It’s Da Bomb!

Hello, hello!  I’m late but still sneaking one in on you.

As always, there’s lots of fun stuff going on at work. Tonight is our monthly ‘Art Bar’ event.  An art canvas is pre-designed by our talented instructor and everything you need to create your own piece of art is included.  Guests come with friends to enjoy a glass of wine, awesome snacks and great company. Your’s truly is ‘Hostess-with-the-Mostess’ tonight 😀 Fingers crossed:



It’s not all work and no play, look what I spotted in downtown Edmonton 😀

downtown Yarn Bombing

It’s called ‘yarn bombing’ or ‘knitfiti’ ! LOL ‘knitfiti’, that’s a good one.  I’m tempted to add one of my twirling scarves, since that’s all I know how to knit.  But I might be to chicken.  Do they show up after dark? Do they stand there and knit?  I need to know more, but I love all the colour.

yarn bombing Edmonton

Do any of you have a ‘sneaky’ side we don’t know about? Have you participated in a ‘Knitfiti’?  Do tell!  Your secret is safe with us 😉 Just click on the next image to link to Google to see more fantastic Yarn Bombing. So cool! Is that bike just not glorious?


Note the one in the circle. Does that guy look familiar?  Here we are visiting him on our trip to DC this spring. Lisa at Arlington Woman was our hostess. What a fun day, thanks again Lisa!

Boomdee & Friends visit Einstein

He was cleverly Yarn Bombed by super bomber Olek. OMGosh, That’s one giant heap of knitting! Visit Check out ‘My Modern Met’ for the full story

Yarn Bomb by Olek

Photo by Martha Conboy for the American Art Museum

 All very inspiring really. “Knitfitti!” Who knew?

Well, I think it’s da bomb.

Kelly's Korner

PS, You can also visit me at Kelly’s Korner to see what’s creating there

What are you more

familiar with, wine or knitting?

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

50 thoughts on “It’s Da Bomb!

    1. I don’t know how or who decides where or what to knitfiti here in Edmonton. Seems like it just ‘appears’ overnight. I wish I knew how to knit something other than a straight row, LOL.


  1. LOVEIT! That is the best knit graffiti I have ever seen. I wish I was a better knitter!! I would totally put it on my own trees. I am about as familiar with knitting as I am with wine, Ok thats a lie, Wine wins.

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  2. This is too wild, Boomdee, that just last night a fellow photographer told me about a yarn-bombed bike he saw off a dark, somewhat secluded stairway leading off the Brookyn Bridge. He asked if I knew what it was. I actually had read your post a little bit ago and just hadn’t had the chance then to leave a comment. But I’m back to tell you that I excitedly told him that, yes, I knew exactly what it was because I had read about it on your blog 😀 How fun is that???

    I’m forever amazed at people’s ingenuity and creativity! Thanks so much for sharing. Now I’ll know what it is if I ever see it in real life 😀

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    1. no way!! Yarn bombing in Brooklyn? Fun, fun! I’ve seen some really wonderful yarn stores on-line for the Brooklyn area. That’s blogging for you, always keeping you up-to-date on the *most* important things, LOL! I’ve seen more Gorilla knitters work near a restaurant we frequent. It was so fun. Just an everyday bench covered in fab colour. I saw some knitfitti on a website where the perps knitted the whole Alice in Wonderland story. These are a talented bunch of marauders. Hope life is spoiling you Stacy, Cheers! xoK


    1. Oh sweet Clowie, hello! I am so behind and am missing you! I’m helping cover holidays at work and have had little time for my friends here. Hope you’re doing awesome and staying cool this summer. Hard to think of winter but I know it’s not far away. Thanks so much for your message. Big Hug x K

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  3. I love seeing downtown Edmonton through your eyes. It will be great to visit one day. We saw several yarn bombs in downtown San Jose a few years ago and seeing yours makes me wonder what happened to them. I think they’re great fun. I wonder if birds make off with bits and pieces over time, perhaps a squirrel too.

    What fun to see Albert Einstein all wrapped up. Wasn’t it fun posing for pics in front of that statue? I love your photos.

    I’m heading to Kelly’s Korner next, but wanted to pop in here first. I love it when you post and enjoyed reading through twice.

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    1. Einstein was a hoot. I’m so glad we got to see him. He’s like a jungle gym for grown ups. I wondered about the Knitfiti too. Where does it go? I hope it’s in a birdie nest ! That’d be so colourful and cute and a little bohemian…ha! If I ever spot a squirrel with yarn, I’ll know how he got it. Thanks for your sweet visit, mwaa! xo K


    1. Aren’t those goats a riot? They are having the time of their life just racing back and forth thru the barn. I can’t imagine who sewed the Jammies but what a great idea!


    1. Aren’t they adorable? Maybe Noodle needs jammies? I like when that one goat jumps right over the other one 😀 They’re so playful. Thank you for visiting xB


  4. So I’m absolutely envious of the people who were able to enjoy you as the hostess of the Art Bar night. I’d have loved to sip on my wine and just watch you teach!
    That knitifiti!! how wonderful!
    I’ve never seen that before but I absolutely love it! Especially because it decorates the trees without harm!

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    1. Hey sunshine! I actually was just the hostess/helper to our talented Lynette. She designed the canvas and lead the class. All I had to do was ask “red or white” and taking a page out of your play book, took tons of photo’s 😀 It’s all way too much fun. My dream class would be a with all my gal pals, some noms and wine in you screen porch! Nice of me to invite myself back hey? That’s how I roll. xoxox


  5. Last question first. I’m more familiar with whine, no, WINE! I do not knit. Wish I could but maybe in my next life. 🙂 I’ve heard of yarn bombing but never witnessed it. Bet the trees feel loved. 😉 Gosh the art bar sounds like super duper fun. I’ll pop over to see what you are working on. Once I have a guest room again, you will have to come and play art with me. I’ll provide the wine, etc. :)))

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    1. Last things first, (hehe) I’m RSVPing “Absolutely” . That would be da bomb for sure. You had me at “wine” (to paraphrase a silly Tom Cruise movie).
      The Art Bar was a big hit. We have one a month and it’s always a fun night. Everyone raved about it on their way out with their canvases and a big smile.
      I’m not really a knitter either, but I’ve knitted a couple of items. I’d really love to learn crochet. It seems to speak to my bohemian, gypsy side. Oh, haven’t I mentioned I have one? HA, surprise! xoxo Lovely to visit this morning Marlene-a-go-go, big hugs x K

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      1. I’m happy your Art Bar was a huge success. Now you can breathe again. I have a lot of wine that never gets opened as I have no one to have a glass with. It always tastes better when shared. I used to crochet. Have not done it in ages and gave away all my yarn. No time. You have a bohemian, gypsy side???? Who would have guessed?? giggle, giggle.I’m just shocked. smirk.:)

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        1. hehe, shocking right? I agree, wine is better shared. Jim and I enjoy a couple of glasses together every night but if he’s away, I don’t bother. It’s just not enjoyable alone. 😀


    1. I’m not surprised Icelanders would be great knitters, what with all those sheep they raise. I’ve spotted more knitfitti around town, but I’m usually in my car on the way to somewhere and can’t pull over. I should keep a note book and plan a tour on my days off 😀 Thank you for reading and commenting too, cheers!

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    1. Oh my goodness, wasn’t that a whole bunch of happiness for the eyes? Thank you so kindly for sharing. Johanna’s site looks right up my alley, so I’ve added it to my reader. You can never have too many friends, right? Cheers my dear x

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    1. Thanks for your message Genevieve. I’m surprised it’s not been ‘a thing’ there, since there’s got to be lot’s of knitters in the millions of people living out there.
      I think graffiti can be beautiful when done by an artist with flare but usually it’s just some lazy kids ‘tagging’ their gang signs around on private property and that’s annoying and costly to clean up. Up with Artists!! Down with gangs !!! 😀 xoxox hugs


  6. I just love yarn bombing! Who knew Al had been hit???? You should do it!!! Trees would love your scarves in Edmonton in the winter!!! There used to be a group called Art Attack here that did very interesting installations in the middle of the night. Loved them…Also, Mrs. walker, how could Albert be a nitwit??? I know you added a k to that, but auto correct just edited it out. Sooooo annoying! Hey Kelly, thanks for the ping back! Woo hoo!

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    1. So you never heard about it Lisa? I guess that post was from 2013. Were you downtown then?
      Winter? What’s that? We don’t bring it up in the middle of our short summer, hahahha.
      That’s weird, Johanna’s comment does says knitwit on my site 😀 clever wordsmith that girl
      It’s just beautiful in Edmonton today. Sunny and 24 C, perfect for a northerner! Happy Saturday my dear x K

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      1. Hmm. If winter 2013 I was elsewhere, not hanging with Al. So glad you’re having good summer weather. Finally we are too! About 30 with no humidity, or what passes for no humidity here in the summer. outside right now with a G&T loving it all…

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  7. What a colorful post in every sense of the word again, Kelly! Love dear Albert in his knitted pj’s…would you call him a knitwit now???
    Cannot tell about my sneaky side…wouldn’t be sneaky then, right? Or is that too sneaky;0)
    But I equally love wine and knitting but not at the same time since my knitting looks so strange than the next day…
    GTG my dear girl, Mr. Walker just called, he is taking me out to dinner!! Have to spruce up. have lots of fun and yes please put your scarf up there! xo Johanna

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    1. snicker……you’re a clever girl Johanna 😀 yes “knitwit” tis he. Have you seen the Video of the baby goats in their PJ’s? OMGosh, too cute for words, here it is:

      You’re very tall, so sneaky would be tricky. So if you are sneaky, you’re very very sneaky…following my deduction so far? LOL

      I’m with you, crafts and wine do not mix. I once knocked over a glass in the Boom-room and had to start over.
      Hope your date with Mr Walker was a delight. We have a date every week. We usually go out on Friday night but since I worked, we’ll have date night tonight. It’s beautiful in Edmonton today, off I go to enjoy, hope you all are as well. Hugs all around xo K


  8. it’s fun isn’t it! I haven’t heard the term ‘knitfiti’ before – I guess that’s the take on ‘graffiti’ huh? Yarn Bombing houses and buildings came first, now it’s the trees turn. Whoever did the one you feature first did a really good job – there’s a lot of yarn in there! I think the idea is still to do it in the dead of night so no-one knows who is responsible – just like graffiti artists 🙂 I wonder if the trees appreciate being dressed in this way – it might be good down here right now, it might help keep the poor things warm! And I wonder how long it took to dress Mr Einstein up in his fetching pink and purple ensemble? Good lord, it would take me forever to knit such a thing and then to fit it on him in the dead of night ……. It is nice to see some photos of our trip – I took so few and have only Laurie’s book to flick through and sigh over 🙂 I hope you had a wonderful party at the store – with you as hostess i’m pretty sure it would have been ‘da bomb!’ xoxo

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    1. Oh wow, I can’t imagine a house or building. That would take a whole team of ninja knitters who knows how long. There’s a bench near a restaurant too, but my photo was rubbish. I’ll head back an try again. There’s photo’s at the Museum Link that show Olek putting it all together. Looks like large patches of knitting, then sewn together onto Einstein. How fun would that have been to get a photo then? I took a far number of photo’s but just haven’t managed time to organize them into a post. I still have our visit with Laurie to share here. Wasn’t that book so sweet to make and send? I just love that girl ! It already seems to long that we’ve said goodbye. It won’t do at all. How can we make it a once in 3 years? What can we sell? A Esty Co-op? Where to next? xoxoxoxo K


  9. OOPS – forgot to answer your question – I’m definitely more familiar with WINE……the only thing I can knit is a long scarf – like 100 feet long……I can’t stop once I start! I could “knitfiti” my house!


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    1. Oh, haha-he, me too! Scarves. Maybe we should start a group scarf knit-a-thon that goes to a bunch of bloggers to be added too then gets bombed onto something? Let’s put that on the back burner, I should do my housework first, LOL. xoxoxox B


  10. Oh how FUN!!!!! Have never seen any knitfiti but just love the creativity of it all…….trees with sweaters on – what a lovely idea………….looks like just about anything can be “knitfiti’d” but it’s simply fabulous no matter what – you SHOULD contribute something to the decorating – you’d come up with something totally smashing and possibly aquacized!

    LOVE it and LOVE you too!
    Pam and Sammy

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    1. Hi Pammy and Sammy! You’re so sweet to pop in. Your message means so much xo. I bet there’s been some around but maybe in DC. Do you knit? I’ve knitted a couple of things but I think it takes too long, HA. I have a very very awesome hand made aqua sweater, but I’ll never part with it. It’s so purty. I like to wear it to the skating rink. I’d have to knitfiti something very small and of course it’d have to be aqua darlink 😀 xoxo Love to you two


    1. Hi Aunty, this is on Jasper and I also saw a bench done in front of Allegro Restaurant on 109 Street (my photo was to blurry, but I might go again). Do you know how to crochet? LUL xo


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