It Just Feels Good

What is it about being in, around or near the water that makes you feel so good?  Having lived at a lake for 25 years, I know the water view is one thing I really miss.

Of course boating was a real privilege everyone enjoyed. Big or small (or in between). “Keltie, lets trade hats!”

If you don’t have the luxury of lake front property perhaps a fountain, reflecting pool or even a simple bird bath would fit the budget. There’s undeniable benefits of including water in your landscaping.  Besides being aesthetically pleasing, it’s really relaxing to listen to the trickle of a fountain.  A more substantial fountain can also mask the sound of unpleasant traffic from a nearby road.  Like this one at  The MacDonald Hotel,  my favorite place to beat the heat.

Come to think of it,  my favorite vacations are always by the water. Given a choice, I’ll always choose snorkeling over horseback riding or boating over RV’ing. Maybe being drawn to the water has something to do with my astrological sign?  Our downtown condo doesn’t include a water view (many high-priced ones do), yet Edmontonians make good use of the scenic river valley. At every bend, there are people out enjoying the water.  Dogs are playing in the park, canoes paddle by and of course there’s the Edmonton Queen. No, not me, the lovely paddle boat. Doesn’t it all look so inviting?

I will never tire of a water view. Any day spent by the water is a good day, even if it’s just to watch the ducks go by. It just feels good.

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

22 thoughts on “It Just Feels Good

    1. It’s a challenge for me this year to get into beach shape. Thank goodness for those butt covers that are so popular now. Would you normally stay in the states? Any recommendations? Thank’s for you message Sheryl.


  1. Living on the lake sounds like a little slice of heaven! It would have been hard to give that up. We have a small lake in our neighborhood, just a few blocks from our house. It’s one of my daughter’s favorite places to go with her friends. (Don’t worry – she’s not allowed to go there unattended.) It’s not really a swimming kind of lake, but they have the best time walking around and seeing the lake from different angles.


    1. Thank you, yes we sure do miss it at times, but It was time to move on. We grew weary of the large yard and I wasn’t able to drive at night. Since we live in north central Alberta, with short winter days, that was a real downer. It’s good your daughter spends time out doors. Even if they can’t go in for a swim, it’s better than hanging at the mall. 🙂 Thanks for visiting today, I really appreciate your comment.


    1. Hi Arlen, isn’t it a wonderful community, this WordPress? It’s so nice of you to consider me in your list. I can’t wait to visit the other Bloggers you’ve nominated. I hope it’s ok to accept and respond next week as I’m in the process of leaving on a little trip and wish to give my list more than a quick thought. Your list made me smile, especially ‘listening to the voices of the little sparrows in the morning’. Again, many thanks.


  2. What a beautiful view you had. I love that painted deck on those chairs, too! Water is incredibly soothing. I hope to one day get a small fountain for our deck so that I can hear it from my office. Mike wants to retire near the beach as well.

    Great pictures, especially the cute one of you!


    1. Mike’s plan is very appealing to me. We too are planning to head to the beach for retirement. Somewheres on Vancouver Island. It was a really nice view but an immense amount of yard work to keep it pristine, but I don’t have to tell YOU about that. All the Pictures in the collage were taken on a bike ride, so my hair is banana’s, but you’re so sweet, thanks Alys!


      1. We always worry about our hair don’t we when often it’s what makes us look cute and natural. You genuinely look adorable.

        Vancouver Island sounds wonderful. What a delightful place to retire.

        I can imagine how much work a large yard would be. I spend plenty of time in my garden, and it is considerably smaller than what you had.

        Listen to the two of us talking about retirement. Did you ever think you would reach the age when you chatted with friends about this?


        1. LOL, I know right? Today we tryed to get tix for Paul McCartney, doing only 2 shows in Canada, one in Edmonton, no luck. So we are still young at heart. Mind you Pauls no spring chicken either and he’s not ready to retire, so maybe we should join a rock-n-roll show…I like to stay up late. HA


    1. Hi PJ, will you plan a water feature in your gorgeous garden? Your kitty might like it too. We do miss the lake for the views and mostly for the friendships that were close by. Thank’s for your visit today.


      1. There is a spot for a fountain but we just have to have enough burly men (or women) to lift it into place. As you say, the sound of water is enough sometimes!
        Womble the kitten has left the garden now but we often see him running down the lane with his Mum!


    1. Hi Aunty, I hope your right. Doesn’t seem to be much available right now but we’ve not lost hope. Trying to be patient. I’m going to BC tommorrow so I know I’ll get a “Big Fix” at Debs, their views are so beautiful. xoK


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