Boomdees Summer Adventures – She’s Adorable !

Sooooo, after my arrival at the WordPress Head Office or WPHO, I was grilled for hours about where I’d been and why I was on the down-low since July. After meeting my  demands polite inquiries for a coffee and a pack of liquorice, it all went down like this:

WPHO: Sooooo, Agent Boodeeda is it?

Boomdee: Boomdee’s the name. Double o, double e 😀

Boomdee: “roll tape please”

WPHO: Catchy little tune Boomda, but where were you on July 14th?

Boomdee:  “Now that was a special day. I met another Agent  Blogger. The lovely Creartful Dodger

from Vancouver Island”

I continued to tell WordPress Head Office how I’d been following a fan of the Creartful Dodger for some time.  It began when I admired her cool collage art. Wilma makes charming and whimsical mixed media art that tell imaginative stories with bits and pieces of found objects. She might include pieces of old french love letters, vintage game pieces, fun vintage photos  or perhaps an old door knob covered in barnacles. So on Wilma’s recent trip to Edmonton, we met up for an afternoon of girl time.

Wilma & Boomdee near Edmonton

Naturally I was thrilled when Wilma gifted me with my very own piece.  Delicately wrapped in an vintage map, twine and sweet charms.  Even the gift envelope charmingly sported a vintage stamp 😀 Thank you my dear Wilma for your thoughtfulness, I love it and will treasure it.

Gifts from Creartful Dodger

Inside, not only was I gifted this beautiful aqua mixed media piece, but also a number of vintage goodies from Wilma’s private stash so that I may attempt my own work of art. Wilma’s gift fits perfectly on the wall right next to my work table in the Boom Room. Where I can sneak peeks of it whenever I want.

My Gift In The Boom Room

After lunch, we drove on over to the Antique Mall.  I’d had great luck there once before when I bought my  heavenly vintage aqua Sunbeam mixer !    Naturally I’m still madly in love with it.

Vintage Aqua Sunbeam Mixer

Then (gasp) Wilma spied this little dark aqua suitcase. True enough, they’re hard to resist.

Aqua Vintage Luggage

I patiently waited to see if it was something she was keen on and when she set it down, Boomdee swooped in for the prize.  This little gem is in such good shape. Leaving with it made me feel a little like Julie Andrews in The Sound Of Music.

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Aqua

At present, I’m keeping material in it. Since I’ve completed a few suitcase re-do’s, it should be a breeze this time around. Having enjoyed our day, we quickly made plans to get together again. So on my recent trip to Victoria (even after I messed up our get together time) Wilma graciously toured us around several coastal look-out’s and Oak Bay.

On Tour With Wilma


We also stopped at the beach to look for treasure. We all picked up a few small things and snapped this photo. Too bad it’s so blown out. It was a cute set up so I thought I’d share it still.

Boomdee & Buds on the Beach

Of course there was a yummy lunch along the way and  I’m so happy Alys got to meet Wilma too.  Both being avid gardeners.  Merci Wilma, envoyant des salutations chaudes jusqu’à ce que nous nous réunissions de nouveau.


Wilma and Boomdee near Victoria


WPHO: Geez, the Creartful Dodger sounds really nice Moobadda.

Boomdee: True that, she’s adorable !

(based on a true story, catch the next exciting episode right here)


Hey? Do you ever have

trouble remembering names at meetings?

more vintage stuff

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41 thoughts on “Boomdees Summer Adventures – She’s Adorable !

  1. The song you all sang was wonderful!! I really enjoyed it. Well…. i guess you have been busy… but you should be snowed in pretty soon and then you’ll be stuck at your computer talking to the rest of us. hahhah Glad you had such a fun summer!


    1. La la la…we decided to break into song after breakfast in the hotel one day. Alys has a beautiful voice 😀 X-nay on the snow eh? The forecast tonight wasn’t to promising for Thursday. A wee bit chilly due to the arctic something-a-ruther. Snap, I’m not ready for that at all. I don’t mind to be chatting you all up. It’s better than daytime tv or trying to drive around on snowy roads. I’m still keen to share Victoria photo’s with Alys…stay tuned 😀


    1. It’s been just the best summer really, thanks Cindy. Started with a move finally, then meeting up with Wilma and another Blogger from Mexico that I just adore, Kathryn writes about her dogs and was in Alberta visiting family. So I still have to tell you all about that and then of course a beautiful holiday with Alys. Super awesome !


  2. Wow! Well, you’ve come back with a bang, Boodee girl! Colour, fun, colour, fun – that’s this gorgeous post! How fabulous to be meeting up with fellow bloggers about the place – and a trip to Washington with Alys to meet two more in the future – fabulous! Thanks for introducing us to Wilma – her artwork is so lovely. You both look super stylish on your outings – and that suitcase (oh, heavenly!) The picture of you all on the beach is very artistic – would have thought it was meant to be just so if you weren’t such an honest gal! What a shame Australia is so far away. I want a Boomdee/Alys lunch, shopping, beautiful weather girly shopping day, too! One day! xoxoxox


    1. I wish with all my heart that we WILL have that girly day in the future my dear Aussie friend. Nothing would make me happier (I think I can speak for Alys too) to arrive at the Oasis and embrace you with giant hugs, then love up your whole crew. When we stopped crying and laughing, I’d have to start with Tigger and Oscar because I’m having a private little love fest for those two. Then everyone else will suffer the madness that is the Boomdee love treatment. Especially Jet!!! He’s so adorable. I wouldn’t know who to love-up first. Gads what a dream. Then we’d all scoot over to spend time with Pauline, Siddy and O and finally drop in on Fran and Stevie Boy and their whole crazy crew on Tasmania ! I best start saving my Loonies (Canadian $1)
      I’m so glad you popped in to the Creartful Dodger ! Wilma is really the nicest gal you could meet. She’s a teacher at at French Immersion school in British Columbia and they are locked out of their jobs right now. The Provincial Government is trying to save money at the detriment of education. I’m sure this happens all over the world but without dedicated teachers, how can we be excited about the future for young folks? I’m so thankful for all your cheer here, you always make ‘little ol’ me’ feel like such a star. I adore you !!! Truly, Boomdeedaisey…LOL


    1. Hi Phaerygurl, I’ve been AWOL myself and just getting in-shape for all the WordPress fun I’ve been missing over the summer. Thank you for your message, I should have looked at the photo before moving along the beach. We could have taken a couple. Oh well, next time. Are you still on Long Island? I hope things are well. Whenever I hear “it’s a long story”, my spidey-senses start tingling. Take care, xK


      1. Hi Boomdee, yeah, I’m still on Long Island. It’s more online hijinks than anything. I switched e-mail providers and couldn’t get one of my accounts forwarded, so I had to switch everything with that. Then my other account followed suit, which is where all my WP mail was going. So I ended up MIA for a few weeks without realizing it. I’ve switched that, but still catching up, so to speak.

        Add that to my new job in the city, which gives me a bit of a commute, and my little guy misses Mommy (even though he’s in school), so bedtime takes longer. So things are good, just hectic and I’m still working out how to keep my stuff going. I’m going to try to set up more stuff in advance. Thanks, Boomdee *hugs*

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Aunty! Thank you xoxo I hope you and Brian are having a nice visit, missed you this week. Is Lee-Ann still here? Next week I work Monday, Tues, Saturday but we should pick a day for breakfast xoxoLuL


  3. LOVED the Boomdeeada rendition girls…”one more time!…” I have to admit that after the most sterling rendition finished and the curtain went down we were left with an eclectic collection of teasers including Mr Jack Black blowing an audience members head off with his vocal range, someone just about to pinch their partners bum, a very large chair bound Santa with a book in his hand sans grey beard and a girl who appears to be somewhat shy about her extra large breasts…Obviously I am going to have to watch them all now…

    Back…traumatised…don’t want to talk about it!

    Hokay, what next in the order of the day…hmmm…I had garnered from Facebook that some of you had gotten together in order to perform a meeting of the (like) minds and meld your combined agent talents to save the world. I got my postcard orders but I am afraid I got a little carried away and ate them…I was worried that they might self destruct and scare the dogs…You will have to find another way to give me my mission…maybe telepathically?

    I may or may not have appropriated the image of that gorgeous white swan Ms Boomdeedaizee. Lovely stuff and SO much talent. Is the lesson for today that you have to wait to grow into your talent much like that gorgeous white swan? I am waiting with baited breath (what IS baited breath by the way?!)

    That sunbeam mixer is heavenly! OH you lucky minx you! You must have been UBER nice in a past life to get such good karma Ms Boomdeedaizee! Lovely refresher in French by the way Ms Boom. I will use my 3 years of high school French (got me out of sport whatchagonnadoeh?) to translate the phrase for anyone out there who is less ejamacated than narf …here we go…

    “MERCY Wilma!” (Obviously her parents liked the Flintstones and she has done something most impressive to elicit such an exuberant first word!)…We offer you our salutes on your approaching voyage overseas (got the overseas bit from the beach shot…sometimes you just have to wing it with what you have…). Just in case you accidentally arrive in nous-nous (somewhere in Bali? India?!) without your seasick tablets we have provided you with a novel to take your mind off it”…thank me later Ms Boomdeedaizee, my translation services are offered freely…

    Either Ms Mercy Wilma is very tall or you, Ms Boomdeedaizee are somewhat vertically challenged. I can feel the heat radiating out of these images and am hoping that you keep it for a bit longer as I am positively basking in our lovely mild spring weather. By the way, if anyone else wants to hire me for my (amazing) translation services please drop me a line at Serendipity Farm. Mates rates…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Crack me up, you are one lovely nut. Sorry about the non PG video’s following our very classy rendition of my theme song. Good grief, how does YouTube pick those, seems diabolical really. Isn’t it amazing that we can send a little square of paper around the world so quickly? You’ll have to wing it on the mission thing. After thinking of silly rhymes to write on a dozen cards, I honestly can’t remember what we wrote on any specific one.

      It’s really interesting to me that you also take 3 years of french in high school. Being that it’s Canada’s second language we are offered it as an elective course (You do need language credits here to graduate). I remember very little but use a translation App to help when I need it. I tried here since Wilma teaches at a french school. They also only speak french at home. I should have studied harder 😀

      LOL, ‘vertically challenged’ is spot on. Wilma is very long and lean. She lives on the coast and is able to walk down a stairway from their home, to the ocean for a daily swim. She also eats very healthy from her own garden. I should emulate all those good habits because Wilma has a wonderful figure.

      I really think our summer went fast (a little too hot for me). We didn’t get an early start, then it was over 30C most days. We usually top out between 23 C – 26 C. A warmish day it’s 27C, but this summer, just hot hot hot.

      Well if we’re getting cool that means you’re looking forward to summer and that’s wonderful for your garden, the chickens and the boys. Happy Spring Narf! Xok


      1. (Narf Xok…sounds like code to me…must rustle up my agent code book after all these years…) Cheers Ms Boomdeedaizee. We had a very short winter and now it looks like we are going to have a very long summer HARDLY SPORTING OF YOU GUYS! (Yes, that is yelling, I have a LOOOOONG way for this to travel and it needs to be delivered with the right degree of piquedness…) I am not a fan of summer. I am not a narf of basking in the sun or waltzing about in the wafting heat. I am a narf of laying on tiles and calling out to the powers that be to deliver me rain PRONTO…it is thus with trepidation that I approach our own summer season and with my fingers crossed that “they”, the boffins that prosthelytise be wrong, and that we the people are going to get a nice mild summer punctuated with rain events and it will just bleed seamlessly into autumn before I can blink an eyelid…Hope you are having a boomdiddleyupcious time of your approaching autumn (fall…whatever…) and are thinking of many creative ways to use pumpkins as I will be hunting on Pinterest soon for some of those most creative recipes that you guys seem to come up with on a regular basis…”pumpkin, peanut, choc chip, maple syrup, coconut, snickers, daffodil, Yorkshire pudding cookies? Don’t mind if I do!”


        1. Oh my gosh, LOL, daffodils and Yorkshire pudding…bahhahaha…the things you come up with. If anyone can make that work, it would be you, Agent Narf xoK. HA that’s funny.

          I will cross fingers and toes that you have a rain filled summer and every little flora and fauna is bathed in GENTLE sunlight and refreshing sprinkles. Natures sweet forest souls would benefit for a mild summer too, so with all my heart, I’m wishing Mother Nature to be kind. We’ve been given a forecast of rain and 8 C for Tues, Wed, Thurs next. It’s not even October yet..ugh. The seasonal daily temperature should be around 18 – 20 C. So nothings normal here either. I do enjoy autumn though, my kind of weather versus the heat of summer. If I could, I would send you all the snow I have to shovel from our walkways. You could pile it up in your yard and be the most popular person on your drive……I can just see Earl standing on that pile…HA xo


        2. Earl would LOVE snow! He already has to climb everything piled up to be king of the mountain. I can only begin to imagine how happy he would be on top of a pile of snow…”the majestic dog…king of all he surveys…” (spoken with David Attenborough’s accent there for authenticity…) where Bezial would be truly the happiest. He would lumber through the snow like a snow porpoise getting wetter and happier as he did. He is part labrador and adores all things wet (but only up to his chest where the American Staffy bit starts to kick in and repel water 😉 ) and can be made to do shameless circus tricks for food. Earl is all American Staffy and HATES water (watches Bezial jump in and stands on the shore shaking himself like HE got wet! 😉 ) and can take or leave food depending on how he feels on the day. Never known a dog with more stubborn will than Earl. He is like Stevie-boy on that front. Bezial (a.k.a. “chunky” which is what a woman called him yesterday while we were walking…OH the shame!) and I are birds of a feather (lucky I was walking with Bezial or she might have called ME chunky 😉 ) and food is our alpha and our Omega…sigh… Send the snow and I will send the photo 😉 Have a great Sunday Ms Boomdeedaizee.


  4. What a delightful, funny and of course artful and pretty account of your travels!! I laughed out loud! Forgetting names, you ask…yup and once a name is wrong inside my head, it will stay there!


    1. How nice of you to say Johanna, thank you so much and I’m glad it made you laugh. Sometimes things get silly here 😀 My husbands rather bad at remember names. Whenever we run into someone and he doesn’t introduce me, I know it’s because he doesn’t remember their name, LOL. So I just stick out my hand and introduce myself to rescue him. 😀 Have a great weekend


  5. OMGosh – I laughed out loud at Moobadda!!
    Henceforth, Moobadda you will be!
    I will now be singing “Boomdeeadda, Boomdeeadda, Boomdeeadda, Boomdeeadda” for the rest of the day.
    (love that “I Blogged Your Mama” sign!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL, I kind of laughed thinking of names too. You probably go to lots of meetings, there’s always that one person who continually messes up names. Alys and I recorded that at breakfast in San Jose onto my phone. Then there’s a website where you can take your phone recordings and convert them into MP3 files. Yah yah, ha! I Blogged your Mama……where do I get this stuff:D
      xoxo Cheers my dear.


    1. Hello cuteness, I’m so happy to see your widdle whiskers here this morning. I MUST rush over to see what you managed this summer too. Last time I peeked in, you were moving. Hope your new hutch is all cozy. Soft snuggles sent your way Xok


  6. Your posts *never* disappoint. They’re an artful reflection of your playfulness, joy, creativity and spirit.That was F.U.N. fun!

    Boodeeada [snort]

    What a treat to read about your adventures with Wilma and then to actually be a part of it later in the summer. I remember our day well: sightseeing, beach-combing, laughing and our delicious lunch.

    Although the photo of us is washed out (darn those camera settings, eh?) it love it anyway. It’s a great composition and fun to remember the carefully balancing of rocks and bits of beach wood to get the camera just so.

    Julie Andrews would be proud. That is a great picture of you in all your glory: smartly dressed, suitcase in hand, aqua always at the present and in the company of another artist and blogger, the lovely Wilma. xox


    1. Hello bestie, travel partner extraordinaire 😀 Wasn’t that the sunniest day in several too? We had pretty nice weather in all. The Imax was a fab rainy day diversion. I never mind the rain when the temps are still warm, it’s refreshing. I’m collecting a few more name gaffs for my next post, so Boodeeada shall be included, LOL.

      I can’t imagine what I had my camera set too. Darn, after all the fuss with the set up. It would have been absolutely brilliant. Joe has a fab post today for the technical doings of great photo’s using Aperture settings on your camera. I need to practice, practice, practice.

      Wilma took the Julie Andrews shot with her phone. I was happily swinging it on the way out the door, saying I felt like Julie Andrews and she said, “you go do your best Julie” and snap, there it is, Jubeelieda (or BoJulomdie)…LOL. I must say thank you for the nom de plume Alys. It’s become my Super Hero name at WP and provided non-stop fodder for posts. Thank you for your generous message, as always you are my loudest cheerleader 😀 Love you xoxox b/k/p


    1. Sherrrrrrr! I’m so happy you were here for the summer adventures, I miss you xoxoxo. The Boom Room is all tidied up for the next project. I wish I had more space but I shall endeavour to completely take over Mr B’s office while he’s not looking. You’re Ahhhhhhhhmazingly cute, mwaaaaaa xox K


  7. Oh I just LUV your gift from Wilma…..from the wrapping to the treasure inside – so very YOU and aqua-cized!! Same with the suitcase you found – what a grand addition to the Boom Room. Sure sounds like a fab summer so far…..I’m sure there’s more to tell – come on Boomdo….er….Boonder….er……whatever your name is!!!! (tee hee)

    Love, Pam

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL, Boomdo & Boonder must go in the next Post, hahaha You’re so fun!

      I’m loving my little suitcase, lucky thing Wilma wasn’t interested. It’s the exact same brand as my other set. Lucky me, in so many ways. Big hug xoxox Boonbeda


    1. I feel so lucky to meet up with a few that live not too far. This spring, Alys and I will travel to Washington to meet up with two more blogging friends. I’m on a mission, HA. It’s so fun to make friends around the world. I wish I had unlimited funds to meet you all. Have a wonderful weekend! xo


  8. Well, I don’t know what to say…It was so much fun to meet you both in Edmonton and in Victoria with Alys…love the pics…my fav is your Julie Andrews moment. I appreciate your thoughtfulness Kelly and your fun-loving creative spirit. A la prochaine ma belle! ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. My favourite is also Julie Andrews and the shoreline pic of the two of us. I hope to find time to use the treasures you’ve gifted me. I have a shadow box to use and ready set. It was just the best holiday, and you made it extra special, merci Wilma, merci !

      Liked by 1 person

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