The Best Part Of My Holiday

Aloha, is the thing we say on the Island!

Mr B and I have just returned from our eight day stay on Maui. Having been before, we didn’t plan too many excursions. Instead, opting for lot’s of R&R.  We arrived to what the locals call, ‘liquid sunshine’ , cooler air and a flock of Roosters !

This mama chicken was poking around with her little chicks. They worried me by venturing close to traffic several times.  Sheesh,  I’ve only just arrived and already thinking I need to save something 😀  Mr B thought they’d be ok, so off we went.

By the time we arrived in Wailea, the sun was out. This is our second stay at Hotel Wailea . It’s quiet, beautifully landscaped and all the staff are so very friendly and helpful. They were very kind to greet us with a pretty fruit bowl. We enjoy a ground level patio when we stay.  I like to watch the birds bounce around on the perfectly manicured lawns, looking for bugs I suppose.  On this trip, we were also graced by a wee extra-special visitor.

‘Kitty’ arrived for a visit on day two.  He gobbled up a whole bunch of sliced cheddar and enjoyed a bit of milk. Naturally, like any animal crazy tourist,  I insisted on getting cat treats on our way home from dinner that night. But, knowing full well what his future would include, Mr B tried to discourage me. This, off course, fell on deaf ears.

Fast forward three days, we hadn’t seen Kitty and I was worried. Was he showing up after dark and eating the trail of cat treats I carefully put out?  Mr B thought the birds had been taking advantage of my generosity.  I decided to test his theory. I sprinkled a few treats on my oversized courtesy robe and assumed the horizontal position on the lawn. Will the birds want the treats or will Kitty find his way to the Boomdee Buffet?  Or will I just be entertaining the other guests?  My odd and impromptu experiment yielded results!

Success! a short time later, from across the lawn, we spotted Kitty and when he spotted us, came running. His little meow, meow, meow was so soft and quiet.  This only added to his extreme cuteness. 
That’s Mr B demonstrating how ‘not’ to get involved, LOL. I love that he loves animals too.

For the next two days we were thick as thieves. We bought some yummy canned cat food that Kitty gobbled up.  We snuggled and napped on the patio together and I knew that good-bye would be misery. That last evening, Kitty and I spent napping together till early morning on the patio settee. Wrapped together in a blanket, kitty purred with each stroke.

Needless to say, those last few hours together made us both so happy and me so sad.  There was lots of sobs and Mr B finally had to close the drape when it got closer to our departure. The one thing giving me comfort is that with year round sun and few predators, it’s probably the best place for a cat to be homeless.  I can’t be the only tourist that comes to Maui and adopts a temporary pet. I still worry, but Kitty was by far, the best part of my holiday.

How about you?  Would you phone the hotel to check up on Kitty?


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25 thoughts on “The Best Part Of My Holiday

  1. Oh he’s adorable! I love that you purchased treats for vacation kitty from the islandof Meowi. I love it when vacations have a kitty! He’ll remeber you forever, I’m sure.


    1. Hi Leilani !! Maui Meowi was a sweetheart. I really hated to say goodbye. I think he probably came looking for us the next day too which really breaks my heart. I sobbed until my eyes were so puffy I couldn’t see. I hope he’ll be there when we get back there. xK

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    1. I know what you mean. We actually spoke about that too. Jim thought Kitty would be unhappy inside since he was used to wandering around outside. I think his words were, “how would you like to be ripped from paradise and arrive in a place it’s -30 C ?” Our holiday was beautiful! Thanks so much for your visit and comment dear xK

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        1. Hello lovely Lavinia! Just until today, the temps have been well below seasonal. We have snow 4 times last week. Of course it melted by dinner-time but it’s a phycological thing. I keep busy in the craft room until I can be outside in the yard. How about you dear ?! xK


  2. What a beautiful place to spend your holiday and how wonderful to have a resort kitty keep you company for the week.

    I noticed kitty’s tipped ear, which in the TNR community means he’s been trapped, neutered and released. He’s probably been vaccinated too. He’s living a good life.

    Feral cats are a big problem on the islands, but the good news, is that they’re warm and invited with just as many folks like you and me that love and care for them.

    Here’s a bit of info on ear-tipping: Cats are sterilized, vaccinated against Rabies, and a small piece of the tip of the left ear is removed to identify the cat as sterilized. … TNR is for any outdoor cat, so stray, feral and wild cats (and the occasional indoor/outdoor cat) are often presented to high volume sterilization clinics for the procedure.

    Under anesthesia it’s not painful (much like us getting our ears pierced). I hope he’s there for a visit next year. xo

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    1. Hello sweety-pie ! It’s all so pretty and we love having the patio suite. I laid out on the lawn a few times. Something I think everyone should try and do more often. It’s actually quite Zen looking up at blue sky and palm trees 😀 The lawn is really different there. Super soft.
      Thanks so much for the information about Kitty’s ear. I had no idea about TNR. You’ve helped me feel so much better !! Mwah!! We walked home from dining a few nights and spotted a couple of other cats meandering across dark roads. There’s not as many street lamps there as other communities. It may be like New Zealand where it’s pretty normal to let your cat wander at night. I got concerned as there’s not much for residential in Wailea and chances are Kitty’s not part of a regular family. I think he’s in a good place, but it was still really hard to close the door and leave. Maybe a new couple has arrived to love him up already !! That’s what I’m hoping xoxo k/b/p

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  3. It looks like you had a good time, out there in Maui, especially with the company of your new furry friend Kitty. I would definitely go back to such a beautiful place and I’m sure Kitty would appreciate it too… 😉

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    1. Hello hello Herman. Yes, it’s really beautiful there. Only 6.5 hours, a direct flight to paradise and we do spoil ourselves when we go. This boutique Hotel is quite small in comparison to the giant hotels on the beach. There’s only 72 suites high above the hub-bub of Wailea. We enjoy the peacefulness. Hopefully, in a couple of years, kitty will still be there, getting all kinds of love. Aloha dear friend x B

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    1. Hi Derrik ! Yes, cheers to holidays, palm tree’s and kitty’s 😀 I have a photographer pal in the UK who’s posting brilliant photo’s of robins in blooming tree’s. How lucky to enjoy spring so early. I guess you’ll be out in the garden soon enough. x Boomdee

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  4. Oh Boomdee looks like you and your Mister made a very good friend! What a cutie (all of you!). So sweet of you to “adopt” him while you were there and I know he loved it as much as you did. I bet he has a lot of friends at the resort – and who knows – maybe next year when you go he’ll recognize you! Looks and sounds like you had a great time………….well deserved breaks re-energize us!

    Love, Pam (and Teddy too)

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    1. Hello sweet Pam! You’re so special, thank you for your kind message. Jim knows that any animal crossing my path (without a pawrent) is destined to win our hearts. So he sweetly goes at night in search of cat food even though he knows there’ll be tears in the end. I become so attached.
      Maui was enduring some crazy weather while we were there. Big waves, big rain and big wind. Landing was a roller coaster ride. The locals were bundled up a few days, while we Canucks wandered round in shorts and T’s. It might have been cool for Maui but we had left the ‘Arctic Vortex’ at home. It was -32C the morning we departed Edmonton. It’s still pretty chilly here, but -20C almost seems like a nice day in comparison, LOL! Amazing how just 6.5 hours away by plane, it’s so different 😀 xo Boomdee

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    1. Hello hello AC ! Yes, they really have extraordinary gardens all around the suites. Waterfalls, flowers and little paths to investigate. It’s adult only guests, so mostly just couples looking for a quiet place. I happened to see where the animal shelter was when we were out on an excursion. A rather dismal little place without windows, out on a highway. I decided Kitty would be far happier on a beautiful resort with constant attention from any number of guests. The front desk didn’t seem to consider Kitty a bother either. So I try to think there’s many guests, who like us, adopt him every week xo Boomdee

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    1. That’s what I’m hoping. I guess one guest reported this exact thing to the front end staff. He’d been a year ago and had a week long visit with Kitty and was happy to see Kitty was still with the resort. I think the meals might not be too regular and probably just what guests have in the pantry. But he had a beautiful little personality, so I think he get’s lots of attention. Thank you so much for coming by x Boomdee


  5. Oh, dear! I would have had to go to the office and ask if it had a home and see about finding one. It sure looked comfy on Mr. B’s lap. You are an animal magnet, most certainly. Glad you had some relaxing R&R Liquid sunshine is what we have here in Portland all winter. We don’t know what to do when the sun comes back in June.


    1. Hello sweetness! Jim actually spoke to the front desk a couple of days before we departed. He was hoping to ease my concerns. They said Kitty had adopted the resort and the staff see him visiting at many of the suites. He’s living in a very beautiful resort with very kind staff. So, I hope he’s getting lots of TLC. The week zipped by so fast, and it’s beautiful there but was long enough for me. I’m such a home body. Even though it was unseasonably cool there, we were able to miss a week of Arctic Vortex here 😀 Cheers dear x B

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