Bite The Bullet

Have I told you how I will avoid a mall at ALL costs?  I’ve never understood the whole “window shopping” thing.  I must have gotten weird  DNA.  I think it’s a combination of the loud music in every store and crowds, but I would rather do just about anything else. I miss the old days, when each store stood on its own.

Eaton’s Canada 1869 – 1999 (Photo: Public Domain via Wikipedia)

So when I found myself in the Biggest Mall in North America this week, I thought it might be Blog worthy. There’s so much to do  when visiting Edmonton. Yet many tourists will head to this shopping mecca or better yet,  just stay at the on site Hotel. West Edmonton Mall, or WEM as we call it, is beyond huge. They hold records for:

  • The worlds largest indoor lake
  • The worlds largest indoor amusement park
  • The worlds largest indoor wave pool
  • The worlds largest indoor bungee tower

There are a mind-boggling 800 stores. Listen, if you can’t find it here, they probably don’t make it. Over 30 million people visit every year. If you’re really insane, you can join a good majority of them here on Boxing Day. When Brad Pitt was in town filming, he and Angie even took a side trip to WEM. No need to worry about paparazzi in Edmonton, LOL.

 It actually is the size of about 48 city blocks.  The map alone, blow’s my mind.

So what now brings me to the dark side? What could be so irresistible that I would venture through the threshold of despair? Am I being to dramatic?

Pottery Barn has only 6 stores in Canada and three of them are in Toronto.  They only just opened at West Edmonton Mall  last weekend.  I have always been a big fan of their style and just had to check it out.

Their vignettes for fall and Halloween were gorgeous. Check out this bat!

I really fancy their office furniture and accessories.  What I wouldn’t do for this little number. Check out the swivel wicker chair, how divine.  Wouldn’t Ms E .L. James be happy to write her next salty diddy sitting here? I definitely think so.

Maybe I’d take a wee break in this plush grey winged beauty to read it, hehe.

I was really hoping all their Christmas decor would be out, but when I talked to a sales associate, she said ‘come back next week’. Bummer,  but she directed me over to this tasty preview. I was a little mesmerized by all the sparkle, I just love the Holidays!

As much as I reject the idea of going back to the mall, I  love decorating for the Holidays more. I really hadn’t planned to return so soon, but I might just have to bite the bullet.

How do you decorate for the holidays?

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26 thoughts on “Bite The Bullet

  1. Never been to a Pottery Barn since we don’t have something like that in Greece. In fact shopping malls are few and far between. And whenever I’ve wandered into one to get to the road on the other side, they always seem to be a bit depressing and without personality – and empty most of the time (except perhaps around Christmas for a few days). The concept of shopping malls hasn’t really taken off in Greece. In my opinion a good thing.


    1. Agreed, it’s more fun to have unique shops to stroll thru door to door. Unfortunately, we have this thing called Winter. I’m talking freeze your fingers off kind of stuff. It’s pretty hard not to put everything indoors. I guess it’d be pretty hard to have any kind of shop in Greece now, with the economy there in a shambles. Have a great day! 🙂


    1. O man,they really do have great display ideas. I didn’t actually buy a single thing since we’re taking a little holiday shortly and I’m resisting. I do love their Christmas stuff so much, but will probably try and hit the AFTER Xmas sales. I really do appreciate all your visits today, wow you’ve been hanging out…that’s super nice of you, thanks Sunshine.


  2. That is one enormous mall! It would be a workout simply walking end to end. It’s fun looking at Christmas decorations, but the mob scene usually keeps me out of the malls during the holidays.

    Have fun if you do go back.I love that vintage picture of Eaton’s. I think my sister had a similar coat in pink.


    1. That Mall is Bananas. We originally planned to go because Jim was needing some new work clothes and he had Friday off. I think this is the 3 time in 2 years that I’ve ventured there. I’ve offered to go with my Aunty Kathleen when she gets back from a trip….I’m sure lunch together will be the real hi-lite.

      I really miss Eatons, they had nice stuff all through the year. I actually worked for Eatons in my teens…Bedding and Linens, lot’s of towel folding, HA.
      Isn’t that picture fun! Thanks for all your messages tonight. Is nice to have someone stay up with me 🙂


      1. Awww. It was fun for me, too. It’s the getting up early part that does me in. I’m a night owl at heart.

        So you worked at Eaton’s! Fun. I had my share of retails jobs, too. Gift wrapping at Mervyn’s (lots of fun but crazy at the holidays), then handbags and jewelry at Macy’s in college. Working in retail is not for the faint of heart. All that time on your feet, and the occasional difficult customers, low pay and then all that temptation around you to buy.

        Enjoy your lunch with your Aunty. Where has she been?


        1. Yep, I’ve had a few retail jobs. Also worked at Birks over a Christmas period. At the time they sold a wide range of expensive gifts, now they’re mostly jewellery. Then there was a Drug Store, Scrapbook Store and Garden Shop….I’m flexible. I do know all about ‘difficult customers’, I worked for a major communications company for 25 years, serving small to medium size business customers…exhausting some days. The queen of appeasement. Lucky to be at home now. Aunty Kathleen hasn’t gone yet, leaves in a couple of weeks for Colorado for a visit with her son (my cousin) Brian.


        2. What did you do at the communications company? Many things I would guess since you were there so long. I’m so happy that you can retire and receive a pension.

          Yeah, retail can really take it out of you. Long hours on your feet, for small pay and abusive customers. It got me through college though.


        3. At least we had jobs right? You’re right over 25 years there were a few different positions. The last 8 years I worked as a Communications Sales Rep. If you were starting a small business, we’d work with you to get your phones, internet, debit machines etc set up….I really enjoyed it for a long time, then the experienced people (like me) started to leave and the company really dropped the ball with training and customer service really suffered, and so did we. OMG what people don’t say to you….harsh. I wish I looked back with happy memories, because it used to be such a great company to work for.


        4. How sad to see it decline to the degree that you were unhappy towards the end. What a shame. How short sighted of them to reduce training, when customer service can make or break a company. Besides, it’s just the right thing to do: invest in your employees, treat them well, and training for that is key.

          I’m glad you got to retire when you did so you have time to write Boomdeeadda every day.


  3. I saw your first one in my reader. Glad to see it again as I will comment this time :-). I have been in Edmonton only once, but didn’t get a chance to visit the big mall. It was September 11, 2001 and we landed there instead of in San Francisco. I only stayed one night and the next day it was back to the airport. Unfortunately, I had to fly back to London with British Air and wait there a couple days.


    1. Oh dear, I do remember that now Steven. I didn’t know you got flown back to London though. I’m sorry to hear that, what a mess. Why back there? San Fransisco via Edmonton and London, oh man. With all the panic at that time, I’m sure you were happy to get home at some point.

      We’ll if you ever find yourself in Edmonton, I would be perfectly happy to give you a tour of some of my favorite places, many you’ve probably seen here. WEM, is not generally on that list but I’d make an exception for company.

      Thanks for still checking out my post today after the confusion…appreciate it a lot 🙂


  4. I like the idea of decorating for the holidays, but I always get sticker shock when it comes to actually buying the things I’d need to make my place look pretty. A couple of years ago I started making a point of buying (or making) one new holiday decorative something each year. It takes the stress out of decorating and I get to add one new piece to the mix each year.


    1. That’s such an excellent strategy. I’ve been snooping around Pinterest, that’s almost as fun a shopping. It does get overwelming on ones pocketbook. I generally will wait till after Christmas to get things on sale. I might treat myself to a couple of small tree ornaments before Christmas to get in the spirit. Hope you’ll post your projects! Thanks for your message! 🙂


    2. That’s a really good idea. It’s also fun to decorate with consumables, so you don’t need to store things between seasons. You can make a wreath from greens or dried leafs, for instance. When I was single and living in a tiny apartment, I strung my Christmas cards on pretty ribbon. It was festive and fun, sentimental and simple. After the holidays, it was simple to take apart.

      Pottery Barn is pricey, isn’t it? Fun to look though!


      1. I like how you think. One of my favorite Canadian designers ‘Sarah Richardson’ always has a Holiday Decorating Special with lot’s of home made ideas. One year she dipped giant pine cones into left over paint from projects. This gal made them too:

        You’re spot on about Pottery Barn, pricey for sure. I like to see how they put it all together. It’s a good idea to wait for sales 🙂


        1. Welcome 🙂 I like that they’re not traditional colors. I think I’d like Aqua, Linen and Mirror. I’ve seen all kinds of things on Pinterest sprayed with this new “Mirror spray”. Makes them look like Vintage Mercury Glass…I need to snoop for giant cones…why didn’t I think of this while I was in BC…urg. How about you? What colors do you decorate with at Christmas?


        2. My Christmas style is best described as eclectic. Not a matching ball on the tree. Like you, we’ve collected from around the world. My son, of course, has a smaller collection of inflatables he sets up on the deck. One year they had a buy one for $20, get one free, so he bought a teddy bear with a gift and a Snoopy.

          I’ve not seen or heard of Mirror spray. Do you have it pinned to one of your boards? I’ll go look.

          How do you like to decorate? I look forward to learning more in your blogs, so don’t feel the need to give it away here. I love the surprises.


        3. I’ve collected vintage glass ornaments for years. Each one is different. Some from exotic locations like Salzburg, some from Goodwill. You never know where you’ll find them. Mac really will have to have a yard when he grows up, no condo for him, HA that’s cute.
          Here’s those pumpkins

          I’m sure you could use the technique on just about anything that’ll take a spray. Thanks for all your visits, you make Blogging so fun!


  5. Glad u gave the Pottery Barn a look about – I think I would like to go there when Christmas decorations r up – maybe get some ideas. Haven’t ben home for Christmas for several years so am looking forward to putting up the tree this year, hope my decorations r still all in one piece, as I have not seen them for atleast 5 years if not more It will be fun to decorate again. LUL


    1. It’ll be like it’s all new again and if you need any help, I love decorating a tree. Jim was off yesterday and wanted to buy some new clothes for work, being a weekday we thought it wouldn’t be too busy, but it was banana’s. We’ll go together when you get back from Brians, their Xmas stuff is so cute. Thanks for your message Aunty. Love You! xoK


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