’ve always loved this song. Who knew I’d have a blog one day and this song pretty much sums it up……I just love sooooo many things 😀


    1. Thanks again! It’s hard picking a blog name, isn’t it? Especially when I’m a jack of all trades, expert at none LOL So it seemed to fit, because I really do like so many things. Thanks for listening and visiting!


        1. Bring to mind the opening sequence for The Sound of Music with Julie Andrews. That sounds so fun 🙂 Our poor flower beds are popping up and I’m afraid they’re going to keel over with the temperature changes.


    1. Hi Heidi, I don’t know too much about her either. I believe she is a German artist. I’ve always really loved that song too and figured why not name a BLOG that already has a theme song, LOL. The Author of the song, spelt it different though. Thanks for listening!


    1. Awwwww, hi Mac!! Luv your giant spider!
      I’m up with the cats even though they’re both snoozing all curled up together. Wish I was tiny and I’d curl up with them, they’re so soft. Blossums little paw is on Petals head..ha.


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