Thanks For Everything Walt

If you grew up in the 60’s, ‘The Wonderful World of Disney’ was the hi-light of Sunday evenings. As kids, we would get our pyjamas on and eagerly sit in front of our black and white counsel TV for an hour of pure magic.

Vintage TV's

Naturally, one of the most favourite things we did on our recent visit to San Francisco was visit the Walt Disney Museum.  The museum is located not far from the Golden Gate Bridge and easily reached by bus.

Walt Disney Museum

You’ll see all of Walt’s awards and lot’s of original letters, artwork, video clips and audio that spans the entire history of Disney.  Plan for an entire afternoon, we were there for 3 hours but could have stayed longer.

The Walt Disney Museum Treasure

It’s no secret the I’m head over heals for Mary Poppins.  As a 50th birthday gift, Mr B drove me all the way to Portland for the stage performance.  It was so fantastic, I cried like a baby when it was over.

Magical Mary

Mary Poppins was one of the last major projects that Walt Disney worked on.  He said:

“As the original Mary Poppins budget continued to grow, I never saw a sad face around the entire studio, and this made me nervous……no negative head shaking. No prophets of doom. Even Roy was happy. He didn’t even ask me to show the unfinished picture to the bankers. The horrible thought struck me – suppose the staff had finally conceded that I knew what I was doing?” – Walt

Walt Disney

It premiered August 27, 1964 and has entertained every generation since.  I can’t even imagine how many times I’ve seen it.  I’ve got all the wonderful music on my iPod and enjoy humming or singing along, sometimes while I’m shopping (my apologies to other shoppers).

Mary Poppins Premiers August 1964

Needless to say, I’m really excited about a new Disney movie scheduled to be in theatre’s this Christmas.  Starring Tom Hanks as Walt Disney. “Saving Mr Banks” will tell the story of the ‘making of Mary Poppins’.  Watching the trailer, I thought how perfectly cast Tom Hanks is as Walt Disney.

The last hallway at the Walt Disney Museum is a memorial tribute to Walt by family and others who loved him, respected him and miss him.

Walt Disney Memorial

I must admit, it brought tears to my eye’s too. I might be all grown up, but I still have ‘little girl love‘ for all the magic of Mary Poppins and so I’d also like to say “thanks for everything Walt”.

Thank You Walt Disney

Do you have a favourite Disney Movie?

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43 thoughts on “Thanks For Everything Walt

  1. You asked if we had a favorite WD movie. Well, that would be Bambi, hands down, Bambi!

    I took my sister when she was 14 to see it, and when Bambi’s mother gets shot I hear my sister gulping back tears… I look over at her and she hitchingly stage whispers “It’s so sad!” We sat there, her head on my shoulder, holding hands and cried together there in the dark. I still cry at that scene even after all these years.

    And what a fun post! I grew up in Southern California, lived there until 5 years ago, and never knew about the Disney museum. If I had, I’d have made the special trip to go there! Thanks for a great post, Boomdee!


    1. Hi Lynda, what a beautiful memory, I’m so glad you shared it here. A sweeter sister moment I’m sure could never be.
      I do remember that scene too and yep, cried my little heart out. Disney had a way of not sugar coating life while at the same time, making everything so darn magical.
      If you manage to get back to San Francisco, I’m sure you’d really enjoy the museum. There’s just so much to see there and it brought back a lot of good childhood memories for me too. Thanks for your lovely message, I so appreciate your kind words and visit.


    1. If you’re ever in San Francisco you will not be disappointed. The older Disney films, while not the CGI miracles we watch today hold such a spell. The innocence of the day shines thru and makes me all nostalgic. Thanks for your message!


  2. What a wonderful post..such great memories of pictures that took me from my less than happy environment to a world of wonder…I could lose myself and let my imagination go wild watching Walt Disneys wonderful took me a child of the sixties back indeed….I love Tom Hanks and he will do a brilliant job I am sure..can’t wait to see it..thanks for the time warp 🙂
    Hugs Fozziemum


    1. I’m so glad to know it brought back happy childhood memories for you as well. The stories could be scary in parts but always with a good message. I think Mr Hanks playing Mr Disney is going to be a classic and we are in for a treat. Thanks so much for your message, have a super day 😀


      1. They could be scary..but fun! I can’t wait i have never seen him play a bad role yet…our day draws to an end her ..we are upside down!! heeh so you have a great day..i think also 🙂


  3. Sweetness! I loved this post and I am so glad you and Mr. B loved the Disney museum as much as I did. We rushed through also (didn’t get there early enough) but we were so lucky to see the Snow White exhibition which was only there for a day or two more when we saw it. We won 4 more tickets to the museum at a school event so we are definitely going back. The girls loved it too. I also cried at the end (very sweet and touching memorial).
    Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang & Bedknobs & Broomsticks were all my favs too. I have watched them over and over with the girls-it makes me so happy that they love them too. When I was a student at San Jose State, Buddy brought Donald McKayle in for a guest lecture and I went nuts because he choreographed B & B!!
    We also cannot wait to see the new movie-love Tom Hanks & Emma Thompson (Professor Treelawney in our house)
    Miss you & love you & wish I could use some magic and make you appear!!!!! XOXOXOXO


    1. Mwwaaaaa x 1,000,000 Bets for your loving message. So fantastic that you’ll go back on winning tix 😀 Next time we’re in San Francisco it’d be nice to spend more time in this whole area. The beautiful park near looked really nice too. It must be outrages fun to watch all your favourite Disney’s with your own little ones and relive all the magic of your childhood over again thru their young eyes. I with you could make me magically appear, I’d collect on all those hugs and kisses and we could grab Alys and Sharon and head to the movies. It is Sunday, I’ll make believe it’s ‘The Wonderful World of Boomdee’ night. xoxoxox Missing you too.


  4. P.S. Just watched the trailer & can’t wait for the film. The title says it all. Years ago in a class on characterization, the teacher (an award-winning writer) asked us to name the main character in several books. I was the only one who answered correctly that it’s Mr. Banks in Mary Poppins (a trick question) – but notice he’s the one in the opening and closing scenes, the one who needs something and has the most to learn. It’s really his story. 🙂


    1. You were very keen to pick that out. I actually never thought about it until Alys shared this trailer. You’re spot on though. The Big Bus tour goes by the street they used in the film, I’m pretty sure I gasped. I can’t wait to see it and I’m sure I’ll make it a perennial, just like Mary Poppins


  5. I so enjoyed this post! I didn’t even know there was a Disney museum in SFO – is it new since 2004? Walt Disney is one of my heroes. He changed the entire world in so many ways. I lost count of how many times we’ve been to both Disney “worlds” (CA and FL). It would be hard to name a favorite movie but for me it would have to be Mary Poppins. That is one of the very few Disney movies I saw in childhood (rather than with my own children) and it was my all-consuming interest for a long time. I had the record and book and lots of friends who were just as Poppins-crazy as I was. There is a part of me that still wants to jump into chalk paintings and have tea parties up by the ceiling. But the story goes much deeper than that, which is what makes it so great. Thanks for this lovely tribute to a truly great man.


    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it Julia and thanks for your kind message too. I tried to find the opening date on their website but it doesn’t seem to be listed. I just never tire of the music. The children appeared in a few other Disney productions, one being Chitty Chitty Bang Bang which is another favourite of mine. I really enjoyed all the pre-Disneyland stories hi-lited at the museum. Lots of recordings of Walt talking about how he and Roy got started. I can’t imagine what a personable man he must have been, I didn’t appreciate as much as a kid as I do now.


    1. Super-cala ‘mythreemoggies’ !. I saw Julie Andrews on a talk show a while back promoting a children’s book she wrote with her daughter, she look fabulous!


  6. Oh, what a fun post. I live 50 miles aways and I didn’t know about this museum until you shared it. We must check it out. I remember those old TVs and know we had one similar in those big wood cabinets. Apparently I tried climbing one as a two year old and pulled it down on top of me. I have no memory and therefore no trauma, but my mom liked sharing that story.

    I love Mary Poppins and had fun dressing up as her for the Retro Dome sing-a-long. How I wish you could have been here for that. You would love it.

    I can’t wait to see Saving Mr. Banks. We’ll have to be sure to go the same weekend so we can compare notes. I love that Walt Disney quote. What a time!

    Thanks for the memories. xox


    1. Isn’t that funny, I guess it might have been Betsy that recommended it. There’s so much to do in your beautiful part of the world, I’m not surprised you may have missed it. I know you’d really enjoy it and maybe the boys too.
      I remember seeing your photo of the Retro Dome Sing-a-long night on FB! I love that you dress up for all the fun. As the organizers of years of Halloween parties at the lake, Karen & I could have really used your energy, enthusiasm and creativity. It’s just so coincidence that you have been dressed up as my biggest Disney crush, we were destined to be friends
      ((( Alys))) xo.
      I’m so glad you shared the trailer for “Saving Mr Banks”, I’ve watched it a dozen or more times. When I downloaded the Album from the original movie on iTunes, I got the ‘Extra’ which is an extensive interview with Richard and Robert Sherman. The reminisce little moments with Walt and Julie, and talk about the creative journey. I never skip it because they’re so interesting. I noticed Jason Schwartzman plays one of the brothers, I adore him.
      Walt’s quote was on audio in the museum, an old interview with Walt. His interviews and stories are sprinkled thru-out the museum, I hope you’ll get to see it one day.


      1. I think it was Betsy, too, now that I think of it. M wrote a book report on Walt Disney several years ago. He was quite intrigued. He was a remarkable man. I’m definitely putting it on the list for this year.

        Oh how fun it would have been to party plan with you and Karen at the lake. Opportunity lost, darn it. I’ve seen some of the pics and know you always had a good time. Are you dressing up this year?

        I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the trailer and found more interesting interviews to go with it.

        Some teacher apparently told Walt he would never amount to much. Honestly, imagine saying that to any child. Glad he persevered.



        1. Definitely would go again, since we almost zoomed past the last third. There’s so much to see. I think that teacher was in the wrong career, at any rate, he sure showed her (him). There’s something poetic about getting the last laugh sometimes. x


  7. Great post! One of my favourite childhood memories is of watching The Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights, and going to see the Disney movies at the library on Saturday afternoons. 🙂 Maybe someday I’ll get a chance to see that museum.


    1. Thanks so much Sheryl, I guess we were all in front of our TV’s on Sunday night. I’m sad that they don’t have it anymore, I’d love to see all the golden oldies again. Like the ones with Haley Mills. I thought she was so cute and sassy. Ooops, showing my age, no one says ‘sassy’ anymore LOL. Do check it out if you get to San Francisco, it’s so wonderful.


    1. Thanks for reading and such a nice message Val. I’m sure I’m not the first person to shed a tear in the memorial hall but jeez, so many childhoods made better by one man’s dream.


  8. My kids and I love Mary Poppins, I can’t tell you how many times my oldest daughter and I watched it.
    As a kid it was all about 101 Dalmations….I had a book of it and I read it over and over.
    Yes, I’m a child of the 60’s era (hmm, I think you and I are very close in age!) Disney was a big part of my childhood and adulthood too! Hugs Walt!


    1. It’s a pretty timeless story that’s easy for little ones and big ones to enjoy together. Another Disney favourite of mine was Bed Knobs and Broomsticks, also with David Tomlinson (the dad from Poppins) and the lovely Angela Lansbury. I love when the sing ‘Bobbing Along’. The 60’s were great for Disney and us 😀


    1. I bet your visitors thought you were the luckiest kid on earth. I’ve been once, during spring break of all times. It was crazy and I turned into a crying lunatic, LOL. I told my husband (then, new boyfriend) that I needed a break and we went back to the Hilton to get pie-eye’d on G&T’s by the pool…good times, good times 😀 Thanks for coming along xK


    1. Dang Laurie, maybe next time. I think the whole family would enjoy it. The Oscar for Snow White included 7 mini Oscars too, one for each dwarf. Really special place with a pretty nice gift shop too. Thanks for visiting with me here, so appreciate it 😀


  9. What a lovely post – so many memories. You have really piqued my interesting in the upcoming film – Tom Hanks sounds great for the part, rather an old fashioned fellow.


    1. Thanks for visiting and I’m so glad you’ll be watching for “Saving Mr Banks” too. I adore Tom Hanks in everything he does. He’s really one of the ‘good guys’ I think, which might be rare in Hollywood.


  10. I also have fond memories of watching The Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday evenings. And, thank you for including the pictures of the old television sets. They also bring back memories. I think that we had one almost exactly like the one on the bottom left.


    1. With only 3 channels in Edmonton at the time, Sundays and Disney were a welcomed event. I used to love seeing Tinker Bell fly around the Castle and sprinkle fairy dust on everything in the opening sequence. Those TV sets are fun, they’re all playing a Disney program in the Museum. I think we had one similar to the blonde model with a giant set of Rabbit ears…..LOL. Thanks for your message Sheryl, enjoy the day!


  11. I can’t wait for the “making of Mary Poppins” either. It looks fascinating. I had no idea the Walt Disney Museum was in San Francisco. I would of thought it was in So Cal. Thanks for sharing. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have fond memories of Disney! Nice post ;0]


    1. Hi Sharon! You are up so early too. What a nice way to start my day xo. If you’re ever able, I would really recommend a visit to the museum. It starts way, way back from a garage business all the way to the memorial hall. It’s in the Presidio area near the bridge. The movie is going to be so awesome, it’d be great if we could all see it together 😀 I love the new Pixar’s too but Disney did it so well.


  12. Your posts are so colourful in every way, Boomdee. I love that they are interactive, too, and had no idea that movie was on its way – the trailer looks great – I can’t wait to see it. I think the wonderful Emma Thompson shares the Boomdee love for Mary Poppins – do you think her Nanny McPhee movies were attempts at a modern-day tribute to the classic – minus the music? Thanks for the tour through the museum – a real treat! x


    1. I bet you’re on to something with the Nanny McPhee tribute to MP 😀 I never really thought of it. I will be at this movie on night ONE! I can’t wait. Alys showed me the trailer, I hadn’t seen it either. The museum is something really special, I’d highly recommend it if you ever get to San Francisco. Thank you so much for your message, hope your day was fab!


    1. Welcome, and thank you for your message Pauline 😀 Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson! It will be awesome. I was really amazed at all the original letters on display, often penned in Walt’s own hand were on display. It was really a cool place for the whole family.


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