Music Monday – Week 8

I hadn’t bought any iTunes for a while but was looking for some new tunes to put on my iPod before I head off to sunny  San Francisco, California. It’s kind of like making a mixed tape before a road trip 😀 Remember those?

The Ol' Mixed Tape

If this is your first Music Monday at Boomdeeadda,  it’s where I post an Artist I fancy with hopes you’ll pass along someone you’re listening to.  Here’s who we’ve listened to so far:

I’ve just discovered Tristan Prettyman via Jay Leno one night.  When she sang ‘Say Anything’, I was immediately hooked and replayed it several times. I love when songs do that to me and had to share it with you.

If I could say anything, anything
What would it be?
A good question for a distant reality
I would tell you that I love you
Even when it didn’t show
I would tell you that I love you baby,
By now I hope you know.

Written by Steven S Miller, David Hodges, Tristan Prettyman

I found this fab video by Caitlin VanDeWeghe set to Tristan’s song. With a beach flavour and inspirational messages sprinkled thru out, it was perfect for my trip.  See you there!

What are you listening too lately?

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

24 thoughts on “Music Monday – Week 8

  1. I listen to my music in chronological order. Then I listen to all the new music I’ve downloaded during the past nine months–that’s how long it takes me to listen to my complete collection at 8-12 hours of listening per day. Then I catalog my new music and start the process all over again. Right now I’m listening to all the new music I’ve bought: Astro Lounge by Smash Mouth, Delta Machine by Depeche Mode, How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb by U2, and The Piper at the Gates of Dawn by Pink Floyd.


    1. HOLY !! that sounds like I’d need a PHD to navigate. You really have a great variety of tunes listed there. Did you see U2 on there last tour? Thanks for sharing some hits.


      1. The last concerts I went to were way back in the late 1980s. I went to seven concerts in seven nights. I think it was Queen, Rolling Stones, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Fleetwood Mac, Jethro Tull, Chicago, Ozzy Osbourne. I have never smoked at all, much less marijuana, and I was so sick from the marijuana smoke after those seven days that I vowed never to go to a concert again unless it was a symphony or chorus.


    1. LOL, and they all lead me to your beautiful face 🙂

      I remember this one episode of The Partridge Family where this girl that Keith was madly in love with was singing that all off key but he’d only hear it perfectly, “I Left My Heart In San Francisco”…LOL


  2. Really enjoyed the listen – I hadn’t heard of the artist before and this was a nice treat. 🙂 At the top of my music list right now is Johnny Marr’s new album “The Messenger” and I’m mad about anything by Whitehorse and The Civil Wars.


    1. Holy, those will be a brand new listen for me. AWESOME and thanks for your recommendations. I was surfing iTunes for a couple hours last night. Tristan’s new for me too, but I’m really loving her, thanks for checking her out Sheryl.


  3. lots of people I love on that list and some new ones to check out. Have you listened to Florence and the Machine? I really like them. Also, Mumford & Sons are a recent discovery. Can’t wait to see you!! It is getting hot here in your honor


    1. Wahooooo heat! I may be a wilt flower since we’re not use to it, we even had wet snow this morning 😦 But I promise not to complain one bit LOL

      I’ve heard Mumford and Sons and really like them too. Phillip Phillips reminds me of them. I’ll have to check out Florence and the Machine, thanks for that 😀 4 more days……scream!!!! see you soon xox


    1. Hey Leilani, how cool is that? Fun Caricature there too slicing up the vintage radio. I’ll be sure to take time to listen on a less crazy day 😀 Thanks for the link and holiday cheer too.


  4. Great choice – it’s good finding new music (and even old music not heard before!). Great choice with Ed Sheeran too he’s an extremely talented song writer.
    My iPod library is as eclectic as my taste in books – I’m currently listening to anything from The Cure to Justin Timberlake’s new album (swoooooon). I’m getting more into Country music too so if you have any recommendations let me know.
    Maybe Alys could recommend a few tunes to get you in the mood – although I suspect your excitement may just get the better of you. Not long now!!


    1. Thanks PJ, I just finished packing. I’ve unpacked and repacked twice to edit….ugg it’s hard.
      I adore Ed Sheeran and missed a chance to see him with Taylor Swift. Might try to get tix the day of. I like all kinds of music too. Opera, some Country like today but mostly Singer/Song writer. I just saw JT on Ellen, he’s really grown into a nice man. Still getting organized, see you there! xoK


  5. So this isn’t really a Music Monday selection, but I have to tell you about a gathering the other night where a group of friends were talking / singing oldies, including theme songs from old TV shoes. You may be too young to remember this, but there was a show called Here Come the Brides (with Bobby Sherman – oh my!) and the theme song was “Seattle”. There we sat … singing out hearts out to songs from the 60s (Including bad ones).


    1. That’s so funny! My friend Karen and I once sang ‘Spiderman-Spiderman’ while swinging in our park…..what’s that? Yes we were grownups LOL. This show mustn’t have made it to Canada at the time or I have completely forgot about it. It’s awesome to hang with friends and just wing it! No need to be a vocal genius, although perhaps you are 😀 Thanks for sharing LB! Another one we used to sing was Gilligan’s Island…LOL


      1. “This is a tale of the Castaways, their here for a long long time”………I just loved that show, especially when they’d do their own little performances to pass the time 😀 BTW, I barely slept a wink last night and I’m wide awake tonight too….hope your floor project is going good xoxoK


  6. A lovely Music Monday indeed. My musical confession today is that while shopping in a discount store a week ago I purchased an “oldie but goodie” in a barrel of $5.oo CDs – “The Best of The Cars”……loved The Cars years ago – now I’m humming the tunes again…..what’s old is new again! 😀

    Happy Monday – California or Bust!


    1. Score! The Cars always remind me of a trip to Hawaii with girlfriends. “My Best Friends Girl” just came out and I remember dancing all together at some nightclub…O’boy, many moons ago.
      There’s a lot of truth to the “everything old is new again”. Have you seen the new spring fashions? It’s so retro 80’s……..eeeeeck, the 80’s took bad photo’s, LOL Thanks for listening and your cheer Pam.
      California, here I come!!! x


  7. I love your music days as it gives me a chance to listen to something new. I bet you are on pins and needles about your trip! Do me a favor! When you and Alys are together, take a photo holding a little note that says “Hi Val” for me, ok? I would love that! (I can put it on my desk next to the trees you made me!) {{{huggies}}}


    1. Glad you liked Tristan, I just love this song. You my dear must be a mind reader, LOL. Stay tuned for “Greetings from the Garden”….LOL. Thank you for your sweet message Val, you’re the best….mwaaaaa xoK


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