Nap, Bath and Repeat

If you are not a cat lover, now would be a good time to overt your eyes.  One of the things I love the most about having cats, is that they wake you up early every morning !

morning mommy

Just kidding 😀

It’s actually watching them snuggle together while they catch up on their 23 hours of sleep.  Usually it’s Petals horning in on Blossum’s nap.  Let’s be honest, Blossum IS a bit pillowy and that’s hard to resist when you’re feeling sleepy.  I wish I knew their little secret to good napping, they are quite dedicated.

The Great Nappers

I was adoringly watching them snooze together in a lovely sunbeam on the weekend, all cozied up, not a care in their teeny, tiny heads, when Petals decided it was bath time. No kidding, these two can be wrestling one minute and bath each other the next.  Kitties really don’t seem to hold grudges. Maybe we could learn from them?

Life is good, nap, bath and repeat 😀

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Josh Woodward (Musician/Artist)

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44 thoughts on “Nap, Bath and Repeat

    1. Thank you for watching Russel. It just feels good to watch a kitty bathe, for me anyways. Zoey’s probably right, I may have under estimated their commitment to their olympic worthy napping…LOL Gold Metal finishes all around I’m certain. 😀 Have a great weekend.


  1. They are such beautiful snugglers!! I love kitty cuddles, but I detest the 6 am wake up calls 😀 Sometimes I find it amazing how such small and soft creatures can make so much noise when they want something…. which is always a spoonful of canned chicken in our household!
    Have a great weekend Kelly


    1. LOL, they can be mighty persistent. Blossum always asks quite politely but Petals, bless her heart, has a meow that is like fingernails on a blackboard, LOL. She will not be denied 😀 Thanks for your visit and you too, have a great weekend.


    1. Thank you my dear. They are entertaining me constantly. Petals is the one who is always up on things, sneaking stuff away. Like my desk, my craft table, kitchen counter….She thinks her name is ‘DOWN!”….LOL

      That is their very own little bed. I sewed together two regular pillows and put them on top of the old squishy cat pillow, then sewed that cover all girly for the craft room…here’s an old post

      I made the video on my MAC. It does take a while but it’s fun adding titles and stuff, thanks for watching and your sweet message. xK


    1. They are a couple of sleepy heads and Petals likes to be snuggled more than be the snuggler, hehe….me too 😀
      Thanks for your lovely message Pam and Sammy…coming over to see your teaser…I’ve been out all day, I’m bushed xoxo


    1. Ha, seems like it honest. Actually, this morning it’s a good thing they woke me. My alarm didn’t ring 😀 They are sweeties…..except when they’re not, LOL ! Thanks for your message Sherly, have an awesome day!


  2. Lovely kitties, lovely music! I’ll have to check him out!
    I wonder if I would enjoy being a cat? I’m not sure I could nap so much 🙂


    1. Good Morning LB! Does Abby climb all over you every morning? This morning, Blossum work me in the nick of time, I’m off to an appointment at 9:30…got to boogie but wanted to say thank you first 😀 You’ll not be disappointed over on Josh’s site, I think it’s cool as an artist to share your work like he does.

      You’d be lucky to be a cat in our house and other friends I know who love their furry pals. I think you’d get a lot done with 9 lives 😉 Hope you’re having an awesome day! Hugs xK


  3. Awwww, so wonderful to see Petals and Blossum in all their cat glory!! And, it’s TOO adorable that they get along this well and snuggle like nobody’s watching :). Makes me want to get another cat, actually, but I know Kitty and I are destined to get a dog soon. Lovely song too, reminds me of Cat Stevens.


    1. 😀 They do have a rather glorious life as I’m sure your Kitty is privy to as well. They’re just the best of pals and at times like siblings, they get mad at each other but make up just as quick. How exciting for you and Kitty to be adopting a dog, LUCKY you two !!! Have you someone special in mind already? Your moms blonde beauty is sure adorable, they’ll be like cousins 😀 That’s the most fantastic news Catja, I’m so happy for you.

      Thanks for watching our little movie and your fab message too. You might enjoy more of Josh’s music. It’s free to download or you can make a donation. He leaves this up to you. What a kind artist, so giving. I really love that.


      1. Oh, that is a nice gesture, leaving it up to somebody to pay what they can! Kitty and I have no furry canine in mind, at all, and are not actively looking. But, I am aware recently that I have begun to think about having a dog again. So, I know that if the situation arose, even before we went out to look, I would be okay (meaning able to care for it and not be constantly thinking about my Millie) with adopting it.


        1. You’ll find the right one when you least expect it, and what a wonderful home they’ll have with you and Kitty. It sure takes a long time to heal and not hurt from the whole they leave doesn’t it? I still have good cry’s at the least anticipated moments. We’re unsure if we will have another dog. We’re starting to travel a lot. But we also have a wonderful Pet Sitter, so I may be able to swing it with Mr B.


  4. Too cute! and lovely guitar, too. I love black kitties, especially long-hairs (I know, I know; they shed . . .) and I love calicos, too (long-hairs preferred again), but most of all I love certain Norske Skogkatts: the only wildcat in Norway. People have bred them to look different, of course, but there have been a few I truly coveted . . . thanks for sharing yours; that was quite uplifting! ~ Linne


    1. Hi Linne, thanks so much for your lovely message. I wish they didn’t shed but those of us who love our pets just resign to vacuum daily. Before we moved into the city, we also had a dog. Buddy was a mixed bread (rescue) and shed like crazy but we loved him so much. I’d much rather wear out several vacuum cleaners than not know the love of pets in the home. They become part of the family don’t they?


    1. (((( Alys )))) I just picked up from the mailbox before supper….:D Alyster is sooooo happy, see you back at FB

      Thanks for watching our little movie today. They feel like real stars with such nice reviews. Well I think they would if they weren’t sleeping AGAIN, LOL. So is Mr B. Help I’m surrounded by sleep-a-holics, HA! As you know, it’s nap time most of the day, punctuated by trips to their bowl and as we demonstrated, baths. I hope Petals and Blossum can join me in a garden one day like your sweeties or sleep under a patio chair listening to the water fountain and chirping birds. Kitties rock xoxox


  5. So sweet. 🙂 Buckley and Lu do the same thing—from mutual bathing to all-out battle back to kisses and cuddling! I do wish mine were better at waking me up early, though. Today they let me sleep well past the alarm’s going off. Slackers.

    Thanks for sharing this adorable scene with us on a Monday!


    1. Hi Jen, I hear you on the all-out battle, LOL It usually takes place shortly after I’ve vacuumed and they leave all their hair on the carpet.

      Sounds like Petals and Blossum need to make some sort of training video for Buckley and Lu. They are morning Ninja’s and demand attention shortly after Mr B leaves for the office. That’s usually at 5:45am. How’s that work with your schedule? HA

      Thanks a bunch for swinging by and watching their little movie moment, we all appreciate it.


      1. The same thing happens here with the carpet! I just vacuumed this morning, in fact, and not ten minutes later, there they were, wrestling away and leaving little clumps everywhere.

        5:45 would be okay. I used to be up at 5AM every day and that went on for about 10 years! Hmmm…maybe…6:15ish? 😉


        1. HA, well sounds like the whole kitty mind-melt is universal…stinkers hey?

          5AM !? That’s darn early, did you have a long drive to work or something? Mr B deals with people in the East first thing in the morning, so that’s why he goes in at 6am, it’s 8AM Toronto time.


        2. Yes—it took about an hour to drive to the office, mostly due to traffic; on the weekend or at non-peak times it would take me about 15-20 minutes to get from my apartment to the office. Crazy! Didn’t take me too long to move closer to the office…and then a couple of years later, the office moved just around the corner & up the street from my original place. But since all of the AM & PM traffic headed westbound and the office was eastbound, I usually had a pretty zippy ride to the office though I lived farther away. Glad that worked out!


  6. They SPOON! I thought only Orlando knew how to do that! He likes to cosy up at night and have me cuddle him just like that…. it’s the loveliest thing.

    You are so blessed to have two black kitties! I keep saying I am going to get my boy a friend, but haven’t yet. [Mainly because I am afraid it may not go well – you never can tell – you know kitties don’t like being told what to do and it applies to friends also.] It would be better if he finds a friend himself – but as he doesn’t go out much that is hard for him to do.

    The little song was very sweet too…… we’ll overlook it being about a tom kitty! 🙂


    1. Hello sweetness, I think it’s awesome that Orlando snuggles the night away with you. We’re trying to teach Petals and Blossum to sleep on their own pillow which is up on the bed at night. Sometimes they do 😀 ha.

      I do know people who’ve adopted cats at different times and it seems to be ok. My brother has 4, all arrived on their own. Alys too, all her kitties have each found their own spots and routines, eating in different places. She’s such an attentive cat mum 😀 Do you know someone who might bring their cat over for an afternoon ‘play date’. Test the water so to speak. If it’s left to chance, poor Orlando might meet a rebel and be scared forever more.

      Thanks for watching their movie 😀 Joshua Woodward allows you to use his music in your projects on line. It’s all original, written and performed by Josh. Do check out his site if you enjoyed it.


  7. Be still my heart – absolutely gorgeous! There’s only one thing better than living with a black cat – and that’s living with two – or about 10 as does the lovely lady over at The Creative Cat blog! How cute is the picture where one has a little arm around the other? Just adorable, Boomdee. Thank-you for sharing Petals and Blossum with us. xoxoxoxoxox


    1. Hello Dani dear 😀 You leave me the nicest messages, thank you so much. Honestly I can’t think of a single kitty that I’ve met that I didn’t immediately fall in love with. True, some are more independent than others, but they all will have their own personality. We’ve got two snuggle pusses and they rarely miss an opportunity for a lap or pets or both. I think they’re adorable when the snooze together too. Petals always in the front, pillowy Blossum spooning in the back. I can’t really imagine 10 cats in one household but that’s really nice that she’s managed to give so many a home, awesome!


    1. Thank you so much Herman and they really perked up when I told them, “Hello from Bowie”. They are waving back as I type 😉 Joshua has another song I really liked too called Coffee, imagine that? You can download any or all his songs for free or buy them at iTunes or (what I did) make a donation via Paypal. Isn’t that quite the thing, something free?


    1. True enough. I guess they are really making up for being stray in their young lives, so I think they’re entitled to be pampered, hehe. Thank you so much for watching 😀


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