Measuring Up Is Easy

While I’m having a blast sewing a new dress, I thought I’d share a little sewing trick I used on a couple of projects back in July. I prefer to use snaps on garden furniture cushions, camper cushions or anything that requires frequent laundering.

The Hawaiian Shirt pillows and Diva Pillow insert, both had snap closures. Snaps lay flatter than a button, and so are more comfortable.  This trick doesn’t require any measuring and will ensure  your snaps are perfectly spaced. A finishing carpenter will use this same trick to install shelving, they call it a jig or cheat.

  • Cut a paper template the exact length of your facing (where the snaps are being installed)
  • Now fold the paper template in half, crease well
  • Fold that in half again, crease well
  • Fold that in half again, crease well
  • Again, Fold that in half and crease well
  • Your paper template now looks like a little accordion

  • Now, fold the entire paper accordion in half , crease well.
  • Ready to unfold.  Your paper template will have 7  evenly spaced creases with 1 long crease down the middle of  its entire length
  • Mark an ‘X’ at each intersecting crease

  • Make a hole punch exactly over that ‘X’
  • Iron your paper template flat and pin in place
  • Using your fabric marker make an X thru each hole, directly on your fabric
  • You’re now ready to install your snaps or buttons

This little trick is fast and easy, without doing any math. With a simple hole punch and paper bag, your snaps are perfectly placed leaving your pillow projects neat as a pin and picture perfect. Measuring up is that easy.

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

26 thoughts on “Measuring Up Is Easy

    1. “Totally comfy” says Blossum. She loves her pillow so much she stays on there for hours. Every time I look at her, she’s in a different sleeping position 😀 Where do you like to sleep?


  1. What a great, practical suggestion! This general idea would work whenever there is a need to make something evenly spaced. I can already think of lots of applications for this type of tool.


    1. Thanks Sheryl, you bet there’s a number of things you can do with it. My Uncle Johnny was a terrific finishing carpenter and showed me this when he was doing my kitchen cupboards, Easy Breezy cheesy Louise-z 😀


    1. Thanks Hon, I actually started it in July with intention of bringing my dress to San Jose. Then of course things went sideways, then I ran out of time. This silly post has been on and off a couple of times but I still thought it was a worthy tip. I’ve used it a number of times. Uncle Johnny showed me when he did my cupboards for me at the lake. 😀


        1. Oh ya, PINN it. Thanks again, I think I often forget.

          The sewing project is certainly nothing hard, I don’t know why it took so long. I will post soon 😀 I bought those cute vintage white belt buckles at the Antique store in San Jose and deciding which one to use and what colour to make it. Home stretch! xo


    1. Thanks Katherine, they turned out just awesome. I can’t take credit for the trick. I learned it from my Uncle Johnny who was a very good carpenter and helped me in my kitchen. Passing it on 😀


    1. LOL, me too. I’m really a novice but thought this was so handy. I sew more home decor than fashion. Straight lines are so much easier. I’d like a nice sewing machine some day, mine is way old. Maybe then I can try some fun fashion. 😀 Thanks for your kind message!


    1. So happy that you’ll be able to use this little trick. It never fails and you don’t need to store any extra tools since you can make a new one for any project. Thanks a bunch for your kind message 😀 Have a beautiful day!


    1. Hello sweet Sharon! Thank you for your kind message back in August. I started to sew and then got sidetracked by getting other things ready for my visit (dang, seems like too long ago), so I tucked it away and now back to sewing.

      This is the simplest thing ever. I saw my Uncle Johnny make one when he was putting extra shelving holes in cupboards for me and thought, “hey, that’s just perfect”. You can probably buy some kind of ‘thing-a-ma-gig’ but this is free. 😀 love and hugs coming your way xK


    1. Dearest Pam and Sam, this silly post appeared too soon, so I tucked it away and so, thank you so much for your message way back Aug 30th…LOL

      Blossum is fashioning the latest and loveliest in kitty pillows. They practically live on that thing and it’s on my bed as we speak. We discovered they’ll stay on it all night instead of climbing on our own pillows which in turn would be furry every morning 😀 x Hugs Boomdee ❤


  2. If I may quote you ‘Gads!’ Boomdee, that is a super tip! I wish I’d had it when I was making my gingham covers with their lovely green grommets….. they didn’t quite line up straight so the ribbon bows have a slightly rakish look to them….I’m pinning you!


    1. Thanks again for your message (back in August) Pauline, I’m sorry this crazy post popped up and disappeared. I was saving it for when I ACTUALLY finished my dress, HA BTW, Don’t you just love gingham? I really appreciate the Pinn, I seem to forget to Pinn my own even though I’m on there a lot. 😀


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