Shortcut To The Fairy Garden

Oh, Hello!!

Everything in the Fairy Garden happens in a rhyme,

All the wee moments, since the beginning of time.

While it seems very big, the garden’s very small,

After all, Alyster’s a gnome, so not very tall.

He has some lovely friends, they can be your friends too. 

Won’t you please stay a while, so you can meet a few?


We would love for you to wander in, the door is right this way.

It’s a little small, but in the Kingdom so are you today.

That’s what makes it magical, you needn’t worry at all.

Because in the garden where Alyster lives,  you won’t be very tall.

(just knock once on the entry)

secret door

47 thoughts on “Shortcut To The Fairy Garden

    1. Thank you so much. From the very beginning, I decided that all posts for the Fairy Garden would be in a rhyme. A little challenge to myself. My simple menagerie of visitors turn up when least expected. I’ve collected them all over, so their stories are a small reminder of a trip for me. We’re off to London and Paris in a month. I hope I will meet a new Fairy friend along the way. I love flea-markets!

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  1. Your house you created for Wendy was beyond creative:-) It reminded me when I was a little girl, I use to make villages in the dirt with the neighbor girls under the bushes. We used little rocks for pathways, sticks, mud, flowers, broken nuts, and anything in the dirt to make our little houses….Your house for Wendy reminded me of those little houses….a place for fairies to rest:-)


    1. Awww, thanks so much for sharing your childhood memory, that’s very dear. We sure did have to use our imaginations didn’t we. My dad had a dump truck and always brought home a bit of sand for us to build city’s in. I wonder if kids still would find that fun?

      How nice of you to pop over from Wendy’s. She was really kind to post about it and all her visitors left such great messages. I really appreciate your compliment Robbie, thank you! I had a great time making it. I work at a Scrapbook store and get plenty of inspiration from all my friends there. It’s the most fun and absolutely the best job ever 😀 Cheers!

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        1. I’m lucky to be able to sleep till 8 am if the cats let me. The store doesn’t open till 10am. I do tend to stay up too late but I don’t seem to need as much sleep as some.

          My hubby is the restful one. He likes holidays where you do nothing. I’m more of the ‘lets go’ part of our team. I like to go go go until I’m so tired I need a mid day nap. That’s when I know I’m making the most of my time, LOL.


        1. Lucky them to know the outdoors and simplicity of play where you use your imagination and the sky’s the limit. Did you ever make plays when you were a kid. My girlfriend and I had a play trunk fun of her mom’s old stuff. We’d make these performances and ‘make’ the other kids watch, LOL.


    1. 😀 Oh yes, you’d have to do ALOT of shrinking I think, LOL. Thanks for coming along. I would love to find a doggie play mate for Alyster. Maybe next time you wander in. xoK


    1. Thanks Leilani! I haven’t seen too much about your own magic garden as of late. Coming by to snoop 😀 I hope you kicked the butt of that crazy rock garden wall 😀


  2. What an amazing place! I thought that I had gone and asked Alice for a moment there but after checking the mirror and not seeing that telltale line of white powder I realised that magic really can happen especially when it is around it’s chief catalyst and mentor, Ms Boomdee. All natural, wholesome and most glorious fun, pretty much sums up Chez Boom to me. Cheers for sharing young Alyster’s abode and for allowing us a fly on the wall peek at all of that gorgeousness 🙂


    1. 😀 Narf, you are a word ninja and I’m so happy you’ve come along the path of whimsy and joined the crew in their little garden of wonderment. No need for mirrors here, we can go wherever our imagination takes us and still be back by dinner time. ‘Chez Boom’ is PG all the way and entirely on purpose. These, sometimes tedious ‘adult’ lives, can be far to demanding. What with, families, pets, work and gardens, why not take a time-out to pretend you’ve left for a wee bit? Earl won’t even notice you’ve taken a little trip so he can’t manage to get up to any shenanigans 😉 You are too adorable, thank’s so much for your kind message!


  3. I just popped in for a bit of tea
    With Alyster, his friends, and me
    And as you said, I was tiny there…
    Now I’m big again – WHAT?? That’s not fair!!!
    In Alyster’s world I’m thin as a rail…
    Now that’s the ultimate FAIRY TALE!!!


    1. !!!!! Applauding wildly !!!

      Thank you sweet Julia for your wonderful Rhyme. So fun! I just loved it. I have a book I save my rhymes too. Alys is in there and now you are too. xoxoxo.

      BTW, you look thin as a rail now, your figure is gorgeous, take a bow!!!! xoxoK


  4. Oh I SOOOOOOOOOOO love this…..what a truly magical spot and only YOU could put this together so beautifully. I actually FELT small as I looked at each little picture and scene….I found my face aching from smiling by the time I read through the whole thing…..and that’s a GOOD thing!!! 😉

    Love and Hugs, Pam (and Sam)


    1. Awwww, you are just a doll Pam, thank you. I know you are an ace at all the photo trickery, I’m just trying to keep up. 😀 I’m so glad you found your way here though and thank you for all your cheer! Love and Hugs K & P & B


    1. Thank you Kathryn, you always make me smile when you visit and most of all when you post one of the crew. Will be by today to see love in action. Hugs all around, xoK


  5. Oh how fun and happy that place is. Your tech savy amazes me as well. I’ve tried several times to add a page for my creative writing pieces separately but can’t seem to get there. Fairy gardens are going to be waiting just a bit here. I’m glad I can enjoy yours whenever I want. Hugs big time. M OMG! I just noticed what you have written above the comment section. That is hilarious!! How do you pull these things off???? I’m so thoroughly impressed now. More hugs. 🙂


    1. Hi Marlene, Thank you for finding the secret entrance 😀
      To add a page, go thru your dashboard, click pages, click add new and presto. What ever you do will be in your header. Or it can be added to an existing page as a ‘drop down menu’ like your About Me. Hope that helps.

      Also, Do you mean where I changed ‘Leave a reply’ to ‘Talk Nerdy to me’? Again go thru your dashboard, click on ‘Discussions’. It’s at the bottom of that page. Make it what you’d like and save.

      Ha, see…..I’m not as savvy as you think. It’s easy breezy cheesy Louisey…….Like me xoxoxoxoK Happy Mothers Day


      1. I tried the first part of adding pages. It never seemed to stick. I’ll keep trying. Wanted to put my creative writing somewhere apart from the blog itself. I would never think of something so clever as “Talk Nerdy to me”. That was a hoot, Just love it. More sunshine in my living room though it thundering and raining buckets outside. 🙂 Thank you sweet lady for helping an odd (I mean old) one.


        1. Let me know if I could help. You can change it every day if you wanted. Old? Did you know that 70 is the new 50 and 60 is the new 30? No getting old for me, not as long as L’oreal is in business…LOL. Raining buckets…….I wish it’d move on down to San Jose. xoxoxoK


      2. Thank you for the Mothers day wishes. My daughter is taking me to High Tea downtown and my son keeps my kindle loaded. Happy day to you even though you are not a people mom. You are mom to 2 sweet kitties and tons of creative ideas. That’s enough to celebrate Mother’s Day in my book. Hugs.


    1. mwaaaaa. I actually had this on the back burner for months. HA, I kept coming back and doing this and that. I can really stretch out a project. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day Pauline. Are you seeing your darling girls? xok


      1. That is so amazing – you put so much care and thought into your projects! I should adopt this idea – I always tend to make my posts in one shot – hit or miss! I am sure they could do with a bit more extra thought and additional bits!

        This must be one of the few celebrations where our dates coincide. Is it Mothers Day for you on Sunday too? My eldest is in Sydney for a book conference, but I have two suspiciously book-like gifts waiting to be opened tomorrow and YD usually turns up with a couple of bottles of wine and we have a wee party 🙂 I think for me every day is mothers day 🙂


        1. How dear is that. I’m very happy for your relationship with your children. That’s really special. To really enjoy each others company is a gift. I can only imagine you’re the coolest mom.

          I think it’s best to adopt whatever style works for you. Some like to ‘strike while the iron is hot’ and others, like me, ‘incubate and meditate’ it into being. Neither is wrong. It’s more like a style. I tend to be more ‘photo-driven’ in posting. So I wait a bit to get the right shot. I also love to spin it more than share valuable information. I’m always looking for a hook. I’m so glad you enjoyed the journey, thanks for being part of the adventure that is Boomdeeadda. I love that you’re here and adore spending time together chatting. xoxoox K


    1. Thanks for coming along and finding the doorway too. I’d love to wander in myself today but alas, chores are calling my name in my own Kingdom, HA. Happy Mothers Day to all the moms at Animal Couriers. xoK


    1. So is he hon. I remember him running across the lawn and singing to Mouse like it was yesterday. Next time he comes, I’ll be right there too. I love our time together xo, I love you ❤ mwaaa.


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