Hope You Like Surprises?

I just love surprises and thanks to Alys at Gardening Nirvana, I’m a lucky player in my very first Craft It Forward.

Craft It Forward Button

What is Craft It Forward? Here’s how it works:

I RSVP’d to a special invite to play at Gardening Nirvana and will receive a handmade gift from Alys sometime this year 😀  In return, the first five people to comment on this post, will receive something I’ve handmade. You’ll receive your handmade gift via snail mail sometime during 2013.


source Wikimedia

You won’t actually know what’s coming to you, it’ll always be a BIG surprise! It will be something made by me in the Boomdee craft room.  It might be a project you’ve seen here at Boomdeeadda before, or an entirely new project yet to be posted. I have lots of fun idea’s.

craft ideas

So if this describe’s you:

  • I love to craft things
  • I love to share things
  • I love surprises
  • I live somewhere’s on Earth

Be sure to be one of the first five to comment below!  Tell me you’d like to receive a handmade gift from me and that you want to take part in Craft It Forward.  Remember, if you are one of the five winning players, you will:

  1. Receive a handmade gift from Boomdeeadda
  2. Post your own Craft It Forward invite for the next 5 players via your Blog, Facebook or Google +
  3. Hand craft and mail a gift  to your five winners
Surprises Await You
Surprises Await You

In the meantime, you can also visit these other Bloggers participating along the way:

I so enjoy all your messages and comments throughout the year.  Thank you to everyone and for those who join in the fun of Craft It Forward,  I hope you like surprises!

PS, Thanks to Alys for the Craft It Forward Button, players are welcome to display it on their Homepage!

Craft It Forward Button

Update: February 27th, 2013.  Thanks to these five gals for commenting,

they will receive a handmade gift from me this year.

 The Kat And The Falling Leaves

 The Pyjama Gardener

Betsy Meyerson-Butler

Defeat Despair

Garden Sunshine

Posted by

Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

31 thoughts on “Hope You Like Surprises?

    1. I’m pretty sure it will probably pop up again somewhere. It gets passed along pretty well. I think one of the girls who accepted my invite will be posting her own invite soon. You can watch for that at Sunshines blog if you’re are keen to join in. Thank you for all your support and kind words 🙂


    1. WaHOO, you’re number 5 then Sunshine! I’m actually working on my first ‘craft it forward’ today. Thank you for joining in on it. I will contact you for your mailing info and sometime this year, SURPRISE! Ha…xoK


  1. The sweetest of posts. I love that postcard with the woman mailing a card. You find the greatest things.

    I can’t count (math never was for me). Lot’s of shy people posting above. I’ve received incredible gifts from your craft room so anyone holding back should jump in now before you lose your chance.


    1. oooooo Alys, you are a great cheerleader! Thank you for your message, as usual, so generous, mwwaaaa! The vintage lady posting a letter is from Wikimedia..all copyright free there.

      So far I’m crafting something special for Kat, PJ (we’re bending rules HA) Julia and your friend Betsy!! I was so happy to see all their replies and told Betsy, she’ll get the deluxe service since I can hand deliver to her 😀 xo and that’s so flippin awesome!!!!


  2. Hi, am I too late to join? As the other commented, I’m a bit intimidated after looking at your photos, but I have a few ideas that might work; at the very least, it will be something different in the mail that might compare favorably with the Verizon ads and Mattress Warehouse circulars!


    1. 😀 Julia!! You are right on time. Welcome to the fun and thank you so much for joining. I’m so happy to send along something your way this year.

      You’re so right, the mail is usually such a bore. I’m so happy to make you something this year! Besides her thoughtful support, my dear sweet friend Alys has showered me with the best surprises via snail mail and it brightens my days like nothing else.

      Good Luck with your invite too! I’ll watch for your mailing address at xxedited. Have a beautiful day, I’m off to the flower shop today. xK


  3. I would love to have something made in your Boomdee craft room (I would love to come visit your craft room too) I am attempting to set up a craft area in my house and my daughters keep trying to borrow all my stuff! Actually, excited that we can all craft together soon (just need a bigger table/work area) Anyway, I would love to participate if you haven’t reached 6 yet!! Thanks!


    1. Betsy!!! 😀 Hello there, and yes, yes you are in. Awesome! Thanks a bunch for joining the fun. I would love to have all you sunny California girls to the craft room, that would be the best day ever. I can’t believe only 2.5 months to go..I’ve done so much homework on the trip my head is spinning. It would be a riot to craft something together, I’d have to follow your daughters example and borrow everything. LOL No need to email an address, I think I’ll just hand deliver! You get the full service, HA….Thanks again Betsy!


        1. Squeeeeel! yes please 😀 sounds too fantastic Betsy. I’m over the moon for the invite. I’m leaving extra room in the suitcase for any goodies I ‘could-not-resist’ . We’re very excited! Details soon! Happy Valentines Day!


    1. Thank you so much Gjeometry, I assume you’re just stopping by? So far, one confirmed player !! If you want to join another, I’d be happy to send you something this year!! 😀


    1. Oh, you’d be very surprised Susan. I would love something crafted in South Africa!! A beautiful bead on a leather tie? A framed photo of your favourite quiet place in South Africa? A jar of your homemade jam or jelly? Just some ideas if you’d really like to join, I’d love to send you something this year. It’s all about sharing and doing something, anything you love. Let me know if you change your mind, I’ll be hanging out here 😀


  4. Boomdee – I would swim the Alantic and then climb the Statue of Liberty to receive a handmade gift from you. We are obviously attuned as I have only just published my post about Craft It Forward… does this mean I’ll have to find another 5 bloggers on top of the ones I’ve just asked for because I might as well set up an Etsy business with no talent 🙂


    1. LOL, PJ you might make it part way if you start swimming now but I fear you’d be a tasty little snack for some nasty fish out there. I’m not sure about inviting 5 more players, but I would love to send you something from the Boomdee Zone. Should I count you in? You are too modest, I’ve seen you’re gorgeous painting :D. (or lovely card set with Milo & Bella photo’s. on them?) Should I count you in? I’m swimming over to your place right now! 😀


      1. I’d hate to take up another person’s place… but I’ll happily exchange details so we can make each other something (although I’ve a feeling that I’ll come better off in this deal 🙂 ) I love you and Alys to bits and it will be extra special for us to be in it together! What do you think?


        1. Love, love, love too! I had added you to my list thinking I might have to update it….Fantastic PJ!! I’m over the moon.

          The Three Musketeers 😀 I can’t wait to make you something PJ, the wheels are turning! Mwwwaaa I love you both to the ninth !!!


        1. Yah!!!! you are the very first to join….thank you Kat! I will be thinking of something special for you as you were the first to reply. If you could email me at xxedited with an address to send to, I will surprise you with something this year. Thank you for following and all your wonderful visits too! xK


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