From Drab to Fab, Winter Edition

Are you still too full from your Thanksgiving holiday meal to start decorating for Christmas?  It was pretty chilly here yesterday, but I managed to finish putting together my winter pots.  It’s a good way to make more room in the garage too. Here’s the summer planter I started with, of course it’s Aqua 🙂

Start by adding you choice of greens.  I like the airiness of cedar and the sturdiness of pine.  I also used Magnolia leaves for a buttery brown accent. A giant bundle of greens did two planters for about $20.00.  I’d recommend taking off the first few leaves, it’s easier to stick them in your dirt.

With very few tools, these winter pots went together easy-breezy.  I used cheap BBQ skewers too add the small Christmas balls.  Simply remove the silver hanger from the ball, invert the ball on a skewer and insert them into your planter. Don’t bother with glue. It won’t hold in extreme cold and it’s easier to store the ornaments without the sticks.  I attached the ribbons directly to the ornaments with green floral wire.

Simply compost the wooden skewers with the greens at year-end. Don’t forget to hang a couple of ornaments from below the greens too. I just love this colour!

The colours I used are anything but traditional.  A rather vintage mixture of seafoam green, brown and champagne (a white gold).  I was really inspired on my trip to Flowers by Merle, to create a reflection of my personal decorating style.

(click on any photo to get a closer look)

It doesn’t take much to bling up the door too. This fresh, plain Jane, Spruce wreath got a facelift with a couple of extra ornaments, a recycled gift tag and a Velvet Flower I bought at Michaels with a 50% off coupon.

Sparkly winter pots,

can take your entrance from drab

to fab!

How will you decorate your entrance this season?

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From Drab To Fab, Summer Edition

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

27 thoughts on “From Drab to Fab, Winter Edition

    1. Thank you so much Sunshine! Absolutely, I think it would be a riot to make one together. You’ve got a great creative eye, I know you’d put together something fab. I went with the brown & champagne so I could change the third colour whenever I want (but whats better than aqua? ha). So that would be my one recommendation, 3 colours seem to work best.

      The ‘three rule’ (planting a triangle) seems to work in gardening and this is pretty much the same (3 brown balls, 3 aqua balls, 3 twigs, 3 stars).

      What about a pot of greens with your crazy beautiful garden totems gracing it? Good Luck, and let us know what transpires.


      1. That’s very helpful I never thought about the triangular rule of threes for pots! I hope I get ambitious enough for that. Your ideas are great- Really still, i would rather have you do it for me though. LOL!


  1. You inspire me in so many ways. What a stunning display. It’s original, beautiful, welcoming and so you. I never would have thought to buy greens and use them in a pot like that. They make an incredible display. Oh the wheels are turning in my head,now. Thanks for this lovely post.


    1. That’s so nice of you to say, thanks so much Alys. I guess you really could include just about anything in your pots with the mild weather. I think Gerbs would be cute with greens, Adele does Christmas arrangements with Gerbs for inside. I bet it’s awesome in your garden centers at this time of year. Thank you so much for all your support. HugsK


    1. Thanks for your messages Anne, so nice of you! I had my hubby move them into the garage when the roofers said they’d be working on the porch….well they never showed up (as usual) and so now we’ll move them back out….instant Christmas.


  2. I just have a wreathe that a cub scout sold to me hanging by my door. Your entrance looks great! I need to get my Christmas decorations out. It’s always to much fun to transform my house with decorations for the holidays.


    1. Hi Sheryl, sounds like a good start for a good cause. We don’t see any door to door stuff downtown. When we lived at the lake the neighbourhood kids would be around with the chocolates, wrap, magazine subscriptions and draw tickets all the time..miss the community spirit here. Have fun decorating!


    1. Thanks Mouse. They smell really great too. After years of an artificial tree I really miss that in the house. Do you use a real tree? I love the smell of the pine. Thanks for your nice message! 🙂


    1. That’s going to be so gorgeous on your beautiful property. I can’t wait to see what you do in your mild climate. Thanks so much for your message, we can’t do to much in a rental, but it did cheer up the place 🙂


    1. Thanks Aunty, after getting everything in place the roofers knocked and said they’d be doing the porch overhang today. We got up early, moved everything and went out for the day…back just now and nothing was done and they never showed up….they are on my pop list. Hopefully only a couple of more days…they’ve been doing this for over a month. I can’t wait to have you over, when all the hammering stops. LUL 2xoK


    1. Thanks Sherri! Hey what are you doing on your new porch? Looks like you live in such a cute historical area. Something that will be dog friendly no doubt 😉 It seems like you still have pretty mild weather, so it’s probably still nice to be outside, I had to build these in our ‘o-so-tiny’ condo garage because my fingers were freezing 🙂


    1. As the original ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ you have excellent taste. Ha I always think I should venture into something new, out of the box but I’m just to hooked on Aqua. I’ve never used Copper or brown before, so that’s a stretch for me. Did you get your lovely snowman in place yet? Thanks for your nice message, I just love seeing your cute Gravatar.


    1. Thanks for that! If only I could manage to live nearby. I fear I’d probably spend the whole time snuggling (with Bowie) and drinking coffee. Maybe your sweet dad could join with. Well now we’d have to include snacks since it’s starting to sound more like a get together. Cheers!


  3. Beautiful Boomdee! It’s these touches that turn a house into a home and Christmas is a good excuse to put out more than a welcome mat 🙂 The bronze baubles go so well with the aqua and I love the stars! I’m already excited about Christmas x


    1. Hi PJ, thank you for your compliments. I’m excited for Christmas too. I bet your place is beautiful at Christmas. I don’t imagine you get snow yet? I do enjoy walking up the steps and seeing something pretty. The lull between the flower baskets and winter baskets was really making things drab. Have you got yourself a kitty cat yet. My fingers are crossed. 🙂


      1. We’re picking up the kittens this morning and I’m SO excited!! We’ve missed having paws and claws around here. As for weather we get slush, ice and fog rather than snow… as I look out the window I can only see fog so nobody will notice any of our xmas decorations!!


        1. Sooooo, exciting PJ. Brilliant to get two little darlings. I can’t wait to hear all about them. That’s fantastic! Your day will be wonderful, that goes without saying. Sorry about the fog though xoK


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