From White To Wow

Happy Wednesday!  As promised, we’re custom dying ribbon using alcohol inks today.  I used this easy method to personalize a ‘Craft It Forward’ for my pal Betsy in San Jose 😀 Here’s the sneak peek I shared Monday.

Betsy's Sneak Peak

I’ve made something totally new, with tons of fun colours.  I wanted to custom dye some plain white ribbon to coordinate with the cute-as-a-button papers in Betsy’s project.  I’m using the alcohol inks you see at the scrapbook stores.  If you love to scrapbook, you probably already have these in your cupboard.  There’s many brands, I don’t have a preference and usually just purchase the one’s in the colours I want.  Here’s what I used:

  • wax paper to protect your work top
  • alcohol inks
  • Alcohol Blending Solution (to thin dyes to desired hue)
  • plain white ribbon
  • paper towel
  • rubber gloves
click on image to enlarge
click on image to enlarge
  1. First, protect your work surface with a sizeable sheet of wax paper. Let’s face it, bad things happen to good crafters 😀 I’m famous for spilling things.  I have made a habit of always putting the cap back on the ink RIGHT after I use it but you’ll also want a dry spot to rest your ribbon on as you work too.
  2. Pool about a tablespoon of  Alcohol Blending Solution on your craft mat and add a drop of your first colour (start with the lightest colour)
  3. Blend with gloved finger
  4. Dip ribbon into ink randomly
  5. Wipe up any leftover ink with paper towel
  6. Repeat steps 2 – 5 with your other colours
Add colours one at a time click on image to enlarge
Add colours one at a time
click on image to enlarge

These alcohol inks will dry quite quick, but I still wait overnight to use the ribbons in a project. I really love the softness of these colours together and they remind me of  vintage maps. Which you know I’m rather fond of    ; )

Custom Dyed Ribbon With Vintage Map Hues
Custom Dyed Ribbon
With Vintage Map Hues

From white to WOW!

Customize your Ribbon

Have you bought any fun new products for crafting lately? 

PS. I have a brand new feature at Boomdeeadda!

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

23 thoughts on “From White To Wow

  1. The ribbon is beautiful. I haven’t bought any craft supplies recently–but your posts are motivating me do something creative. I may need to visit the craft store this week-end. 🙂


    1. Thank you Sheryl! I was telling another visitor here that I think this technique could be used on cotton by the yard, like pillow covers or table napkins.

      Now might be a good time to hit a craft store, lots of brand new product and collections coming out of CHA….a buyer/wholesale national show for scrapbook stuff. Lots of brands launch all their fun new stuff there, good luck!


    1. Thank you so much, I’ve used it on a card and the craft it forward and I thought it was pretty too. I’m thinking it’d be easy enough to by white cotton and make pillows too or a doggy bandana for when you were feeling like an old hippie doggy.


  2. Beautiful! I love that water color effect. I can’t wait to see the reveal, you big tease. I’m dying over here. Well…you dyed and I’m impressed with your results. Fun, fun, fun.

    I have my nice new Cameo Silhouette and virtually no time to play with it since buying it. Oh the torture.


    1. Giggles, you little wordsmith, hehe. Thanks for that nice compliment Alys. You’re the first person to call me a tease in a few decades, LOL. We’ll have to get your Cameo Silhouette into action and craft us something. Can it write Boomdeeadda? That’s what I need to know..HA kisses!


        1. I haven’t been able to start and stick with anything. I feel like a bad juggler. We have a long weekend coming up and that’s when I ‘officially’ consider summer starting. Time to get outside so I’m sure the crafting will wait xo


  3. The ribbon is stunning!!!! I’ve never seen alcohol inks. But then I haven’t seen a scrapbook store in ages. So many of the specialty craft places are going out of business. I at one time did decorative painting on wood and can find no one here that gives classes. I need classes. I’ll look online for scrapbooking stores. It’s going to be beautiful here next week. Maybe I can find some of my things in the garage.:) Again, the ribbon is beyond beautiful.


    1. Thanks Marlene! I’m so happy to hear you’re having great weather too. We’re finally warming up. Hey, I took a bunch of classes for decorative painting on wood. Unfortunately, the shop with all the stuff (woods, paint and classes) closed too. I still dabble, but on a very small scale. Lot’s of my tools are in storage currently.


  4. Hey Boomie! That is simply gorgeous! What a great idea! Now you can color a white ribbon to any color you need for your crafts! I also saw a neat craft idea the other day with a white ribbon. They printed their logo and website on a white ribbon and used it to attach to handmade items. I want to try to do this for my Sock Bunnies! GREAT post, keep up the great work! You Rock!


    1. Thanks so much! hey I love that idea about printing on ribbon, was it with a custom rubber stamp? or in a printer. My printer is the pits, it would totally get jammed up. But how cute would that be? If you think of the address, pop back and post in comments. I bet a bunch of us would love that. Thanks for sharing…mwaaaa xK


    1. I bet you’re time is pretty full up these days and I really appreciate your time visiting here. This little ribbon thing can be done in under 5 minutes. I don’t know if you’ve bought these for scrapbooking, but they last forever and it’s just another way to use them up. Thanks for your sweet message !


      1. Aw, thank you so much! Yes, I am a bit tied up right now… but it’s fun to browse wp for some lovely inspiration 🙂 I actually haven’t done any real scrapbooking myself… I have collected some supplies which I have used for simple craft projects, but I am a real novice! 😉 xx


        1. That’s ok, there are some of the cutest papers right now for baby scrapbooking that are ‘almost done’ to begin with. I don’t know if these appeal to you but I’ve seen them at the store and thought WOW. Everything in the upper left and down the side is a pre-printed collage you almost just add a photo and personalize and BAM…you’re a scrappin’


    1. Thanks a bunch Pam. Since I already use the inks for other things, it’s a quick and fun way to make use of them. I’m sure your gorgeous yard keeps you more than busy in the summer, I wish we had a yard to putz in…soon I hope 😀


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