Think Green

It’s actually not green here today, it’s white 😦  What’s a girl gotta do to ditch the winter coat and break out the flip-flops?  I’m going to think green.

Patience is bitter, but it’s fruit is sweet – Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Boomdeeadda Sunshine

Endurance is nobler than strength, and patience than beauty – John Ruskin

Boomdeeadda Wish

Knowing trees, I understand the meaning of patience. Knowing grass, I can appreciate persistence – Hal Borland

Boomdeeadda Blooms

“I think patience is a skill and I wish I had it’ – David Duchovny

Boomdeeadda Patience

Boomdee closes her eyes, “click heels twice and think green”.

Reminds me of summer……

Gone But Not Forgotten – June 19, 2012

A Walk In The Park – July 21, 2012

Along The Way – August 9, 2012

If you could describe summer in one word,

you would say?


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47 thoughts on “Think Green

  1. Wow, the ups and downs of a Canadian spring. 22C yesterday (of course the day I couldn’t get outside 😦 ) and now going down to 0 and possible snowflakes overnight. The Hal Borland quote is perfect.


    1. MY good gosh, zooming thru some old posts and see I missed your message. Well, it’s very very late but “Hooray! we made it thru another winter and the sunny is warm and golden today” All too soon I’ll be in my winter winer mode again but for now, I’m thinking Green!


      1. Our summer has been so short, cool and wet! My burning bushes started to turn colour in the last week of July and we broke the July precipitation record besides. That fall nip is already in the air. Such a strange year. I hope your summer has been sunnier!


        1. It’s actually cooking here. Since Tuesday, hot hot hot. But we’ve had more than our share of rain. Monday night there was a crazy thunder & Lightening storm and it down poured. Under passes were flooded making the drive to work frustrating for many. Yep, strange or the new norm?


    1. 😀 xo your wish came true for us today! We are enjoying bright sunshine with crazy wind. Oh well, it’s pretty glorious to see blue sky. Thanks again for your visits!


    1. Thanks Lea, I really liked that one too. I need to practice more patience with mother nature LOL. All the photo’s have appeared before except for Petals up close and personal with the Television….she’s nutty sometimes 😀


  2. The first word that popped into my head for summer was “elusive” – it just seems to slip away. I always have so much planned and before I know it, the summer is gone. The only thing that prevents it from being a total bummer is that it’s always nice for the heat to break, but still…

    Maybe you should come here after you go see Alys. It was actually HOT today. Truly. We had to open the windows up on the 3rd floor and turn on the fans to cool things down. I’m in the basement now where it’s cool. Hard to believe I was shivering just a few days ago. I hope we have some springtime and don’t go from cold straight to hot!

    LOVE the pic of Petals silhouetted against the TV screen. Perfect!


    1. Oh geez, what a drastic change so quickly. We don’t have a basement here at the condo, it’s a single garage and storage room. That’d be so nice though because it does get pretty warm in here. Our old house was air conditioned and we kind of got use to that. I’m like Goldie Locks, HA…this house is too hot (then) this house is too cold. I would love to get back to Virginia some day. If we ever do, we’ll totally hook up xK Poor Pasha must hide out with you in the basement. Spring weather on the horizon here after a few rainy days….yippy! Petals is such a nut, who knows why see decided to sit there….Excuse me missy, LOL 😀


  3. Sorry to hear winter has not yet broken up there. It’s beautiful here—eighty degrees today! I had to change shirts, as I’d put a light sweater on this morning. Poor Ben is not a fan of the sudden ‘heat wave’, poor fellow.

    Summer…I don’t know. I think its name says all we need to know for the visions of sun, beaches, golden evenings and bare feet it sends zipping through our minds. I can’t wait for it, either. We are not winter gals, are we?


    1. Wow, 80 F ! That’d be the nicest day we’d have all year. You’re smart Jen, you’re living somewhere’s that has more seasonal weather….I guess maybe when Mr B retires we’ll giddy up on outta here 😀 Thanks for your message!


  4. I can’t believe it’s still white there, where is your summer hiding??!! It’s so hard to choose just one word, but I think i’ll go with Monsoon! Spring is when we get the heat here, summer is when we get the rains… the likes of which I had never seen before!


    1. Oh man, sounds extreme. We’re used to swings in the weather on the prairies too. I laughed on morning when they showed record high/low/average for the day. Record high was 25 C, low -22 C, average 9 C and forecast for that day -11 C……so really, it could do just about anything, there doesn’t seem to be a norm (High 77 F,
      Low -7 F, Average 48 F, current 4 F)


    1. Thanks so much LB, Sunflowers just scream sunny days don’t they. I took that last summer at a community garden, -13 C this morning with a high of -4 C….we’re getting there 😀


  5. It’s hard to describe summer in word. . . Should I describe it as “fun” or “hot” or “energizing” or “fleeting”. . .

    Even though summer is not yet here, I think I’ll got with fleeting. It always flies by way too quickly. There is so much that I want to do during the warm weather—garden, go for walks and bicycles rides, sit outside on a warm night on a lawn chair, entertain, go for a swim in the lake, take a vacation–and there never is enough time.


    1. Those are all really good Sheryl, I really like ‘energizing’! You sound like you take good advantage of it too. I love to lay around on the lawn during the day, but at night here you’d be a yummy snack for hoards of mosquitos…….you know what, I really love to eat outside, on the deck. It’s like a mini vacation. HA! Thanks for being here xK


    1. I wondered about that in the UK, that’s why everything’s so green. We must have hit the right time to visit (we were in London mid September). We had gorgeous weather, not too hot but no rain. Perfect for be-bopping around. We stayed near the Marble Arch…I loved all the outdoor restaurants. Toodles 😀


    1. LOL, that’s a great observation! I’ve only been to Vegas a couple of times, the hubby had conferences to attend. So crowded, man add some heat and that would be brutal.

      I’m traveling to San Jose at the end of this month, so that’s cool that you’re from there too! 😀 Thanks so much for visiting.


    1. That’s one word for it! HA. I keep hearing spinning tires, I’m waiting for someone to crash into the front gate. Have you ever tried to drive on ice? Good times, good times.


      1. Oh my goodness, no. We do have “Black Ice” though, during the summer, or after it hasn’t rained in awhile. Oil doesn’t get washed away, so when it finally does rain, it’s slick as hell. Floridians either drive like grandmothers when it rains or complete idiots, so there’s lots of accidents. Fun times!


  6. Freedom!

    And, I know what you mean, yesterday it hailed here! Hailed!! But, did not ‘stick’, so not white out like it is near you. Here’s hoping that warmth and sunshine will be with us very soon.


    1. Yah! Freedom to wear flip-flops instead of boots, eat outside instead of in and hop on the bike, go for a walk……Freedom is an awesome word to describe summer, thanks GJ.

      I can’t believe you got hail already? That’s madness! Bring on the sunshine, I’m all over that 😀


  7. Summer in a word? Well in Washington, DC that word would be “sweaty!”…..gets horribly humid but right now I’d welcome that – we’re so tired of COLD. I do believe we have at least seen the back side of the snow……but it would be nice to see something GREEN for a change! Happy Spring – where are you????? 😀 😀

    Pam (and Sam)


    1. Good Morning Pam & Sam! Your summer is usually much longer right? It seems cool in many unusual places. We’re in Edmonton Alberta. Spring is usually a roller coaster. A couple of warm days followed by cold. They are saying 8 C for Thursday (that’s 46 F) so you’re right, we might be seeing the backside of all this weather. Paws are crossed. Hugs K


  8. I feel for you Kelly! I am so sick of this weather too, but we do not have snow now, just the cold temps. We did however, have a nice Thursday and I put my flip flops on. What stinks, is that I have been sick since Wednesday though. Someone at Easter dinner got me sick! I am so glad to see “MY” blue converse tennis shoes make it into you post again – man, I love those shoes! I wish I could buy my own – perhaps I could take up a collection? That photo of your cats silhouette in front of the window or tv? was awesome! I am sooo ready for warmer weather too! Hugs!


    1. Well shoot Val, I’m sorry to hear you’re sick. Mr B is getting something too. So we are sticking to just hugs. Feel better soon!!! You know what? I washed my Converse sneakers and they faded 😦 but they’re I had aqua dye left from the ‘Christmas Tree dying’ project and thought I’d try and fix them but they’re actually a nice seafoam colour so I might just leave them…..still deciding.

      That photo is Petals sitting in front of the TV one night. She for some reason jumped up on the stand. I don’t know what she thought she saw but I was like “excuse me, your head makes a better door than window”. LOL Meanwhile I’ll go pen another note to Mother Nature. Hugs xK


    1. Well come on up next Wednesday when we are forecast for +8 C or 46 C…..we’ll probably see ‘A Blade Of Grass’ so you can make it 4 springs….even numbers have better Yin for feng shui for earth and ground…..we need all the Yin we can get…..LOL

      Welcome home, how are the roses?


    1. True that! You are up late too? I had coffee’s at Louisiana Purchase that was so yummy, I had a second. Big mistake….why is it so yummy though 😀 Thank you for reading and have a great weekend Daryl.


  9. I can’t believe you are still battling to even find signs of spring. Autumn is beginning to take hold here. We had our first cold day yesterday. I hope that means the warmth will start finding it’s way to your side


    1. After snowing all day, you are so generous to send us up some sunshine, I talk all you can spare. It’s only -7 C but it was windy so felt colder. Next Wednesday, we are to see +8 C (seasonal for us), so there is sunshine on the horizon. Hooray! Have a greet weekend!


    1. Isn’t he practical? HA….there’s good and ‘less good’ with every season. Mind you, I used to love mowing the lawn. I always liked making a new pattern every time. 😀 Have a greet weekend!


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