Talk To The Paw

“Hey Petals, Mommy’s up pretty early, it’s not even sunny yet”

“Smell’s good out there, maybe we’re going for an early walk”

“Still seems a little chilly Petals, maybe later”

“Look what I found Blossum, where have I seen this before?”

“Yah, it looks……yawwwwwn, ooooo still so sleepy”

“I don’t know, something’s weird, I don’t trust her”

“Did you say something Petals, where’d you go?”

“Hey, what are you doing in that box?”

“Wait a minute, we’re moving….oh it’s tooooo fast”

“meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow”

“meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow” 

(15 long minutes later)

“Oh O, she’s looking at some other cute kitties Blossum, maybe I mewed too much”

“O man, NOW I remember.

Yah, Dr. Patty, she’s all touchy-feely”

“What are you complaining about Blossum?  I had to get weighed, no girl should have to do this! O, meow!”

” Look mommy, new toys…please, we were good”

“OK, 2 toys to go please”

“See you next year Dr Patty.  Now that wasn’t so bad was it? “


How do you get to the Vet without too much drama?

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23 thoughts on “Talk To The Paw

  1. Oh my gosh, you’re a black cat household, too! We have three black cats at our place. One is a scaredy-cat and she has a nervous breakdown any time anyone even tries to touch her, much less load her in the car and take her to the vet. Another is Mr. Laid Back. The only problem we have with him at the vet is that he purrs too loud for the vet to listen to his heart. And then Mr. Grouchy hisses and growls and does that crazy gutteral cat sound so loud that he sounds like we’ve captured a wild animal. He scares the other animals in the waiting room, so we always get taken back very quickly.


    1. That’s so funny, they do all have their little personalities right? Neither Blossum or Petals purr at the Vet, but Blossum is definitely better behaved. This year Petals hissed when Dr Patty wanted to check her temp from behind, but hard to take it serious since she’s such a squirt. I had a big Orange & White cat named Ginger for 14 years, she’d go commando on everyone, even me…the vet had “Dangerous Cat” written on top of her chart..LOL, At home she was lovely. Thank’s for spending time here, appreciate your message!


        1. Hey Anne, yes yes, once in a while I have to scold Blossum for using her claws on the wrong thing and then five minutes later, it’s “ooo Blossum, you’re so soft, I just ❤ you"…so they probably think the same about us. Nice of you to comment, thank's for reading!


  2. LOL This is too cute. My two aren’t too bad about getting to the vet—I just put their cases out that morning and they think it’s a grand new play area. Of course, AT the vet, Buckley tends to be rather rageful (Lu still purrs her heart out and even kisses the vet on occasion). Ben, our collie, is the one traumatized by the vet!

    Twelve degrees…I’d bawl.


    1. O Jen, you do have your vet visits cut out for you. I hope we can have a dog again one day. I’m currently living the dog owners life vicariously through some fun blogs. LOL, don’t bawl to hard, it’s 12 Celsius or 56 F at 6:30am so the house was finally nice and cool, it got up to 29 Celsius by 3pm or 84 F. It’s been 28c – 30c degrees almost all summer long…toooo hot for me. Here’s the conversion

      I loved hearing about your furry friends, thanks for sharing!


    1. A gift from my brother, they came as a set. He was told they are sisters….I have my doubts. But they were housed together and he couldn’t bare to leave one alone…I guess we’re all big mushers. Thanks for the sweet compliments.


  3. That was so much fun. My cats would never go near our carrier. I keep it hidden from view till the last minute. What brave kitties.

    I know all about those long, meowing drives. Torture for everyone in the car. Glad the kitties are all check out for another year. Since our felines arrived on our threshold at different times, we are at the vet in February, July and December.


    1. Oh man, I’m so glad I don’t have to go but once a year. Blossum (me really) was scolded for gaining weight again. I feel terrible, we are trying to feed itty bitty amounts…Blossum gobbles, Petals grazes. Then Blossum sneaks over to Petals dish and polishes it up too…must be more diligent. LOVE does not equal Food. Now if I could just learn a personal lesson from that.


      1. I should get LOVE does not equal FOOD written all over my house – or forehead maybe. Keeping kitten away from cat food and cat away from kitten food is like a curse on our household at the moment!! x


        1. The vet suggested I make a latch on a cupboard that’s only big enough for Petals to fit through and leave her bowl in there so she could go in whenever but Blossum couldn’t fit. But we are renting and don’t want Blossum to scratch at anything, so will look for plan B. Good luck with your meal plans.


      2. You and me both, sister. I’ve been soothing myself today with an RB float and Hershey’s. Honestly!!!

        I had a pair of brother cats with a similar MO: They got equal portions of food. Grant ate till satisfied and left the food bowl. Estare ate all of his own food, then ate his brothers left overs. They looked like twins when I got them. Within a year one weighed 12 pounds and the other 15!!!


        1. Maybe we are all just born to be a paticular shape it’s a constant challenge isn’t it…yummmmy rootbeer floats. I sometimes will drink spiced rum & rootbeer ( probably just as many calories), oh, I add a slice of lemon to make it a healthy choice LOL Grant is such a funny name for a kitty, like one of the kids. Blossums so gentle with a tiny little meow, her shape seems to compliment her personality. I forgot to ask Dr Patty how much Blossum weighed, is 15 lbs pretty heavy for a cat? Petals weighs 4.1 kg (9 lbs).


        2. I keep forgetting to convert to metrics. I wish we had switched over years ago. It is so much simpler.

          15 lbs is a good sized cat. Both Lindy and Beijing are big boned girls, not really overweight so much as large. Slinky is the same size as Petals, almost half the size of the other two.

          Grant and Estare were named after my two favorite old time movie actors, Cary Grant and Fred Astaire. Why I misspelled Estare is anyone’s guess.


    1. They are a joy in our lives even though the vet day takes a lot out of you. Thank’s for your lovely compliment! That’s Petals Paw, she meow’s the most in the car (she didn’t really deserve a treat but I spoiled her anyways HA).


    1. They do have their own personalities. We’re happy they’re lovable and friendly to everyone, remember Dillin? He only loved me and Dad. The only drawback is everyone should get a roller brush down before leaving, I wonder if one would do that before or after the hug?


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