Was I Only Dreaming?

It’s funny how a November snow storm  quickly wipes away any memory of a gorgeous summer.  I can hardly believe, just twelve short weeks ago, the bright green leaves were glistening and the gentle August sun warmed the smile on my face.  A weekly trip to the library was not merely routine. Au contraire, it was a lovely adventure,  (note to self: call Spielberg) the stuff that Disney movies are made of.

Zipping down river valley trails

on my shiny aqua bicycle.

Admiring all the gorgeous views

(well hello there).

Enjoying the sound of  trickling creeks

meandering the day away.

Stopping to meet a couple of

pint size entrepreneurs.

 Gobbling up homemade coconut

ice cream to cool off ,

while relishing a private view of the

majestic Riverboat Queen.

Then finally arriving at a magical

place, where you take books home

for free. My, how I love books.

“Oh hello, I’d like to check out these

lovely books please.

Hey, I really love your glasses! 

Isn’t it just a beautiful Day?”

It all seemed so darn real, 

was I only dreaming?

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

13 thoughts on “Was I Only Dreaming?

  1. I zipped down the trails on my rusty old bike today. It was a beautiful day–and I enjoyed every moment. It’s probably the last time that I’ll be able to do it this year.


    1. I’m sooooo envious. We got out to a movie, but it was
      -13 C or almost 9 F. You’ve got the right idea Sheryl, Carpe Diem. I wish I could have been on those trails with you today, sounds fun. 🙂


    1. O-oh, well hope you don’t have to go out any where’s. Are you having a good visit? I saw your siesta photo in the great outdoors, looked absolutely comfy and that’s what a vacation is for! See you on FB, LUL xoK


    1. Thanks for coming along on my August adventure. 🙂 I needed a reminder after this week. It’s like, “Nurse Boomdee, 20 cc’s of summer, stat!!!” Oh and thanks for linking to my other post….hehe that was one of the first, that seeemed like a long time ago too. You worked in your garden so hard yesterday, I’d prescribe a lazy day of kitty play…ooops, I guess I’m only a nurse. 😀


      1. Nurse Boomdee I should have read this sooner. I did have a short snuggle on the bed with Lindy, but I was afraid I would fall asleep. C. got out early today (they have two minimum days every six weeks, so he came home at 11:10. It seems silly to me that he goes to school for less than three hours, but what do I know.

        Today I organized all the tools I cleaned and painted. More news tomorrow.

        Is your snow still on the ground? Will you and Jim have a quiet weekend ad home?


        1. Oh, hey, great minds think alike. I have entirely emptied off my scrap desk and cupboards today. I’ve edited and purged. It’s still a minor disaster but have a couple of new organizers to incorporate. Its like “The Storm b4 the calm”….I’m live in backward town. We are so synced up Alys it’s crazy, can’t wait to see what you were up too!
          Snow, snow everywhere. It hasn’t really stopped snowing for 3 days…finally saw a tracter in the complex…wah ho! I might get out of here tommorrow. We’re going out for supper with friends & then to the Theater Sunday, which is also Remembrance Day (your Veterans Day). Last year it was a beautiful day and we walked to the Parliment Grounds for the Canon Salute. Jim’s was actually born on a base and his dad served as a bomb technician, so we will bundle up for the service. How about you?


    1. LOL, I just want to pinch myself after weeks like this. We’re in for it this weekend again. It’s Banana’s. I’ll be looking for those beach filled fashion stories once you can. Happy, ‘day in the sunshine’ Friday!


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