A Beautiful Gift

It’s always hard to decide what to do on your last day of a holiday. Do you find that too? Happily, our last day in Maui was bright and sunny so we rented some snorkel gear and headed to the beach.  To me, the ocean is a really magical sight. Living on the prairies we don’t get to visit as often as I’d like.  The snorkelling was brilliant and we spotted beautiful fish just off the shore.

swimming with the fishes

One thing that wasn’t so brilliant, was my return to the beach. Not entirely graceful at all, rather shameful really. LOL, following this nasty bit of drama, where I fell down in every direction and my splashing about had Mr B laughing wildly, I just decided to crawl out of the ocean.

Snorkel Mayhem

Finally, after our perfect day on the beach, I had to make one last stop in Maui.

My loving friend Julia at Defeat Despair recently gifted me with a very generous prize.  Julia’s daily quote and personal photographs are enhanced by her always eloquent and thoughtful writing.  I’ve learned so much about life visiting with Julia. One of the many things I adore about Julia is her love of animals. So when I learned this generous prize was $50 to spend at my favourite store, I received a gift card to Barnes and Noble and I asked  Julia if she could give half to a local animal charity in memory of our dogs, Pasha and Buddy. After careful consideration, a recipient was found and Julia also matched the funds ! Beautiful right?  Our $50 joint donation was happily made to The Lost Dog & Cat Animal Rescue. They help animals who are languishing in shelters but are highly adoptable and have so much love to give.  Here’s a visit to their ranch…..

It made me so very happy to know we’d helped in this way. At Barnes and Noble, it was really hard to decide what to buy because unfortunately it couldn’t weigh too much (I had a wee problem with this coming home from San Jose).

San Jose Shopping…oooops

What I decided on was a fabulous new coin purse from Papaya Art.  All their stuff makes me drool.  I already use a small clutch as my camera bag and had actually just bought one of their large travel bags on our holiday at another store. Oh ya, and  several gift cards too. I just love all their things, so this was just the perfect find.  Just look at the beautiful art work 😀

Then I found some fantastic tissue paper with vintage maps in wonderful colours. I’ll have to think of a grande project to make with it.

vintage map tissue

Last but not least, I bought my new favourite magazine, called Daphne’s Diary.  Oh my gosh! Do you love vintage, home decor, travel, recipes, crafts as much as I do?  Then you MUST look for this at your news stand.  They’ve been publishing in Belgium and Germany for a while but just started publishing in English.  I can’t tell you how beautiful this magazine is. I’ve soaked up their first two issues and can’t wait for the next.

Daphne's Diary

A BIG thank you Julia!  It was the perfect way to end our holiday.  I always love our chats and I admire you so much. What a year you’ve had.  I thank you for being part of my life. You’re beautiful spirit and kind messages mean the world to me, you’re simply wonderful in every way. Knowing you has been a beautiful gift.

Your friendship is a Beautiful Gift

A Couple of My Favourite Quotes at Defeat Despair

Unlock The Fullness Of Life

The Safekeeping Of Enchantment

Aware Of The Treasure

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

41 thoughts on “A Beautiful Gift

    1. Thank you! Some holiday treats that were irresistible 😀 That snorkelling thing was rather hilarious…for me and my hubby. He snapped a bunch of shoots, all looking extremely uncoordinated. Seems like eons ago already.


    1. Oh thanks again for kindly looking it up. I’ve looked high and low for an email and it looks like they don’t show it on the web. I would guess they don’t yet offer subscriptions to Canada, so I’ll have to keep my eye out. We have a really great news stand in Edmonton called Mikes. They may even order it for me. Fingers Crossed. xoK


  1. Glad to see you back, although I should be wishing you’d had longer in the warm . . .
    I have luggage issues, too, so I don’t take much in the way of clothes and if necessary, I wear more than needed on the way back. 50 lbs isn’t much, is it?

    I’ve been enjoying your holiday along with everyone else; those ocean shots are just what I needed; I miss the sea a lot. So thanks for sharing.

    I love that you won that gift and then donated half to the shelter (and that Julia matched your donation. What a thoughtful and caring thing to do . . . but that’s you, really. You are inspiring!

    Love your tissue paper and thanks for the mention of the magazine. I quit buying magazines (well, mostly) after Mary Englebreit’s ‘Home Companion’ was forced out of print. I still have all my copies (but not all the issues). I’ll have to look up Daphne’s Diary. Sounds like my sort of thing.

    Stay warm, eh? ~ Linne


    1. It is really hard to be gone for two weeks with less than 35 lbs of stuff. Not only the clothes but all that other daily stuff we use. I got dinged in San Jose and had to move things around at the check in. Alys took stuff to mail it to me and I used my carry on as a checked bag for $25.00 extra…whew, it was tight going, LOL

      Julia’s prize was so generous, it just didn’t feel right to spend it all on myself. Since we often talk together about our dogs and how much we miss them, I knew it would make more sense and feel better to spread the joy. The hero’s are the volunteers at the ranch. They’re so selfless to be available for walks, play time and everything that’s needed to make those little lives complete. Thank you so much for your kind message, I’m sure they were happy to receive those funds.

      I’m hoping our local book shop continues to import Daphne’s Diary. I don’t want to miss any. I used to buy Mary Englebreit’s Home Companion too. I might have even kept them in storage…I don’t even remember what’s in there, it’s been so darn long. But I loved her style so much. I don’t buy many anymore but at one time, we didn’t have internet at the lake and I bought a lot. I donated almost all of them when we moved to our local library…over 300 :/. I had them everywhere LOL
      I think you’ll enjoy it, if you can find it.

      Catching up slowly, hope all is well at your end of WP. I shall be by to see what wonders you’re up too as well. Thanks Linne, Cheers


    1. Thanks again, I’m so thankful Julia gave me the opportunity and then matched it again to boot. She’s just a complete doll, it was awesome 😀

      Holidays are wonderful, it’s like having a really nice, long dream because once you’re home and back to the snow I almost wonder if it was real, LOL


    1. Well, I fell down in every direction and was really glad I had a sturdy swim suit on or things could have gotten ugly (opposite of cute), LOL Thanks though Laurie, it was a perfect day!


  2. Looks like you had a blast! I especially like the message in the sand, though the whales are beautiful. And yes, the last day of a vacation is always tough. You’re still on vacation, but you know what’s coming next. I think the best you can do is what you did, enjoy the day!

    I love all the colors and that tissue paper is fantastic! And even though I know you have a wonderful heart, you donating half of your money to the animals proves what a good person you are.


    1. Hi Phaery Gurl and thank you so much. I’m so lucky Julia gave me the opportunity to donate AND doubled it, I was so touched. It sure looks like a special ranch. I was telling someone else here how I’ve been to our new shelter but ended up in tears almost immediately. When the kitties reach their little paws out to you thru the cage….well I fell apart. I COULD NOT go without bringing home a friend, and we can’t have a dog while we rent. The generous volunteers that help these important charities operate within a limited budget are the REAL heroes. My hat and heart goes out to them. 😀


  3. Oh my, where to start? I couldn’t finish reading all the comments before I crashed last night so I’m taking a fresh run at it this morning. First of all, I LOVE the antique maps paper. Second, I happen to have my first ever copy of Daphne’s Diary next to my chair that I have perused twice already and pulled the recipe cards out of. It has lots of Christmas stuff in it. and other wonderful stuff, that I will be going through it over and over again. Found it on my last trip to B&N. I try to go once a week but we’ve had some very odd weather for Portland. SNOW and lots of it. The most in 20 years. City is at a standstill. I’ll get there next week and like you, I hope they never get rid of bookstores. I might stop breathing. You look like you were having sooo much fun and that joy is contagious. Thanks. I needed a shot of beach. The snow is beautiful but too cold for me to go out in. I’m curious about the gadget at the back, center of the top photo. I looked at the video of the animal rescue ranch and it always breaks my heart. You have such a good, soft heart. But that’s just who you are and why I so enjoy reading your posts. Hugs, MH


    1. Oh how I love your visits Marlene :D, you make my coffee taste like champagne this morning. Thank you for all your kind words. Next time you’re in B&N, look for the map tissue because this is their own ‘In House’ brand and made in the USA. I love the gift wrap section just about as much as the magazine stand.

      Isn’t Daphne’s Diary delicious 😀 I’m so glad you are enjoying it too. I popped by their website and see that the 3rd issue is up on the web, so I really hope we get it soon. I’m going to inquire about a subscription.

      Dang weather hey? So inconvenient when your city isn’t used to it. Be really careful even if you just walk out. You don’t want to fall. We haven’t had too much snow in January, heavens knows December left more than enough, but the temps are bone chilling. At least the days are getting longer 😀

      Are you wondering about the “swimming with the fishes” photo collage? LOL, that object is ME! I’m face down in the ocean snorkelling and spying on the beautiful fish. The first thing on the left is my snorkel sticking out, then my big butt sticking out, then my flipper showing. Did I look like lunch for a shark? LOL that’s so funny.

      The Rescue Ranch looks amazing doesn’t it? I so love animals, it was a no brainer and how wonderful for Julia to match her already generous gift. I just feel so lucky to know you gals and to have you be part of my day, thanks for being here Marlene xoK


      1. No silly, I recognized you. it was way down in the photo with your kitty. Didn’t know if it was Petals or Blossom. You have goodies stacked up against it. BTW, I won’t venture out until there is no ice. I have plenty to keep me busy inside. Working on another shirt. Maybe I can do this one correctly.;) I found a cat rescue in another town close by and took my cat food to them so it could be used before expiration day. I will purchase fresh when I get out. Do you know the entire city of Portland shuts down when it snows? My daughter is off work until Monday. They sent everyone home midday Thursday. I’ve driven in snow all my life but here, everyone just slides around so I stay out of the fray. No one shovels the walks or the steps. I had plenty of groceries on hand so all is well. Hugs. MH


        1. Ohhhhh, LOL ha. That picture!

          ya ya, that’s a Cricut Cutter and a gift from sweet Alys :D. I was astonished because they’re a we bit of $$, and she gave me 4 cartridges too. Very very generous. Alys has a newer cutter you download things you want to cut out from the internet. We made a really cute card box together. I’m still learning it and should just sit down one whole day to really be comfortable with it. Stay warm 😀 xoK


        2. Thank you. It’s warming up now and the snow will be melting and the rain coming back. Yay! I’ll look up the Cricut online. Not ready to start more projects yet though. Enjoy playing in paper. What fun. I’m going tot find mine soon.


    1. Thanks Russel, Pop into the nearest Barnes and Noble. It’s their own ‘in-house brand’ and made in the USA. I love when you can buy something made in North America. The photo’s hardly do it justice.


  4. Oh Boomdee your posts always make me happy……you turned your vacation into a fun, exciting, journey and even donated some of your prize winnings to a lovely shelter. You are a wonder…..and a dear and giving soul…..I just LOVE all the great things you brought home for your future projects! So colorful and in every single bit I see “Boomdee”…… I hope you feel rested and ready to tackle the world again – with all that energy you have, I’m sure you’ll make the most of your return!

    Love and Hugs, Pam (and Sam)


    1. awwwww ((( Pam & Sam ))) you’re so dear. Thank you so much for coming along on my virtual Island fun. I so appreciate all your visits and messages. We sure do love it there and what a feast for the soul to feel the sun and all the beautiful greenery in the middle of winter. Hope you’re having a Bacon filled Caturday, Will pop by for coffee in a bit. xoxox


  5. The photo of you “gracefully swimming” in the water looks even better in the blog post than on FB 🙂 (wicked Laurie). I very much enjoyed your updates from Maui (my folks are visiting Hawaii as I type).
    Frankly, this post is just chock full of things to comment on – the 48.9 pounds, the lovely loot, the generous donation, and Daphne’s Diary – but really, I just want you to know how much I enjoy all that is Boomdee! I’m on the Boomdee Bandwagon with everyone else!!!
    Welcome back to the continent 🙂


    1. LOL, oh my gosh the crawling out of the ocean was madness. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t get it together at all. Even though we set up in a sheltered spot, it was really windy this day and the ocean seemed to want to spit me out. It was like being in a top load washer. There was a couple right in front of me on the beach that watched the whole thing with big smiles on there face. They were too kind to say anything but I’m sure they thought I was the least co-ordinated person ever. It’s more fun when you make YOURSELF laugh though.

      Thank you for being such a dear Laurie. I consider you a true friend even though we’ve yet to hug in person. I have no doubt that we will, especially if Julia continues to toss invites our way, LOL Alys and I will somehow, one day, in the not TOO distant future find our way there. Alys actually had a dream about it not too long ago and I’m taking that as a positively YES! xoxoxo PS, Good to be home, thank you.


    1. We really did and wouldn’t it be a shame not to, it’s pretty far for us. 7 hours by air direct. I don’t imagine you’d bother from Belgium with so many other beautiful warm locales so much closer to home. Where would you head too for a warm winter vacation?


      1. Don’t know… Maybe south Spain or Morocco? But I have a fear of flying… Guess I stay home and keep Mr. Bowie company!


        1. Morocco or the South of Spain sound so glamorous. Honestly, I too dread flying but I don’t want to miss a thing, so I bite my lip and close my eyes 😀 Home is were my heart is too and even better that there are kitties waiting for us. Hi Mr Bowie ❤ (I'm waving)


  6. What a lovely surprise! I was overjoyed that you chose to donate your prize to the animals at the rescue. Thanks so much for your loving and generous spirit! You make the world so much better for everyone (humans and animals too)! Plus your blog is one of the happiest places I know. 🙂


    1. My dear Julia, I’m so glad to hear it, I always intend for Boomdeeadda to be a happy place. Even when it’s about loved ones no longer here. The lessons they’ve imparted and love they shared is always a joyful memory worthy of sharing.
      Honestly, everyone feels blue at sometimes, we’re only human. But I do wish to remain a happy place with positive stories because I feel so blessed to be loved by a good man, for our home and friends that make me happy every day. I have no right to ever complain. Thank you for being part of my happy place J xoxK


    1. I had to go easy on the loot because we were gone for two weeks but could only take one suitcase at 50 lbs. This is a real challenge. I only had 10 lbs to play and weighed in at 48.9 on the way home. Truth is, I put some stuff in Jim’s luggage, LOL. All he bought was a ball cap….weird right? Does your hubby ever buy anything on trips?


  7. Your posts always make me so happy.

    What a big heart you have. I love that you donated half of your prize to an animals shelter. What a thoughtful thing to do. And no surprise either that Julia matched the funds.

    You got a nice haul at Barnes and Noble. We don’t have many left here. We were so sad when our local one closed. Books stores (even the big box stores) are ever dwindling.

    I can’t believe you found vintage tissue paper. I’ve never seen anything like it. I bet it will be fun to work with, too.

    I will definitely look for Daphne’s Diary. That sure looks like your ‘cup of tea.’

    Did you really do all that San Jose shopping in October?! Wow. I remember the ‘airport incident’ well. I trust you made it home from Hawaii without a surcharge?

    You look adorable with your fins. They’re near impossible to walk in..you’re doing just fine. xox


    1. What a coincidence because you make ME happy too <3. Thank you hon xo. Our donation was just the best part, I love the choice Julia made. I've looked at their adoption page so many times. They actually do rescue cats too. I can't believe how many small dogs are up for adoption though, such a surprise. Really, they're so easy to care for and hardly each much. I just don't get it, It's mind boggling. The ranch is a real miracle for the area. So many good people volunteering their time to ensure walks and exercise is part of everyones day. Warms my heart to the core. I've thought of it many times. But I've cried every single time I've been to our main shelter, I just can't say thank you enough to those who do it.

      I hope book stores don't disappear, I spend so much time there. It's part of my date with me! HA. It's a stop at Urban Scrapbooking, followed by the book store, maybe even the Antique Mall then lastly, groceries. If I'm lucky, it starts with breakfast with Aunty Kathleen, but she's away still. I hope you can find Daphne's Diary. Every single page is a feast. They have projects and gifts through out too. It's a bit pricey, but it's only published every other month and it's thick and juicy, with very limited advertising.

      I took that San Jose 'loot' photo after unpacking, so I think it's all there. Well except for the stuff you had to mail…LOL. Oh and there was a dress, scarf and shoes too, gads that was fun. YOU are fun! WE had fun! I MISS you xoxoxoxo


    1. I didn’t do too much shopping because I left here with a suitcase that weighted 40 lbs. and the limit is 50 lbs. I bought a dress, a tunic, these things and some fabric and my giant hat, LOL a necessity. It’s pretty chilly tonight, we went to joey’s two blocks away and drove tonight. It’s the darn wind that gets you. LUL2, thanks for your message Aunty, see you soon.


  8. Snorkeling must have been a wonderful way to end your water activities on holiday, though I rather wish Mr B had caught your exit on movie mode 🙂 Not like Bo Derek huh? ….. I have somehow never managed to snorkel and always thought it would be so fun! I went swimming with dolphins once though and that was pretty cool. I hope you returned from your tropical holiday all rested and relaxed and happy to be home. Did the kitties miss you very much?

    How lovely that you won a prize and then did this! The Lost Dog/Cat Ranch is doing great work – how wonderful that you could support them! Good job Boomdee 🙂

    I love your clutch and the papers – and that magazine, which I have never heard of – it all looks so pretty. We love pretty!! I’d like a magazine devoted to shabby chic and boho life style – I’d eat that up!!


    1. I can hardly believe you’ve not snorkeler even once!! Are you scared of sharks down there? This area is a very shallow cove. While you’re floating around you may float over some deeper spots but then it’s shallow again very quickly. I look up often to ensure I’m close to shore. Mr B is more brave but he didn’t venture to far this day because it was pretty rough not too far out. I would really recommend it Pauline. I saw bright yellow Angel Fish within an arms reach and all variety imaginable.

      I think the kitties did miss us but we have a very delightful sitter that spends daily time with them. They’re sleeping in her lap in all the photo’s she sends 😀 She leaves us a welcome home card too, very very nice. We adore her and so do Petals and Blossum

      I’m happy I got the opportunity to send a little help their way and how wonderful that Julia doubled it. We decided to support the dog shelter part of their operation as a memorial to our dogs. Julia just lost Pasha late last year and we often say how much we miss our pals, so this was really an awesome way for us to continue to share their love.

      Do you see Papaya Art around in your shops? I thought you might gravitate to the art on them too. I love the East Indian vibe, colours and affirmations too.

      Regarding shabby boho magazines, if I come across one at Issu, I drop you a link. I’d goggle a few words and I bet you’ll find an ezine that you groove on. Thanks so much for your visit and message love! Happy weekend! xo


      1. I’ve just never had the opportunity to snorkle – our beaches tend to be open to the sea and not suitable – you have to go further north I think to find suitable waters here – not too many sharks either…..

        No I haven’t seen papaya art here, but shall keep my eyes open 🙂

        So nice you have a kitty sitter – Orlando goes into a cattery – it changed hands and the latest visit was a disaster so he is going somewhere else when I go away in March.
        E-zines are a good idea, but really I like a magazine that i can hold in my hands and cut up if necessary – may have to find something I can import….


    1. Wonderful of you to say. Thank you for all your visits Daniella, I’ve swung by your site to update myself and join. Sorry it’s taken so long. I really have to do some housekeeping here at Boomdeeadda. Looking forward to your clever projects. Cheers.


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