Make Lemonade

Well, I knew these days would come. The weather’s been a real mixed bag. Since October 1,  there’s been several warm days, a few cool days, downpours, lightning, thunderstorms and now snow. Fall weather in Alberta is anything but consistent and sadly, that’s completely normal. Today, we got the bad new’s. We’re going to see some nasty weather over the next several days. Check out the Monday overnight temperature! Gulp!

While snow flakes were blowing around my pajama clad body (halla PJ), I stepped out just quick enough to cut the snaps in my remaining baskets. Once back inside, I put together a little spot of sunshine.  With some floral tape, a petite glass vase, and help from Petals,  I planned to enjoy every last bit of their loveliness.

You might have seen my post about flower arranging back in July. I talked about adding bric-a-brac to my vases. It might be a shell from your favorite beach holiday or a fancy  button.  I think it just adds a little whimsy and interest.

Blossum was mesmerized by the snow flakes blowing past her picture perfect perch and hopped down for a closer look.

So when life gives you lemons….you got it,

make lemonade 🙂


Maybe, you’re just planning for spring now.

What will you put in your baskets this year?

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

32 thoughts on “Make Lemonade

    1. Hey, did you rescue your black kitty too? I’ll have to cruise your Blog for some pics, what’s your sweet fury friends name? I’m not crazy for this weather either, hopefully it’ll come back to seasonal, a balmy +3 🙂


    1. Hi Steven, I guess 50 F is ok for 9:51pm, do you think that’s cool for your area or seasonal? I guess 10 C would be the average daily high in October here. I’d be happy with that. We’re getting a northern smack down for the next couple of days. More time
      for inside projects 🙂 Thank’s for your message tonight, stay warm!


  1. Aw gosh, I loved this! It’s still pretty warm here in VA, and I’ve been praying for some cold weather. I can’t believe y’all are getting below zero temps already! And that was a great picture of your cat sitting by the window.


    1. Our temps are in Celsius, but -10 C is only 14 F, considering water freezes at 32 F or 0 C, it is pretty chilly. The sun was shining today so it warmed up but the wind was definitely chilly, + 1 today or 34 F. Blosssum says thanks for noticing El !


    1. Hi Alys, I totally agree, a bowl of lemons just scream sunshine. They’re pretty economical decor being that you can then use them on your veggies at supper. I’ve seen them used in a large vase, where a smaller vase (with water) is tucked in the middle with your flowers, very cute. Do you still have lots of snaps blooming? I should have emptied the pots today as it was sunny (but cold). We went to the cinema instead….and then for coffee. Nice day…you? What manner of loveliness did you sprinkle your magic on today? Thanks for sprinkling your magic here! 🙂


      1. You are so sweet! I love that idea of two vases with lemons in between. We had a lemon tree for several years, but it got top heavy with fruit, then gradually split down the middle. It was a old tree when we moved in. I don’t think it was properly pruned in its youth. Anyway, one day I arrived home and the tree had literally split in two. Half of it was lying on the lawn. A sad day.

        We’re growing a miniature one, but it is very slow growing and not a single lemon so far. The plant doubled in size this year, so maybe next year.

        My snaps are pretty much gone. I went to cut them, inspired by ours and they were flowerless. Ah well. The Azaleas and Camellias are up next. I’ve already spotted a few.


        1. Crumb, that’s a shame about your lemon tree. It’d be so cool to go out in the yard and just grab one whenever. Good luck with your new one, sounds like it’s on its way. It’s also amazing that your Azaleas and Camellias come now. There’s a variety we can grow here called Northern Lights, they bloom in spring. I’ve always loved them! I’ll look forward to your photos.


        2. I’ve always loved Azaleas. I can still picture the enormous groves of them in England where they apparently love that weather.

          Speaking of Northern Lights, that is on my list of things to do one day. Have you seen them? I think they’re spectacular.

          I like that they named a flower after them.


        3. We do see them often in the winter, especially out at the lake away from the city lights. Usually blues and greens, sometimes pink gets in there.

          Jolly England, the gardenings amazing but all the rain might do me in? We’re used to so much blue sky here. My cousin Lee-Ann is there for work, 2 more years I think (Aunty Kathleens daughter), the company moved the whole family over. Aunty K has been a couple of times and they’re getting to travel all over Europe…Amazing.
          The flowering Azalea ‘Northern Lights’ is a much smaller shrub than you would enjoy, but pretty still.


        4. Well, I’ll say probably not since we’ll hopefully invest in a house along the way and it’s pretty costly to go. Lee-Ann and her hubby both work full time and I know she must get a ton of company already. I think Aunty Kathleen will make another trip there, so I’ll get all the details along the way.


    2. PS, I got the biggest pumpkin I could lift out of the giant bin without falling in….sometimes it’d be nice to be a few inches taller. Not as fun as growing one from a tiny seed though. xoK


        1. Ha, thanks Alys. I can’t imagine how they’ll sell them ALL before Halloween, they had hundreds. I saw someone leaving with a cart full. I wish I knew where they lived so I could drive by and spy what they do with them all….me and my trusty camera…hehe


  2. What a lovely arrangement, both the flowers alone, and that tray full of sunshine and goodness. What is it about lemons that scream fresh, wholesome and goodness?

    Seeing your snaps looking so happy in the vase makes me want to follow suit. You’re an inspiration.

    Bummer about the cold weather ahead. It seemed to get cold so fast! We are *finally* expecting a few days of rain here starting tomorrow (fingers crossed) but the coldest day will still be high 60’s F.

    Enjoy that fire! It looks so darn cozy.

    Here kitty, kitty, kitty…


    1. You might not enjoy the weather outside, it’s frightful but inside it’s so delightful. Since I’ve got no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! 😉 (love that song). That’s going to seem like a balmy day in a month or two. In the spring when temps hover around zero we get really excited, LOL Thank’s for your visit, I’ll leave the fire on and you’ll be toasty 🙂


  3. Ha ha… pyjamas always make these days more memorable! I love the way you add bric-a-brac to your arrangements and I might steal that idea from you 🙂 Your cats are so funny and Blossum certainly looks intrigued!


    1. Thanks PJ, mornings are a tad slow on the weekend. My sister-inlaw Adele is a florist and has all kinds of tricks up her sleeve, so I’m just passing them on. I think it’d be fun to add christmas ornaments during the Holidays. Blossum & Petals say hi too! Thanks for coming by 😀


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