Salvage Sunday #2 – Gone But Not Forgotten

Thank you for popping in and welcome to a Salvage Sunday. While we’re still looking at snow in Edmonton, it is officially spring in the northern hemisphere. Hopefully many of you are enjoying daffodils in your gardenplanting in thawed ground, blossoms on your trees and the buzzing of a bee calling you to the garden.  To celebrate that and my own anticipation of a warming weather trend, I’m sharing a post about my garden at the lake, originally featured on Boomdeeadda, June 19th, 2012. Please enjoy…………

Salvage Sunday #2

Gone But Not Forgotten

I bought my first home when I was just 25 with all kinds of gumption and a mite bit of naivete. There wasn’t much on the land except for the house when we first moved in.  What I really liked about moving to the lake was, we could keep our boat in the front yard and I could have a dog.  Young people have funny priorities sometimes, don’t you think?

It didn’t seem to matter that we were almost an hour’s drive to work.  Plus, if you’re a homeowner, you probably know the projects are never-ending.  The time and love you put into a home over the years, these are the things you can’t put a price on when you sell.  In the end, you leave it all for someone new, it’s a little bittersweet.

The garden is the pride of many homeowners. It’s where you’ll take family pictures, BBQ with  friends, play with the dog or even have your kids birthday parties. Really, life comes and go’s through the garden. When it was time to leave, I wondered if the new owners would be so diligent?  Will they care for it as I have, do they have a green thumb or even LIKE gardening?  Will they stake the Peonies as their giant blooms start to nod with heaviness?  What about the Poppy’s and Delphinium?  They certainly need some help to stand up tall too. I hope they love my favourite’s like the Bleeding Heart, Lady’s Mantle and white Lilacs as much I as did.

Wouldn’t it be great if when you’re moving you could pack it all up like the dishes and just take it with you?  I was truly sad about leaving the rose-bush we transplanted from my mother-in-law’s garden when she moved to a nursing home.  Fran just loved to see it in our garden, happily growing bigger every year.

Seems perhaps a garden never really belongs to you, it’s only temporarily in your care. I knew one day we would leave the lake and leave the garden behind. While it may be gone, it’s not forgotten.

Buddy in the Garden (1995 – 2010)

Buddy In The Garden
Buddy In The Garden

Have you visited your local garden centre

yet this spring?

perrenials hastings
Perennial Garden at the Lake


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26 thoughts on “Salvage Sunday #2 – Gone But Not Forgotten

    1. Thank you Clowie, I wish I had more photo’s. I didn’t have a digital Camera when we first got Buddy. That’s one nice thing about being a Blogger, it sure prompts you to use your camera more.

      I will have the opportunity to plant flowers again soon, we finally bought a new house and move Jun 6th. Perfect time to garden here 😀


  1. So smart to give yourself a bit of a break with all you have on your plate right now. I’m in agreement. Make life simpler with more travel (yum) and less work. Your Buddy looks sweet. You just never stop missing them but dogs need their own yards. No garden shops for me yet. It’s still too wet and slick out on the deck. Management won’t do anything so I tried to fix it myself. Not much luck with it.It will dry up a bit and we will be complaining about the heat. 🙂 Love your garden by the lake. I feel springy already, Hugs. M


    1. I have to giggle Marlene because my life is soooo casual, I really shouldn’t be “giving myself a break” any time soon. We’ve really enjoyed our break from yard work while in the condo. Even though I get pangs of missing it when I visit all my gardening pals at WordPress, I know it was the right time for us to make a change. I still love flowers and will always do pots. It’s fun to plan and plant something new every year. What’s up with your deck Marlenie-bean? Does ice lay on it? Be careful out there. If it’s a safety issue, they’d be wise to give it some attention.

      I’m not a heat lover myself. I prefer our Northern summers. Not much in the way of humidity on the Prairies and generally 23 – 27 C (73 – 80 F). But after this crazy winter, we best not utter too many complaints about the heat. Tonight Halifax is getting hit by a heavy snow storm and the last storm was only 5 days ago. Check it out

      So I won’t complain. Those poor guys, their drifts are still 10 feet tall. Wouldn’t it be the pits to own a garden centre there? They might thaw out by June. Thanks for the nice compliments for the lake home. We worked hard but played hard too. Pretty special years. xoxK


      1. No complaints about the weather here either. I think it’s a safety issue too. Talked to the office and they always say they will send someone but never do. A worker slid on it last spring. It’s green algae like from too much moisture. Grows on everything here but on wood, it’s slick. I took powder detergent to it last year but it didn’t help. So I stay off until it gets quite dry. That will be soon enough. Thanks for the link. I’ll check it out.


  2. Oh what fun to revisit this post. What a gorgeous lake house. I think you were smart and brave to buy that house, and look what you did with the place! Oh my goodness: that deck, those windows and that House and Gardens inspired perennial garden. It’s stunning and I can see would indeed be sad and bittersweet to leave it behind.

    Thanks for re-sharing. xo


    1. Awww (( Alys )) Thank you so much for both reading again and your beautiful message. It turned out to be a good investment and I’m glad I hung on after my first marriage ended. Since now, so many more people live there and commute to Edmonton for work. With the city expanding and a new freeway,the outskirts of Edmonton are only 25 minutes away. 25 years ago, it seemed really far. I can only see the property out there appreciating in value over the next few decades. There are some man-made lakes in the city. But they’re very small and there’s little privacy. We miss it at times, but now have time for the finer things in life, like traveling to spend time with you 😀 xoK


      1. Awww. I think you got a lot of mileage out of that place. It’s nice now that you are working part time (with lots of travel breaks) and that Jim can walk to work. Pros and cons to everything I think.

        If you were still at the lake, you might not have started your blog. I get the chills just thinking about it. Nope, it all worked out for the best.


  3. Beautiful photos and I do love that one of Buddy!
    What a guy!
    I haven’t been to my local gardening center but I did hire someone to help me clean out beds and spread a ton of mulch. I usually do it by myself, but it takes me days and days. With that chore done, maybe I’ll have time to plant!!!


    1. Thank you Laurie. He *was* quite the guy, or at least we thought so.

      I don’t think our garden centre opens outdoors till the first or 2nd week of May. But I can’t wait to wander through inside, just to smell things growing. You’re smart to hire out the back breaking work ! The planning and planting is the fun part. What do you usually plant in your beds LB?


    1. There comes a time when you know you’re ready to go. After many happy years, we wanted to have a change. Less yard work and more travel 😀 Thank you for your kind message !


  4. Beautiful. I don’t know how you ever decided to leave? must have been hard. I LOVE your blue deck. AWESome. makes me want to go paint my deck right now (something i said i would never do). I have almost all my seeds already. I am ready to go. +12 today!


    1. Thanks Sunshine, it was beautiful and as you know, big yards are lots of work. So we’re happy to take a break and leave it to you young kids 😀 Our deck was stained with semi-transperant Behr-Arctic Blue (I think) It was a grey blue that looked different in different light. I actually rented a sander every 3 years, stripped it and re-stained. It was easy without railings.

      I’m thinking we’re at least 3 weeks away from any outdoor activity. Not all the snow has melted because it’s still pretty cool here. Glad you’re in the starting blocks, I’m excited to watch your garden grow ! xoK


  5. What glorious memories. Can see why finding the perfect town house might be difficult after that idyllic house and location. Here’s to Spring coming and the perfect pad turning up 😉


    1. Thanks so much for your warm message. Life at a lake is really something special for sure. You have pets, gardens, BBQ’s, late night campfire, boating and you really get to know your neighbours. These are things that we miss the most. Lets hope spring arrives soon 😀


  6. Handsome Buddy, the house and the garden are so beautiful, Boomdee! It’s so easy to see this house by the lake created so many wonderful memories. Buddy was so lucky to have spent time living, playing and being loved in such a gorgeous setting. The flowers are breathtaking! Thank-you for taking us on a memorable journey and I hope Edmonton delivers in the Spring department very soon! Hugs xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


    1. Hi Dani, thank you for your kind and sweet message. We were really lucky to have Buddy for 8 years. He was 7 when we adopted him from a rescue group. I met him at his foster home. They were kind enough to care for him until he could find a forever home. He was just a real sweetie-pie and such good company. We played this game all day long where he’d try to leave the yard, all the while looking over his shoulder. I’d call him back and he’d come running for a hug 😀 Over and over again. He just liked the attention, it took hours to get my gardening done, LOL

      I gardened there for 25 years, so all the perennials where well established and the garden soil was so nice after years of amending. Sadly, the new owners are not gardeners. We drove by a couple of times since but I think I shalt anymore.

      It’s suppose to warm up near mid-week. I’ll believe it when I see it. My cousin lives in Ottawa (Eastern Canada) and they got a pile of snow last night. We are patient people as a rule but the late arrival of spring is testing many, HA! Fingers crossed xoxoxoxoxox K


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